Copilot in the marketplace

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We're looking at a few options for creating add ins for Copilot. In addition to the constantly evolving tech stack, we're faced with marketability questions. There is a limited number of Copilot plugins, and I realize that the number is growing, but I wonder about the direction of Copilot in the marketplace.

For example:
1) Is there a plan to allow transactability on Copilot assets?

2) Can you attain IP on anything related to Copilot? 

3) Are Copilot plugins better suited to support existing apps, e.g. offer value add to our existing apps?


Last but certainly not least: while working with Copilot we incur costs. Ideation, development and testing are considered cost of doing business, but Is Microsoft planning to provide us with dev copilot licenses? Or at least a discount? 


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@ArikKali great questions! I'd encourage you to register for Microsoft Build coming up soon (May 21-23) to get the latest information about Copilot. Learn more and register here .

Thanks! I will look into it.
I didn't realize that TAP was expanded. I have many partners asking about dev licenses for both Teams and Copilot, would TAP be helpful for both?