New transactable offers from H&S, innoSEP, and Sparkyo Technology in Azure Marketplace
Published Jul 15 2022 07:20 AM 1,101 Views

Microsoft partners like H&S, innoSEP, and Sparkyo Technology deliver transact-capable offers, which allow you to purchase directly from Azure Marketplace. Learn about these offers below:


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inPoint TOA: inPoint Teams Online Archiving from H&S is designed to solve archiving, compliance, and other regulatory challenges around your Microsoft Teams chats and data. Export all your Teams communication regularly and permanently and archive it in an audit-proof, original, and complete manner in defined areas.


innoSEP: Get an advanced data analytics platform that helps you build and run secure AI analytics apps without coding. Rapid prototype and scale your AI solutions with reduced time and effort. Get deeper insights out of your data using forecasting, feature engineering, and more. Reduce the need for highly specialized IT roles.

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Syook InSite: This IIoT platform from Sparkyo Technology provides real-time visibility into operations in any facility, such as a factory shop floor, commercial building, warehouse, or even a hospital. Its powerful algorithms let supervisors and managers take proactive action to enhance safety, productivity, and compliance. 


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