Marketplace FAQs of the Week: April 28, 2023


In this weekly post we will summarize some of the recently top asked marketplace questions and answers, with guidance to the relevant documentation.


Q: Can publishers create a Managed App offer with only Private Plans? If they publish a Managed App offer with only private plans, will anything be surfaced in the public marketplace?

A:  If all plans in an offer are private then nothing will listed on the marketplace.


Q: If the publisher has owner access to the Managed App RG, can they provide access to identities in other tenants or only their own tenants? Can they provide access to identities in the customer's tenant?

A: The default for Azure App is the system identity and it cannot provide identities from the customer tenants, unless the customer provide a user identity to the Azure App with rights to do so.


Q: Is there a way to change the Legal Terms of an offer, from Microsoft standard to custom, without republishing the offer?

A: This isn't possible without a republish. Any customers that accept this offer will accept it on the MS Standard contract until the new T&Cs are republished. You can choose to stop activations of subscriptions until after the republish is done and have those customers subscribe with the new T&Cs.


Q: Do exchange rate adjustments affect marketplace offerings? (If billing happens in EUR and customer pays EUR prices such as monthly rates, does this price change?)

A: The short answer is no. The currency conversion to the local currency price is calculated at the time of saving the original pricing plan based on that day's local currency exchange rate and this is the price that's listed. Currency conversion happens only if the publisher updates the base currency price. And, if the customer pays in a currency that's different from the original currency denomination, then, a currency conversion happens based on that month's exchange rate before the payout to the publisher. You can find these details at


Q: Question about the marketplace service fee of 3%. I am planning to publish a SaaS offer with a consultancy step before selling solution to the customer - and would have a discussion with the customer on customizing their solution.  Does the 3% commission apply to consultancy services associated to licensing sales via the marketplace? 

A: The 3% fee applies to the total value transacted through marketplace. That must be predominantly the solution itself - only a small portion can be levied for services. See the certification policies: 
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