New transactable offers from Nebula Cloud, Imburse, and SurePact in Azure Marketplace
Published Feb 14 2022 08:21 AM 1,260 Views

Microsoft partners like Nebula Cloud, Imburse, and SurePact deliver transact-capable offers, which allow you to purchase directly from Azure Marketplace. Learn about these offers below:


Nebula Cloud HPC on Azure: Through Microsoft Azure, Nebula Cloud Platform from GVB Geomatics provides high-performance computing (HPC) resources to enterprises and academic institutions. Engineers can run jobs on Nebula Cloud without having to touch the Linux shell, and a bring-your-own-license model provides flexibility for using existing IT and software resources.


Nebula Cloud Labs: Part of the Nebula Cloud product line, Nebula Cloud Labs enables universities and enterprises to set up technology environments for students or workers, who can then engage in self-paced learning or training. Ready-to-use sandbox environments span engineering, scientific, and IT disciplines. Give students hands-on experience and upskill or reskill your employees on the latest technologies.

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Imburse Payment Solution: Access any payment partner or technology in minutes with Imburse, a cloud-based platform that removes the burden of integrating with single payment providers or payment technology providers. Launch projects and new business models without having to do the legwork of integration, and improve your customers' experience by offering locally preferred collection and payout methods.

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SurePact Project and Portfolio Risk Management SaaS: SurePact allows project and contract managers to identify and mitigate delivery risks before the tender stage through to closeout. The solution brings together configurable workflows for deliveries and integration capability with enterprise systems. Workflows can be layered with prebuilt analytics to track performance metrics, governance, compliance, and more.

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