HELP - How to change the Consulting Service Main Country

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I have published some consulting services and just realized the main country is set up as Afghanistan and is not correct, our main country is Spain...


Does anyone know how to change it? (Example in the screenshot)


Thanks in advacne community!

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@idolz92 To change the country or region where your consulting service offer is available, you need to edit the Markets section in Partner Center. Under Markets, select the Edit markets link and choose the correct country or region where you want to make your offer available. You must select a minimum of one and a maximum of 141 markets. After selecting the correct markets, select Save to close the dialog box . If you have already published your offer, you can update and resubmit it in Partner Center to reflect the changes.


Can you try this and let me know if that solves your issue?

Hi @justinroyal 

Thanks for your response :)


I have selected all the markets (and that is how we want it), but we would like to set up a "main market" because it seems the solution is from Afghanistan (as you can see in the attached screenshot and here: Adopción de Copilot chat Enterprise - Bing Chat Enterprise: 3-Wk – Microsoft AppSource


So, the question is: How can we set the 141 markets and set as a country/region Spain? is that possible? or do I need to change it only to the Spanish market to change that field?


Thanks in advance!