New transactable offers from Glaass, Data-Driven, HIVERY, and Datapult in Azure Marketplace
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Microsoft partners like Glaass, Data-Driven, HIVERY, and Datapult deliver transact-capable offers, which allow you to purchase directly from Azure Marketplace. Learn about these offers below:

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Glaass Pro Plans: Glaass enables construction teams to track every aspect of their project on a single platform. Glaass Core is a tool suite that helps contractors and clients save time with real-time analytics, custom registers, and powerful search engines. Glaass Pro bundles Glaass Core with customizable templates to help deliver projects on time and on budget. Choose from Basic, Standard, and Premium Glaass Pro plans.

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CloudMonitor: This tool from Data-Driven installs into a Microsoft Azure subscription and identifies cost-saving opportunities across a company's Azure estate. C-level executives can subscribe to weekly KPI cost summaries, program managers can track project costs over time, IT departments can distribute CloudMonitor as a self-service platform, and developers can improve cost awareness in their workflows via a Microsoft Teams bot.

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HIVERY Curate: Using store-level data, HIVERY Curate enables retailers and consumer packaged goods companies to quickly simulate assortment strategies, then fine-tune those simulations and generate space and assortment-aware planograms for execution. HIVERY Curate's AI-driven, analytics-based assortment optimization is simple to use and saves time for buyers, sales category managers, and category advisers.

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Plan My Shifts: Datapult's Plan My Shifts uses AI to help companies plot out the ideal schedules for their workers, budget, and production capacity. Plan My Shifts integrates with existing systems and can handle complex variables such as occasional evening-only shifts or shifts based on the changing prices of labor or freelancers. Plan My Shifts can also accommodate labor unions and complicated employee contracts.

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