Disappointingly long collection cycle for transactable Saas bought by a MCA/CSP Azure customers

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Hello MPN/Marketplace team,


The extraordinarily long usage-to-collection cycle associated with transactable Saas offers on Azure Marketplace is very painful for small ISVs and needs to be optimized by Microsoft: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/partner-center/marketplace/payout-policy-details



In the B2B SaaS industry,  where pre-paid contracts with Net0 or Net30 payment are the default,  4-5 months for customer funds to hit the ISV's bank account are too long.  As a more apples-to-apples data point, the other Seattle cloud hyperscalar's Marketplace provides SaaS ISVs with InvoiceID level visibility into our invoices, including the exact due date, and follows up with next-day-after-collection disbursements to the ISV's bank account. 


Please optimize this for cash flow cadence of SaaS ISVs, Microsoft. Thanks in advance :) 




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@sid6mathur one of our team members would like to connect with you to get some more feedback on this topic. I've sent you a direct message to follow up on this - can you please check your community messages/inbox?