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One of the biggest Microsoft commercial marketplace releases in July was enabling Microsoft's ISV partners to sell through their broader network of partnerships with multiparty private offers on the marketplace. This go-to-market offering is now generally available for partners selling to United States customers and is open to any Microsoft partner enrolled in commercial marketplace with a verified United States tax and payout profile. Canalys research suggests nearly one-third of marketplace purchases will come through partners by 2025. Source


A one-stop shop for Multiparty private offer (MPO) Partner Resources


Partner training sessions from Microsoft Inspire.

MPO Guidance for ISVs*
MPO Guidance for Selling partners*

*Step-by-step slides available for download



Quick 3-minute video explaining the Selling partner setup

*Note this demo covers steps 1 - 3 of the 4 steps below. 


Requirements for Selling partners

Selling partners should complete these steps before engaging in a marketplace transaction. Detailed documentation for Selling partners

kylecallahan_4-1691531841323.pngBecome a member of the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner ProgramEstimated verification timeline is 3 - 5 business days

Enroll in Microsoft commercial marketplace and receive a Seller ID

Estimated verification timeline is 1 business day


Set up a U.S. tax profile in Partner Center for your Seller ID

Estimated verification timeline up to 48 hours (2 days)


File Resale certificates with Microsoft for your Seller ID

Estimated verification timeline is up to 5 business days


Mastering the Marketplace video tutorials.

  1. Getting a customer's Azure billing ID (Customer experience) 
  2. Creating a multiparty private offer for your partner (ISV/Software provider)
  3. Preparing a multiparty private offer for your customer (Selling partner) 
  4. Accepting a private offer and purchasing included products (Customer experience)
  5. Marketplace learning path for customers

For additional questions, partners may request Partner Center support

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