Coselling and Transactable Offers in the Azure Marketplace

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In today's competitive business landscape, the traditional B2B sales process is evolving in unique ways. Coselling and transactable offers are two interwoven strategies empowering companies to collaborate more seamlessly, boosting sales and reinforcing brand partnerships in an era marked by digital transformation and accelerated change.


The question is, are businesses prepared to harness the full potential of these sales methodologies, or will they be left trailing behind competitors who have already embraced these approaches in their revenue fabric?


Embracing the Azure Marketplace


Transactable offers in the Azure Marketplace empower customers to both purchase and consume products and services, without the protracted processes that in-person sales or extensive contracting demand. 


The future will belong to those who can seamlessly integrate their products and services into the wider digital ecosystem and offer customers unparalleled choice and ease of access.


As a company that has embrace the Azure Marketplace, Ntegral has grown from a regional consultancy to an ISV Microsoft Partner with customers in over 100 countries. 


If you are looking to hear more about how we have embraced "The Year of the Marketplace", on April 4 from 12-2:30PM PST, register to attend the GTM Global Summit.  Learn more:


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