Marketplace FAQs of the week: June 21, 2023

In this weekly post we will summarize some of the recently top asked marketplace questions and answers, with guidance to the relevant documentation.


Q: When a SaaS offer is MACC eligible - do the infrastructure costs generated in the ISV's tenant decrement an ISV's MACC?

A: Yes. if the ISV has a MACC and runs any workload in their tenant it decrements their MACC. Please note, private offer is just a way to provide negotiated price for a given public product/plan to a customer. Even in the context of a private offer, the customer is still buying the public product/plan.


Q: I'm a publisher that is about to create a Private Offer for my customer.  The "parent" offer has IPCS (IP Co-Sell) and MACC status.... when I create the Private Offer, will it automagically inherit both IPCS and MACC, or will I have to submit the Private Offer for IPCS review?

A: Private offers built on offers/plans with IPCS/MACC status will decrement MACC for the customer automatically. 


Q: Does the Marketplace support Bicep?

A: Azure Apps doesnt support Bicep. ISVs can use Bicep and convert back to JSON (Use Bicep to create and publish an Azure Managed Application definition - Azure Managed Applications...)


Q: Billing: Can partners see the invoice before it's given to the customer?

A: Partners cannot see customers invoice (by design). Post-purchase (within 48 hours) partner can see the orders details under Partner Center ->  Insights -> Orders report.


Q: Billing: Can the customer pay upfront? Let's say customer purchased the deal on 6/10, can an ISV review/approve and then have their customer be invoiced on 6/11 w/ an expectation to pay immediately instead of wait till end of month or beginning of next month?

A: There are two different concepts here. (1) Billing the customer (2) Invoicing the customer.

  1. Billing: Marketplace bills the customer once the transaction is completed. For SaaS, Marketplace bills the customer once the SaaS subscription is activated.
  2. Invoicing: Customer receives aggregated (in the following month) invoiced the for everything they bought (1PP + 3PP). Most of the customers have a monthly invoicing cycle but there are a few who are invoiced on a quarterly basis based on their agreement with Microsoft.

Marketplace does not support future date billing/invoicing yet.


Q: Billing: For recurring billing models, if my customer purchases on 6/15/2023, will they pay me next on 6/15/2024 or will it always snap to some calendar/fiscal year beginning? I think this is based on the invoice generated date.

A: For subscription-based purchases, the renewal happens at the end of the subscription. So if it is a yearly subscription which ends on 6/15/2024, the renewal will happen on 6/16/2024.


Q: Is there a way for partners to provide rich-text formatting while submitting the description for a Consulting Services offer? While other offer types seem to allow this (e.g. SaaS offer), the rich-text editor is missing for Consulting Services publishing. 

A: HTML tags are accepted as input in the description.

Plan a consulting service offer for the commercial marketplace - Marketplace publisher | Microsoft L...


Plan a consulting service offer for the commercial marketplace - Marketplace publisher

Plan a consulting service offer for Microsoft AppSource or Azure Marketplace in Partner Center.

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