FAQ: Private offers with plans from different solutions + creating bundled offers




1) I understand it is possible to create a private OFFER in such a way that it includes PLANS from several different solutions (e.g., a publisher might want to include a plan from their price-management solution, a plan from their inventory-management solution, etc. in the same private OFFER).  Are there boundaries/constraints/limitations on that ability?


2) Alternative approach is to create a "bundle" offer (SaaS) with no price, and then negotiate which capabilities will be included in the bundle - noting that the combination and pricing may be different for every deal.  So customer A is presented a private plan that says "you're getting the inventory-management and price-management stuff for $xxxxx"  and customer B is presented a private plan on that same "bundle" offer that says "you're buying the back-office management and the warehouse-management stuff for $yyyy"  Does that approach violate Marketplace policy?


A: When a publisher starts to create a private offer they are presented with choices:

  • Direct to customer
  • to CSP
  • MPO to specific channel partner and end customer.

Then they have another tree of choices - you can read about the use case for each in our documentation ISV to customer private offers - Marketplace publisher | Microsoft Learn


We recommend #1 option above. ISVs should list individual transactable products in Marketplace and then use private offers to bundle multiple products/plans as desired by the customer. In this case "bundling" means that the "ISV can up add up to 10 offers/plans" to the private offer. 

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