Marketplace roadmap event: September 27th at 8 am PDT


Join us for our marketplace community event on September 27th at 8 am PDT: Maximize marketplace: Roadmap updates and preview.


For Microsoft partners and ISV Success members under NDA, get insight into the marketplace roadmap. Our marketplace product marketing team members will present the latest and upcoming platform features to help you expand customer reach, streamline sales, and drive growth. Through this deep dive with a live Q&A, you will learn how to maximize your marketplace potential. 

This event is open to Microsoft Partners only. Your email address will be validated prior to registration approval.


Moving forward, all of our community events will be announced on our community boards here, and you can find all of the upcoming events + registration info on this blog article.


I encourage you all to attend this event - and you can also submit your questions to me ahead of the session.

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For ISV Success members under NDA who missed registration, is there a way to get access to the recording?

#MarketplaceChampions #Sponsored

Hey @TaylorFarnham - yes! If they want to message me directly I can provide them with the link.