FAQ: Customizations for VM offer


Q: I am planning to publish my VM offer in marketplace. It would have some customization required for some of my customers. How can the ISV publish the VM offer in marketplace with some customization required? There is no Contact Me concept in VM offer. 


A: Some customization can be done if the VM can be included within an Azure Managed Application which provides a form for the customer at deployment in order to change the configuration of the VM deployment. Here is the video training: 


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Private offers can be provided by sellers to their Azure marketplace customers offering percentage discounts off the public hourly rates. Additionally, if you have enabled Reservation pricing for your VM product, you may create a private offer to sell VM software reservations (1-year or 3-year) and customize the absolute price, vCPU size, quantities, duration, and payment schedule (upfront payment or equal monthly payments over 12 or 36 months).


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