Marketplace Rewards' Azure sponsorship benefit for increasing marketplace sales


As partner ISVs grow through the Microsoft commercial marketplace, through Marketplace Rewards they can unlock new benefits designed to help convert customers and close deals. The benefits at each stage of growth help progress to the next stage, helping to grow business to Microsoft customers, with Microsoft's field, and through Microsoft's channel.

Watch this short video to learn more about the Azure Sponsorship benefit available through Marketplace Rewards, including how it provides a way for potential customers to try solutions at no initial expense, using free Azure for proof of concepts or test drives.


Use your Marketplace Rewards Azure sponsorship benefit to increase your marketplace sales (youtube.c...

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Fantastic video from Luxmi! This is one of our most popular benefits in the partner program and can be very useful in helping customers "try before they buy" with a proof-of-concept, or cover initial deployment.

One thing the video doesn't make super clear, but if your customers are running on your tenant, you can apply the sponsorship to your Azure as well.

Here is a link to an FAQ document for more important information: 



Great information - this is totally new to us and I appreciate the info on this Azure credits. We have been onboarding customers, as well as making evals available, without leveraging this credits and we have been absorbing these Azure costs internally - great info and thanks for posting!