Advice for Starting a MarketPlace Transactable Offer

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Hi All, 


After having 4 different transactable offers in the marketplace I wanted to share some points on the design and things that we have learned at Keytos to save you the pain while integrating. 

1. If you are planning on creating multiple offers in marketplace or have an offer that will be hosted in the customer's tenant create a microservice that is in change of talking to the Azure Marketplace and have all your offerings talking to that Microservice. It will save you a lot of time in credential management and setup for each offering (and also look into automatically rotating the Application credential you use to talk to the marketplace don't want to miss on some revenue for an expired credential).

2. When creating your signup pages and management pages, make sure you think of different plans that you are going to have such as private offerings, you do not want to show all your customers your private offerings and pricing. 

3. Keep track of the success of your meetered posts to Azure marketplace and set some retry logic (and fail-safes to ensure you are not double charging customers). 

4. Add a trial and have clear documentation, users love self-service in Azure, they are used to that from all the Azure services.


Those are all the things I can think of at the moment but if you have any questions I am always happy to help. 

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Great advice, thank you!

@Igalfsg great advice! Thanks for the input here.