FAQ: Marketplace private offers through CSP?


Q: is it possible for a customer procuring Azure via a CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) to make Marketplace purchases? If so, can this also be a private offer from the ISV (even if it's likely the CSP managing the subscriptions/billing ID for the end customer)? 


I am particularly interested in how the customer will get the ISV SaaS solution deployed at their end (in this case through the CSP who own the subscription).  


A: It really depends on the CSP --> customer agreement. Some CSPs charge for purchasing from the marketplace, for others it is free. There are two common scenarios:


1- The customer creates a separate subscription/billing account as "pay as you go" and did the purchase of a private offer

2- The CSP purchased the offer on the behalf of the customer and here they can choose to overcharge or not


Assumed the following: 


1- In order to receive a private offer, you need to "own" the billing accountID - usually in this scenario, it belongs to the CSP

2- You still need to be an Enterprise Admin or Billing Account owner to purchase (it is not always allowed by the CSP)



The customer should get in contact with the CSP, either getting the right setup or agreeing on the "overcharge"


You should also refer to the following documentation related to this topic: 

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