New transactable offers from C&R, Dev4Side, Eusoft, and Noricum in Azure Marketplace
Published Jul 18 2022 08:52 AM 877 Views

Microsoft partners like C&R, Dev4Side, Eusoft, and Noricum deliver transact-capable offers, which allow you to purchase directly from Azure Marketplace. Learn about these offers below:


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EdgeAI Studio: Use EdgeAI Studio’s drag-and-drop interface to easily manage AI modules and see results in seconds. Boost AI development process by leveraging C&R's large library of AI models with over 100 pre-built models and AI modules. This solution is easy to integrate with existing client systems via APIs or webhooks.

Dev4Side logo.png This solution from Dev4Side provides an up-to-date, fully featured intranet solution that delivers all the tools you need to work efficiently in a collaborative modern workplace, with flexible and reliable functionalities. Perform fast searches and get easy access to colleagues' and staff's contact information.

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Eusoft.Lab LIMS: This solution allows all laboratory informatics and processes to be computerized using a single, easy-to-use platform which is quick to set up and get started. Because it is based in the Microsoft Azure cloud, you can access the software anytime, anywhere and benefit from high scalability and data protection.

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Selenium Dynamic Grid: Solve your browser automation needs by running your own grid in the cloud. This image from Noricum Cloud Solutions provides one-click deployment for a Selenium Grid based on Docker containers and also provides an endpoint for automating remote Chrome and Firefox. 


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