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We are developing our first Microsoft 365 integration but we cannot access the Developer sandbox. It has been more than 2 months of trying, but we always get the error "Thank you for joining. You don't current qualify for a Microsoft 365 Developer Program sandbox subscription."

How is that possible when we are in the ISV Success Program, have the "benefit" of E5 developer tenant (25 qty) and we are a Microsoft Partner?

Online community member says to reach out to our ISV contact to add us to the "allow list" for a sandbox. Who is that? I could not find anything in the Partner center about who to reach out to for this.

To make matters worse, we opened a support request with Microsoft a few weeks ago to help with this, and they are totally lost and have no idea. 

Someone, can you please help? :)

We are trying to develop a solution and cannot do this without a sandbox tenant.

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@CDAVIS640 I just sent you a private message to get some more info about your case. Please check your messages so that we can follow up with you!

@justinroyal I sent you a message with our details. Thanks
Well, I sent a message then nothing happened and no follow up.

@CDAVIS640 yea, pretty much BAU from MSFT these days. Look busy but nothing happening. All the new copilot agenda and nickel and diming like it early 2000

Hi @CDAVIS640 -


I think this article may help answer some of your questions about the M365 Developer Tenant. Can you please take a look and let me know? Microsoft 365 Developer Program FAQ | Microsoft Learn