Ability to access order cancellation reason selected by customer

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our company has several SaaS offerings published at MS AppSource.


When the customer cancels their subscription - MS AppSource asks them about the reason for doing this. There is a list of options such as "Too expensive", "Missing features", "Only testing", ...


Unfortunately, there is no way for us as a vendor to access these valuable insights based on which we can improve. 


We need to be able to access this information - currently, we only see WHEN it was cancelled, but not WHY.


I've been guided here by MS support (SR# 2303210040005644) to raise this idea for the product team as there is currently no such option for this using the Partner Centre (would expect it in Insights - Marketplace offers - Orders or Customers).


Thank you for your response.


Jiri Janku | Solution Architect 

ALVAO | IT Service Management Tools

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Can your Dev team retrieve it via the API for that order? I wonder if that's an option.

Hi @dougpetroleISV,

no - sadly it's not there either. It would be enough to be able to access it through API.


The full response is here https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/partner-center/marketplace/partner-center-portal/pc-saas-fulfillme...


This is how cancelling subscription looks from the customer's perspective: