Difficulties in transfering the ISV Partnership to a new company we created

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We have been struggling in the last weeks with an administrative problem with our Microsoft ISV Partnership.

A quick intro.

We created the partnership initially with our company SaaSili LTD (www.saasili.com), which is a SaaS execution consultancy (we support SaaS companies in their gtm strategy, and execution) when we were purchasing the intellectual property of a software solution.  

After that we completed the acquisition, we have created a company that now owns the IP property of the solution we purchased. The company is called CLAVISI LTD (www.clavisi.com). 

We had first a call with our MS ISV Success Engagement Manager. After that, we had a second call with an ISV [Security, Infrastructure and Identity] CSA & Technical Specialist. Everything seemed great, and we were ready to publish the solution in Azure Marketplace through our ISV Partnership with Microsoft.

At that point, we asked to move the partnership under the new company, which was created on purpose (from SaaSili to Clavisi). Of course, we can't publish the solution with our SaaSili account, since the solution is now own by a different company (Clavisi).

Incredibly, after more than more than 6 weeks, we are still unable to solve the problem. We have spoken with multiple people inside Microsoft, but there is no one who seems to be accountable for our issue. The problem keeps being moved from one person to another one. They asked us to show that we own the new domain, which we do own. We sent over the proper documents. They asked us to show that we own the new company, which we do own. We sent over the proper documents for that either. But nothing seems to work, and we are getting frustrated.

Has anyone else encountered a similar problem? How can we solve it?

A final note: we were also accepted into "Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub" for the same project/company. I don't know if that is somehow relevant for the ISV Partnership, but I wanted to mention it anyway, in case it is.

Thank you!

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Hi David, have you tried using the 'account merge' function in Partner Center?

Account settings --> Organization profile --> Account merge

Not sure if it is appropriate to your situation, but the end result should be your SaaSili account gets merged into your Clavisi account.

Hi @davidebonetto - thanks for your message, I just you a private message to get some additional info about this. Please check the messages section of your TechCommunity account.

I have a partner who is in a similar response and we're working with Partner Center Support. I might reach out to you Justin if we don't get this resolved, to see if you were able to find a fast answer.