Primary Country/Region for AppSource Offers

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We have recently published some offers, selecting around 50 markets to sell these into. These markets are selected by ticking boxes of the countries as they show in alphabetical order. Our primary location is UK, and we wish to show this on the offer.


The design at the moment, however, is that the primary 'country/region' of the offer (as shown on the 'additional information' page of the live offer) is the first country alphabetically that was selected our of the 141 available markets. It makes it appear as if the partner is based in that alphabetically first country, which isn't the case.


Is it possible to revise this? Ideally for the partner to be able to select which of the selected markets is the default/main country/region? 


Many thanks


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Hi there - I assume you are referring to consulting services (please correct me if that's not the case)? The country information appears in the additional information tab, and is indeed alphabetical. I'm happy to pass this feedback along to our product team and propose this fix.



Hi - thanks for getting back to me. It is indeed for the Consulting Services. If you could submit my feedback and work on a possible solution, that would be much appreciated. 


All the best.


Thank you Dasha for bringing this up and Justin for passing this along. We have as well heard from our internal team the confusion presented around the Available Country issue. Would love the option to chose Primary Country then other applicable countries. Thanks!!