New transactable offers from TeamViewer and ConsenSys in Azure Marketplace
Published Jan 10 2023 09:34 AM 1,382 Views

Microsoft partners like TeamViewer and ConsenSys deliver transact-capable offers, which allow you to purchase directly from Azure Marketplace. Learn about these offers below:


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TeamViewer Tensor: With TeamViewer Tensor, support technicians can instantly connect to and remotely control any computer, mobile device, human-machine interface (HMI), or industrial asset. This drives faster issue resolution and higher customer satisfaction. Enhance your service with secure next-generation support for mobile apps or web browsers, without accessing the entire device, ensuring customer privacy and GDPR compliance.

ConsenSys logo.png Quorum Blockchain Service: This fully managed ledger service lets users operate blockchain networks at scale on Microsoft Azure. It provides unified control for infrastructure management and blockchain network governance. Quickly deploy and manage private-permissioned Quorum blockchain networks, then focus on app development and business logic rather than allocating time and resources to managing virtual machines and infrastructure.
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