See how Marketplace Rewards can help you grow your sales and scale your impact
Published May 15 2023 01:15 PM 1,962 Views

As B2B buying shifts to digital channels, it continues to become more competitive. With this competition comes opportunities to stand out. Marketplace Rewards can help.  


Marketplace Rewards—a suite of marketing and sales benefits unlocked when you publish an offer on the Microsoft commercial marketplace—is now included as part of ISV Success. With Marketplace Rewards, you can optimize your offer, simplify your sales, and increase your impact. See all the benefits you can unlock in this video. 



In fact, the average marketplace transacted sales are five times higher for those who used at least one Marketplace Reward than those who don’t participate.


Here’s what some partners have said about how Marketplace Rewards have enhanced their growth: 

  • “Azure sponsorships have been a critical closing tool during our customer negotiations. We have booked more than $1 million in deals thanks to this Marketplace Rewards benefit.” — Abnormal Security
  • “The average number of qualified leads in our pipeline has grown by over 90%, and our closed deals have increased by 150%.”— Evenica Corp. 
  • “Within six months of taking advantage of Marketplace Rewards benefits, we successfully converted a dozen leads into two co-sell opportunities and grew our revenue by more than €500,000.” — Airplane Solutions  

How to take advantage of Marketplace Rewards 

Want to see similar gains for your app? If you’re in either the app development or build stage of your journey, take advantage of Marketplace Rewards and additional benefits of ISV Success by joining here.


If you’ve published your app on the Microsoft commercial marketplace, you’re already eligible. Get started with a listing optimization, gain notice in the what’s new blog, and grow your reach with co-sell solution listing guidance. To access the Marketplace Rewards you’ve earned, log into Partner Center, click on the Benefits workspace and navigate to the Marketing benefits. You can activate and use your benefits as soon as you’re ready.


As you sell more, you unlock more benefits. Though anyone with a published app is eligible, those with transactable apps can take advantage of additional powerful benefits sooner. These marketing and sales benefits can help propel your app to the next revenue level. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals in the commercial marketplace. 


You don’t have to work alone to sell your app. With Marketplace Rewards, Microsoft is here to help.  

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