A Short Story: Why Transact in Marketplace?

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For anyone who is undecided a) if building a transactable offer is worth the effort or b) if leading with Marketplace is superior to legacy procurement processes:  Last night while I slept, we closed an enterprise deal in Australia.  


Yesterday, I created a custom private offer for the customer and sent them the acceptance link with a link to the Microsoft Learn page with instructions on how they accept the offer.  Woke up this morning to a Partner Center-generated message confirming the deal was won and done.


Yes, we had given them a demo; and yes, we had to get stakeholder commitment . . . but:  Zero haggling on price.  Zero contract redlines.  Zero delays with traditional vendor onboarding etc.  


Even better, we leveraged our Marketplace Rewards (bar none my favorite GTM program!) to amplify customer value by providing Azure Sponsorship credits to offset the deployment cost.


Even more better, this deal hits three of the levers in the FY24 Transact & Grow Incentive Campaign - meaning sometime in the next ~60 days Microsoft is going to send us $40k in free money.  :)


I share this story not to boast but to inspire and motivate.  Nothing's special about us or what we did here - you can 100% replicate this experience simply by taking advantage of the resources Microsoft wants to give you.  


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Is there a LOVE button on here????!!!!!
Dan, this is 100% due to your fantastic partnership and guidance to your company. Sometimes it takes patience, perseverance, and patience. (Did I say patience?) But it is also the willingness to invest the time and, admittedly at times the trouble, to keep pursuing the goal while maintaining your amazing sense of good humor and partnership.

Great job leveraging all the benefits - what a fabulous result!! Congratulations!!!!

Everything Danielle says here resonates with me, but this one especially --> Zero contract redlines. That makes such a big difference in the sales process, and dramatically increases sales velocity.
Thank you for sharing this success in transacting via the Microsoft marketplace. This is a great testament to the value for us as partners and customers alike. Thank you again for sharing.