Customer Subscription to ISV Activation of Private Offer - Time bound?

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Once our customers have subscribed to our private offer, how long to do we have before we need to activate on our end in our Azure portal? I believe I saw 30 days in documentation somewhere, but I cannot locate again. 

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Hi @MeghannB 


It is important to remember that acceptance of a private offer by your customer is not itself a completed purchase. The offer is just that - a more customized offer unique to that customer and valid for a defined duration. The customer must still purchase the included products. The UX guides them by automatically redirecting to the Private Offer Management page within the Azure portal so customers can complete the subscription of each product. During the subscription process they will be promoted to configure on your SaaS landing page. After this, your organization should activate service for the customer as Microsoft will begin including charges for your product with the customers next Azure invoice. 


"For a private offer that includes SaaS, the customer must subscribe to the software as a service (SaaS) product first and then configure the product within 30 days of subscribing to the product." 

@kyle-callahan Thank you for the reply! I see in the documentation that they have 30 days to configure account from when they push subscribe. Are they billed when they do "configure account" or when we push activate of the subscription in our Azure portal? 


For a little context, we have a customer who wants to subscribe all the way to an offer, all the way through configure now, but they do not want this sub to start until about 20 days later. Reason being - their admin will be on vacation! 


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The marketplace does not yet support scheduling future subscription start dates. When they complete the purchase, the subscription term and billing cycle will begin. Your customer could accept your private offer in advance, but opt to wait until their admin returns to complete purchase (as long as they do this within the start/end dates of the private offer so your custom pricing and terms remain valid for their organization). A customer's marketplace purchases and charges accumulated throughout each month are consolidated into their Azure invoice.