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We continue to expand the Microsoft AppSource ecosystem. For this volume, 61 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

Advent.png Advent Calendar by Accelerator 365: Reply Ltd's Advent Calendar lets you count down to the Christmas holiday with a different surprise every day. Enjoy Christmas songs or videos, holiday recipes or craft ideas, and a personalized message from your organization. The app is part of Accelerator 365, a suite of apps and solutions that can be added to your Microsoft SharePoint environment.
Ask1up.png Ask1up: 1up uses natural language processing and a conversational chatbot interface to answer your sales team's questions. Ask in Microsoft Teams and 1up will answer by referencing the information stored in your dedicated 1up knowledge base. This includes information that 1up gathers from the internet and from documents you upload.
DataCamp.png DataCamp: Bring content updates and notifications from the DataCamp online learning platform to your team with this bot for Microsoft Teams. DataCamp enables professionals to build skills in data science, AI, statistics, and machine learning. This bot delivers assignment notifications, course progress reminders, leaderboard rankings, and the latest content releases.
Gladys.png Gladys: Use the Gladys app with Microsoft Teams to consolidate essential task information and track the progress of your projects. Kanban and dashboard views help you stay up to date on your team's tasks. A Gantt chart view lets you plan the duration of your tasks, manage associated resources, and visualize dependencies.
Jaimie.png Jaimie: Add Jaimie to Microsoft Teams with this extension from Bringme. Jaimie is a virtual office assistant powered by AI that can notify you when a package has been delivered or when a visitor has arrived. Available around the clock, Jaimie will process and reply to all office-related queries, from parcel deliveries to company policies. In order to use this app, you must be a registered Bringme user.
Lisan for Outlook.png Lisan for Outlook: Lisan's extension for Microsoft Outlook supplies you with expanded proofreading features. It will check spelling, grammar, style, punctuation, names, quotes, clarity, layout, typography, morphology, semantics, and decency. A paraphraser will offer suggestions for other ways to write a sentence. A summarizer will help you condense long texts and emails.
Myphone Connector.png MyPhone Connector: This app lets you access phone services from Xtel Communications Inc. without leaving Microsoft Teams. The MyPhone Connector lets you make internal calls to your colleagues via Microsoft Teams chat. If you do not have a desk phone provisioned to your account, you can download the MaX UC desktop or mobile application.
Paybooks.png Paybooks: Paybooks, an app for use with Microsoft Teams, brings India payroll functionality and self-serve features to your Teams environment. Give your employees and managers anytime access to pay slips, leave and expense claims, benefits, tax planning, help desk support, and more. In order to use this app, your organization needs to have an active Paybooks subscription.
Sign Plus.png SIGN.PLUS: Sign for Word: SIGN.PLUS's seamless integration with Microsoft Word allows you to effortlessly sign Word documents, deliver Word documents for e-signature, or store a Word document as a reusable template, streamlining the workflow for frequently used documents.
Sortino Logo Finder.png Sortino Logo Finder: Sortino Logo Finder, an add-in for Microsoft Excel, instantly fetches company logos, helping you save time on steps like pasting and resizing. Simply enter a web domain and let Sortino do the work.
Suite365.png Suite365: BlueCollar Cloud Solutions' Suite365 lets you swiftly create Microsoft Word templates and automatically fill them with NetSuite data. Elevate your efficiency by eliminating tedious tasks, and avoid the errors of manual data entry.
Whiteboard by Frameable.png Whiteboard by Frameable: Whiteboard by Frameable gives your team the ability to create, share, and edit whiteboards together in Microsoft Teams calls. Once you install the app, opening a whiteboard will automatically bring everyone in the call into the shared board. After the call, find your boards in your Frameable Whiteboard account via the sidebar in Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Microsoft 365.
Verified Orchestration: Verified Orchestration simplifies the process of issuing, managing, and integrating verified IDs. It reduces cybersecurity and compliance risks, minimizes the need for IT and HR intervention, and enables zero-trust collaboration. The platform offers a mobile-first user experience, self-service account recovery, and easy integration with productivity tools.
XtraMile.png XtraMile: Unlock the power of microlearning with XtraMile in Microsoft Teams. Designed to make learning effortlessly accessible, the XtraMile app gives Teams users notifications about e-learning lessons and courses scheduled by colleagues. Administrators can easily schedule lessons for selected users.
YakChat.png YakChat: YakChat is an SMS/MMS application made for use with Microsoft Teams. Text from inside Teams on desktop or mobile devices and stay connected with your Outlook, Active Directory, and SharePoint contacts. YakChat offers an array of features, including contact sharing, individual and shared inboxes, seamless access via single sign-on, and the ability to receive MFA (2FA/OTP) codes.
Zonka Feedback.png Zonka Feedback: Zonka Feedback lets you create and customize surveys from within Microsoft Teams. Measure real-time feedback and conduct daily stand-ups, check-ins, and pulse surveys. Notify teams with incoming customer feedback to take necessary action and close the feedback loop.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain: 10-Week Implementation: AlfaPeople will coordinate an implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management so your company can unify your financial, supply chain, and project activities into a common database. AlfaPeople typically follows the waterfall methodology for project management, but mixed methodologies with Agile components are also possible.
Inviso KickStarter - Microsoft 365 E3 Adoption: Inviso's KickStarter program involves a production pilot to show the benefits of Microsoft 365. Inviso will work with you to determine what focus area could benefit from a kick-start using various features of Microsoft 365, such as Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Defender for Cloud, multifactor authentication, or Microsoft Intra ID. A long-term adoption plan is also provided.
Mentoring Service: This service from Mobile Mentor assesses your company's IT status, develops a vision for future employee experience, and creates a three-year road map to achieve it. Each month, a project manager will schedule workshops, meetings, and deliverables so that the architects and engineers working with your team can maximize the capabilities of your Microsoft 365 licenses, retire overlapping products, and improve endpoint security.

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