Inconsistence "Category" & "Industry" selections between Partner Center and AppSource

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Hi all,


We're new as a developer to list our App on Microsoft AppSource. We went through all the configuration, review and approval process and got our App listed successfully.


However, I found that the "Category" and "Industry" that user can use to filter App selections on AppSource website has many more than those "Category" and "Industry" we can choose in Partner Center when we configure our App listing.


e.g. Our App falls under AI + Machine Learning Category and Insurance Industry which both are not available to be configured in Partner Center.


I got the answer from Microsoft Support that "unfortunately, for now there is no option to select sub-categories for office add-ins in Partner Center". Actually, even the Category (not even sub-cat) between AppSource and Partner Center are different.


Finally I found that the options of Category and Industry selection for Office store are different from Commercial marketplace. As we're an Excel Add-in with cloud back-end outside Azure, Office store is our choice of storefront. That's why we have fewer choices for Category and Industry.


The Microsoft Support Engineer recommended me to provide my feedback here to suggest Microsoft to align the Category and Industry setting / selection between AppSource and Partner Center. That's why I post this feedback here.


I highly recommend Microsoft to align the Category and Industry selection options between Office store and Commercial marketplace in the Partner Center configuration. I don't see why an Excel Add-in like us can't be focusing on Insurance industry and belongs to the AI + Machine Learning Category.

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Hi there - thanks for your feedback! This forum is an appropriate place for sharing your feedback that can help drive the future of marketplace. As this community grows there will also be additional opportunities for sharing your feedback with us.