Problem with AppSource Marketplace Deployment

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We have a Power BI Template App in the Marketplace (for about 2 years now). We release new versions every 2 months.


Sometimes the customers can update their apps to the new version, and sometimes they cannot - it shows this error message:




The Support tickets I raised in Power BI and Marketplace go nowhere - no one can tell me why some times it works and some times does not.


As you can imagine, this is a terrible user experience for the customer as they have to create a new app and configure it every 2 months. They lose their sharing/RLS and other configurations that they have made.


Why does the AppSource deployment model sometimes allow Power BI Apps to be updated, and sometimes not?


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Hello @rodneyjoyce,

Thanks for reaching out on this forum and I really appreciate your patience on this user experience!

Power BI is a continuously evolving service, and sometimes, updates or changes made by Microsoft might affect the app deployment process. These changes could result in app update issues.

I have seen removing or renaming certain components like datasets, reports, or dashboards, it could result in the update process failing. This is because the new version might not be compatible with the existing app's configuration. Sometimes AppSource policies and guidelines also effect our app deployment.

From my personal experience we have the following best practices to follow.
1) Review your app's configuration changes between versions to ensure they are compatible. You might need to maintain backward compatibility to ensure a smooth update process.
and sometimes we deploy our app in lower environment(separate workspace) and User-Test it for few days or weeks and then deploy in Prod, this method is again helpful in avoiding some issues only!!!
2) Keep track of Power BI updates and announcements to be aware of any changes that might affect your app.