New transactable offers from ToolsGroup, Data Dynamics, and Prassel in Azure Marketplace
Published Aug 01 2022 08:59 AM 1,095 Views

Microsoft partners like ToolsGroup, Data Dynamics, and Prassel deliver transact-capable offers, which allow you to purchase directly from Azure Marketplace. Learn about these offers below:


ToolsGroup logo.png Supply Chain Forecast | Inventory: This cloud service from ToolsGroup uses machine learning to optimize supply chain planning tasks. Skip the hassle of building or training models and simply provide the historical demand. The engine will apply the forecasting algorithm that best fits the characteristics of your demand for each item in each market. Improve product availability with pay-as-you go demand forecasting and inventory optimization.
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StorageX Data Mobility: StorageX, a policy-based storage management platform from Data Dynamics, brings insight and agility so you can transform your data assets into competitive advantage and efficiently manage hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Used by 26 of the top Fortune 100 companies, StorageX has optimized more than 350 PB of storage, saving more than 170 years in project time and $250 million in total storage costs.

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SFTPGo: This offer from Prassel provides SFTPGo on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. SFTPGo lets you securely share your files over SFTP, via FTP/S or WebDAV, or via the built-in web-based file interface. Azure Blob Storage and multiple other storage back ends are supported and can be configured per user. Benefit from the reliability and scale of Azure when exchanging and storing files internally or when dealing with business partners.

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