New Check Eligibility tool for Private Offers/Plans


We have just released the Check Eligibility tool for private offers/plans. Marketplace publishers can ask their customers to run this tool to collect the necessary information for a private offer/plan.  This tool should make it even easier for publishers to execute private offers/plans.  I recommend you try the Check Eligibility tool and start using it with your customers immediately.


Additional Details

The Check Eligibility tool scans all the user’s subscription and creates a report with the following information:

  • The tenant id
  • How many subscriptions the user has that he/she can deploy on
  • How many billing accounts are these subscriptions connected to
  • Is the user using a CSP subscription?
  • Are there any policies/setup blocking marketplace purchase?
  • Is private marketplace enabled, hence marketplace admin attention is needed?

In addition, the scan generates a downloadable csv report, detailing for each subscription its relevant information: billing account, billing country, user’s role on the subscription, as well as other data elements that will affect the user’s ability to deploy on this subscription. The reports also provide a “bottom line” for each subscription in the form of a true/false flag that says if this subscription can be used for private offer/plan purchase.

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