New transactable offers from KenSci, MinIO, Scriptix, and Tidal Media in Azure Marketplace
Published Jun 04 2020 08:45 AM 1,531 Views

Microsoft partners like KenSci, MinIO, Scriptix, and Tidal Media deliver transact-capable offers, which allow you to purchase directly from Azure Marketplace. Learn about these offers below:


KenSci Mobile Command Center: KenSci's Mobile Command Center provides a real-time view for hospitals around bed management, supply utilization, and other metrics that are critical to safe and effective patient flow during the COVID-19 pandemic. Purchase against an existing enterprise agreement at no cost for the first month.


MinIO Multi-Cloud Gateway (Amazon S3 API): With MinIO Amazon S3 API for Azure Blob, you can build apps that utilize Amazon S3 storage and take advantage of Microsoft Azure services to analyze data, perform load balancing, and more.


Speech to Text: The Speech to Text API from Scriptix, formerly ZoomMedia, performs speech recognition in real time or on batches of audio and video content for use cases in various vertical industries. Automate subtitling, transcribe voice to text, and create indexes from archives or streaming media.


Minecraft Bedrock Game Server for Windows Server 2016: Enable rapid deployment of multiplayer Minecraft games with this pre-configured server image offered by Tidal Media. The image includes all plug-ins needed to deploy on Microsoft Azure, and it bundles free support, backups, restores, and migrations.

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