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We were assigned a new engagement manager several months ago, who told us we could extend the programme, which we were very glad to hear. 

We had a brief call on Teams and discussed what our plans were, and were told they'd be in touch again soon. 


Now we haven't heard anything since then, despite sending multiple emails and a couple of messages on Teams. I'm pretty sure we've passed the expiry date on our ISV now as well, and still had sessions we wanted to book in. I've looked around but can't find a general contact or support email address. 


Can anyone help us in finding someone to contact to discuss our problem and to get some idea of what we can do? 


Much appreciated

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@C_Carri I'm on the ISV Success team and am going to send you a private message to get some more information about this case. Can you please check your messages folder?

Sorry you had this experience, and it sounds like Justin is reaching out (thanks Justin). Let me know if you don't connect!