Marketplace Rewards for ISVs: request to simplify Azure credits/sponsorships

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Background: For SaaS ISVs, the opportunity to "earn" Azure credits or sponsorships via the Marketplace Rewards is a significant benefit. It's great that they are linked to Microsoft-billed sales; which is a highly aligned and easily measurable outcome between the ISV and Microsoft.  However, the process to claim and apply these rewards upon reaching predefined sales milestones can be unnecessarily complex, low-trust, and time-consuming.


Can the following improvements/simplifications be carried out in granting such credits? 

1. Azure credits/sponsorships for Marketplace Rewards should be "stackable"The current requirement that previous sponsorships must be entirely depleted to $0, or expired before new credits can be issued is a major pain point, particularly for startup ISVs. This "wait for it" policy can lead to gaps in coverage, resulting in unexpected charges on the ISV's debit card (we are likely on Net 0/PAYG terms!). Allowing credits to be "stackable" would provide a seamless transition between sponsorships, ensuring continuous support without the risk of unintended costs.


2. Automation of the Credits Application Process: The current manual, web-form based system for requesting and applying credits via the Engagement Manager is cumbersome. An automated, MPN portal-integrated workflow would help greatly, and also help bypass non-empowered vendor staff. 


Given the extensive vetting process ISVs have already undergone by the time they reach their first Marketplace Rewards milestone, there should be a high-trust-by-default Azure credits policy for such billed sales activities. 




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