FAQ: How to know when a SaaS purchase/subscription has been completed


Q: How do customers know that a SaaS purchase/subscription has been completed. (i.e. from accept, to subscribe to activating the account on the ISV website)? Two questions:


1. Can a customer confirm, (in the SaaS view in the portal?), that the step to activate the account on the ISV website has been complete? Trying to find where a customer can see this. 


2. For the ISV, is the "Orders dashboard" in partner center the right place to check whether the customer has completed this? Partner Center Orders dashboard . There is an "order status = active" for the subscription asset, but not sure what subscription this refers to, seems it is the "marketplace subscription" but not the activation of the account of the ISV website?


A: "subscribed" means that SaaS subscription has been activated by the ISV and customer has been billed for the transaction. For SaaS offers, Orders dashboard should show the SaaS subscription associated with the order/purchase.

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