Publishing a SaaS offer for PowerApps a canvas app in AppSource

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We have been trying for many months now to publish our PowerApps canvas apps as a SaaS offer, thereby allowing us to have transactable, licensed customers. 


Through a lot of effort, we managed to get some support where we were told quite vaguely how to achieve this, but without any meaningful guidance we are struggling as we are a small ISV with expertise in our actual business, and Power Platform. We are not, however, experts in SQL (that's being generous) or in creating APIs which seem to be a requirement to keep track of user licenses and feeding the data to our canvas app. 


If anyone here has any info on this, or how they might have achieved it themselves it would be massively appreciated, as we can't seem to get there by ourselves and MS support is very difficult to find. 


It does feel as though the app development part is so much simpler than getting it onto the marketplace, which is surely the wrong way round. 


Thank you,


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anyone from the MIcrosoft side able to help here? It is really frustrating to get no response from our ISV manager, Partner support, or anywhere...

Hi @C_Carri -


Thanks for your input here. A few questions and comments for you:


Will this app require publishing some binary or the customer deploying some code? If yes, then this likely is not an option for SaaS.


Powerapps is already a natively supported offer type in Appsource: 

Create a Dynamics 365 apps on Dataverse and Power Apps offer on Microsoft AppSource - Marketplace pu...


Hi Justin,
Thanks for your response.

I don't entirely understand your question but no, I don't think the app requires a customer to deploy any code.
The problem with the natively supported offer type in AppSource is that it only covers model-driven apps, not canvas apps.
We have a managed solution containing several canvas apps, power bi datasets, and dataverse tables. What we are trying to achieve is to have a transactable offer on the marketplace in which we can utilise licensing and also be eligible for Microsoft's co-selling.

What we are told in our technical session was that in order to do this, we needed to create a SaaS offer which is separate from our Dynamics 365 on Dataverse and PowerApps offer, and then utilise APIs to pass the licensing information across to the canvas app in order to regulate whether or not a customer has the required license to use the app.

I have spent the last month working my way through the mountains of documentation we were sent by that consultant, but now that I have hit a brick wall with almost no understanding of what I'm actually doing, I cannot get a response from the consultant, nor from our ISV engagement manager, nor can I find support anywhere else.

Now, if there is another / better way of getting a transactable offer online then I am happy to put my hours of work behind me and go for what is doable. My problem is that I can't find anything or anyone who knows about what we were advised to do. Can you please help point me in the right direction?
It is packaged exactly as described in that article, in our Dynamics 365 apps on Dataverse and Powerapps offer, but as I mentioned before that one doesn't allow for a transactable offer.

However in the article you mentioned there, it mentions using S2S authentication and further links to using S2S to build multitenant applications. This sounds like it might be what we need, but I don't understand how this links back to our SaaS offer, or if it doesn't then we are still left with the problem of not having a transactable offer.
If it does connect with the SaaS offer, then we need to find out how to get the SaaS licensing information to the canvas app, which was in my original question.
Apologies, but if I sound confused it's because I am.
Hi Justin, is there any more specific support available on this? We have customers waiting for us to have a licensed version of our app available, and I can't get any response from our ISV manager, the consultant we spoke with, nor can I find anything anywhere else.
Surely Microsoft do actually want us to use their marketplace, right?

Hi @C_Carri - I was able to connect with your Engagement Manager for ISV Success and got an update that your case is being proactively addressed by this team. Your Engagement Manager will be in touch with you with any relevant updates as the case becomes resolved.


Thank you!

Hi, yes they are apparently trying to find a solution. I will update this post if / when that happens. Thanks,