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We continue to expand the Microsoft AppSource ecosystem. For this volume, 182 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

F.A.M.E - Financial Assets Management Engine: The F.A.M.E platform consolidates account data from multiple banks, allowing for configuration of companies and schemes. This software as a service fetches account information using secure APIs and provides extensive reporting and summary capabilities.
Intapp Walls: Intapp Walls simplifies information security and policy management by centrally enforcing confidentiality of sensitive data. It enables quick and accurate response to security audits, and regulatory compliance. The tool automatically detects changes to internal teams, manages access to various systems, and enforces user compliance controls.
Proceso for Retail: Proceso offers more than 200 ready-to-use retail process templates that are accessible on any device using Microsoft Teams. The templates include visual merchandising, store audit, inventory count, and more. The platform helps increase customer satisfaction, efficiency, and workforce collaboration.
Proceso Help Desk Template: Proceso Helpdesk is a custom-made ticketing tool that streamlines ticket workflows for IT, HR, network issues, finance, and more. The help desk templates are hosted on Microsoft Azure and can be used on any device via Microsoft Teams. The platform offers features such as evidence attachment, escalations, and complete ticket resolution.
PROS Group Sales Optimizer (GSO): PROS Group Sales Optimizer (GSO) uses AI to optimize group sales offers, reducing global distribution system quote response times while increasing revenue. GSO helps travel agents eliminate friction between sales and revenue management. PROS GSO is a one-stop shop for all airline group pricing and booking needs, greatly improving efficiency and reducing costs.
PROS Real Time Dynamic Pricing (RTDP): PROS Real-Time Dynamic Pricing offers airlines accurate availability across all channels, allowing them to confidently apply pricing strategies and fare adjustments. RTDP eliminates dependency on real-time inventory data feeds and reduces revenue leaks from stale availability data. The software also provides flexibility and control over offers and channels, while presenting consistent, real-time pricing across all channels.
Sustainability Dashboard & Reporting: Savionyx's emissions dashboard provides real-time data, visualization, historical data, environmental goals, and compliance reporting. It helps organizations and individuals reduce their carbon footprint by providing information to make informed decisions, track progress, and work toward a sustainable future.
TaskHuman: The TaskHuman global coaching platform for Microsoft Teams delivers on-demand 1:1 video calling in more than 1,200 skills and 1,800 coaches. TaskHuman supports employees as they grow and adapt both personally and professionally, offering global coaching in a wide range of categories.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

Atech Cyber Security Essentials: Assessment: Atech will help your organization improve its security posture through hands-on activities, actionable next steps, and insights into common cybersecurity threats. Atech’s professional services experts will guide you to maximize your investment in Microsoft security tools and ensure alignment with organizational goals.
BCN Intranet Lite: BCN offers expert setup and improvement services for your Microsoft SharePoint site. BCN’s experienced architects will handle projects ranging from assessment to full implementation incorporating relevant company data.
Bell Direct Routing as a Service for Microsoft Teams: Bell Canada’s Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams allows businesses to make and receive PSTN phone calls through the Teams platform. The solution integrates Teams with Bell's SIP trunking network for reliable nationwide voice calling, with no additional equipment needed. Hosted and managed within Bell data centers, this service includes support from certified experts.
Bell Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams: Bell Canada’s Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams allows businesses to make and receive PSTN phone calls through the Teams platform. Delivered through carrier-grade multi-tenant session border controllers (SBCs), Operator Connect integrates Teams with Bell's SIP trunking network for high-quality calls nationwide.
Cloud for Sustainability: Proof of Concept: delaware will implement a pilot of Microsoft Sustainability Manager for Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability to help your company record, report, and reduce its environmental footprint. This offer includes setup of a medium complexity workflow, connecting to a data source, and configuration of a calculation model. The training included covers setting sustainability targets and analyzing progress.
Contactlist Application: 3-Day Implementation: ConXioNOne will implement its Contactlist app, giving you a quick overview of all employees, along with their contact details. Built on Microsoft Power Apps, Contactlist allows users to call, email, and message with one click and perform other customizable actions.
Digital Work Order with Power Apps: 5-Day Implementation: ConXioNOne will implement its digital work order using Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate to simplify and automate scheduling and process tracking for organizations of any size. The app allows workers to add signatures and pictures for customer approval and send all information to the back office for invoicing.
Digitization of Invoices: 5-Day Implementation: ConXioNOne will implement an app built on Microsoft Power Apps to digitize invoices, including invoice management, approval automation, and digital storage. Built on Microsoft Power Apps, this offer includes analysis, design, development, testing, training, and evaluation.
DocStar to SharePoint: Migration: Star Knowledge will deliver a complete migration of your data from the DocStar content management system to Microsoft SharePoint. The custom solution includes integration with Microsoft 365 apps and single sign-on, as well as training and transition support.
Event Management App: 12-Day Implementation: ConXioNOne will implement its event-tracking app on Microsoft Power Apps and integrated with Microsoft SharePoint. The app creates a new team and new SharePoint site for each event, ensuring easy file access for everyone.
Expense Application: 3-Day Implementation: ConXioNOne will implement an expense management app built on Microsoft Power Apps to simplify expense registration for your employees. The app uses company rules to automatically approve or reject expenses and forwards reports for further processing.
Explore Premium Power Platform Licensing: 5-Day Workshop: Through presentations and a proof of concept, Qwerio will help you explore the potential of premium licensing for the Microsoft Power Platform, enabling you to maximize your return on investment and enhance boost your use of the Power Platform. This offer is only available in French.
Explore Uses of the Power Platform: 7-Day Workshop: Available only in French, Qwerio’s workshop will help you better understand how to use the Microsoft Power Platform to increase productivity. This offer includes auditing current projects and uses, analyzing current and future needs, as well as a detailed project plan for prioritized budgets.
Factor Apps Service: 12-Month Subscription: Factor Tech provides a catalog of apps built on Microsoft Power Apps to allow you to easily digitize and automate processes, reduce technical and business debt, and maximize return on investment. Factor Apps is an annual subscription enabling you to quickly deploy apps into your tenant to manage, including HR cases, travel requests, procurement approvals, and more.
File Server to SharePoint: Migration: Star Knowledge offers specialized migration services to help businesses transition from traditional file servers to Microsoft SharePoint. The comprehensive approach includes requirement gathering, strategic design, data migration, single sign-on, transition services, training, and post-migration support.
Get Started with Power BI: 5-Hour Workshop: In ConXioNOne’s interactive workshop, you’ll learn about Microsoft Power BI functionality, reporting capabilities, and powerful integration with Microsoft 365. You’ll also get started converting your data into insights and learn how Power BI integrates with the Microsoft Power Platform.
Get Started with the Power Platform: 5-Hour Workshop: In this hands-on session, ConXioNOne will guide you through the capabilities of the Microsoft Power Platform to solve problems and work more efficiently. This session will focus on Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI to help you learn what business applications can be built.
HPT - Uses of the Power Platform: 2-Hour Workshop: HPT will assess how you currently use or hope to use the Microsoft Power Platform, then identify mission-critical business processes that can be improved using the platform. You’ll learn how the Power Platform can deliver custom apps, automate processes, and visualize data. The HPT team will also discuss real-world experience and advice on navigating licensing costs.
Innofactor Readiness Kit for Copilot: 3-Week Workshop: Innofactor's Copilot Readiness Kit prepares businesses for Microsoft Copilot by mitigating risks and protecting sensitive data in Microsoft 365. The kit includes document protection, classification review, utilizing Microsoft Purview and Microsoft Syntex for data discovery, and automated content processing. With this kit, businesses can confidently use Copilot while securely managing their confidential data.
Intro to Dynamics 365 Sales: 4-Hour Workshop: ConXioNOne will guide you through an overview of how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales will help you increase sales revenue, close more deals, and manage customer relationships. The workshop includes the basic principles of Dynamics 365, a demo, and a questions-and-answers session.
Microsoft 365 Copilot: Continual Adoption: Insight’s adoption and change management experts will utilize a three-phase approach to guide you through adoption and ongoing use of Microsoft Copilot, maximizing your return on investment. You’ll get a change management strategy and implementation, monitoring of adoption, and more.
Microsoft 365 Copilot Readiness: Assessment: Datavision Digital’s readiness assessment prepares you for the successful adoption of Microsoft Copilot 365 and assists you in identifying and addressing potential risks. This service ensures that your Microsoft 365 environment complies with necessary requirements and delivers personalized guidance and support while also facilitating organizational change and user adoption.
Microsoft Copilot 365 Data Structure: 5-Day Workshop: Bytes will work with you to ensure that your business-critical information stays protected when you adopt Microsoft 365 Copilot. In this workshop, Bytes will lead a review of current data structures and permissions, design a high-level solution for data retention, then implement the plan.
OKR Management in Viva Goals: 2- to 3-Month Proof of Concept: Combis will implement OKR (objects and key results) methodology in Microsoft Viva Goals as a pilot project for 50 employees. This offer is designed for companies aiming to lead strategic goals transparently and involve as many departments and employees as possible, with a focus on digitizing internal processes.
Onevinn Secure Journey to Microsoft 365 Copilot: 2-Hour Workshop: Onevinn will address common issues for securing data access by Microsoft 365 Copilot, including using Microsoft Purview. You’ll get insights into current risks, understanding of technical solutions, and a demonstration of how data governance can ensure the efficient management of your information assets.
Optimize Dynamics 365 Sales: 5-Hour Workshop: In this in-depth session, ConXioNOne will explain the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem and the functionalities of Dynamics 365 Sales. You’ll learn the best ways to configure Dynamics 365 Sales and discover through a hands-on demo how Dynamics 365 Sales works in practice.
PBI Accelerator: 4-Week Implementation: Megazone Cloud provides accelerated and optimized deployment services for customers who want to build a data-driven culture using Microsoft Power BI. The service helps organizations make data-centric decisions and perform more effective data analysis. This implementation includes planning, infrastructure configuration, data source connection, analysis model development, and dashboard visualization.
perinco Services for Microsoft 365: Implementation and Migration: Available only in German, perinco’s service will help you with the implementation of Microsoft 365 services and migrate your data to the new environment. The offer covers migrations to Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, other Microsoft 365 services, and Azure.
Population Health Management Enabled by GenAI: Persistent Systems will implement its generative AI (GenAI) solution using predictive risk modeling to identify patients with complex medical, behavioral, and social needs. Powered by Microsoft Power Apps and Dynamics 365, the solution extracts social determinants of health (SDOH) insights from existing EHR data to predict the cost of care and recommends personalized interventions.
Power BI Center of Excellence: 6-Month Implementation: Infosys will implement a Microsoft Power BI Center of Excellence (CoE) to provide a structured framework that maximizes the use of Power BI in your organization. This offer includes requirement gathering, configuration, implementation, and ongoing support. Tasks include creating security rules, building templates, configuring gateways, and establishing best practices.
Power Platform: 2-Week Catalyst Workshop: Xpedition will use the Microsoft Catalyst framework to help you quantify the value of a digital transformation using the Microsoft Power Platform. You’ll get a review of business processes, a solution assessment workshop, and a value-driven roadmap for digital transformation.
Power Platform: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Xpedition will rapidly design and deliver a proof-of-concept solution for a specific business challenge to help your organization realize the true potential of Microsoft Power Platform. This offer includes a defined pilot scenario, a demonstration of the operational system, and key recommendations for next steps.
Power Platform: 5-Week Governance Framework Project: Xpedition will utilize the governance framework from the Microsoft Power Platform Center of Excellence to deploy digital guardrails, securing your Power Platform environment and reducing data loss while providing developers with access to powerful tools. This offer includes setup and configuration, Center of Excellence Starter Kit, training, and performance dashboarding.
Power Platform: 6-Week Deployment: Xpedition will aid your successful Microsoft Power Platform project by giving you access to a range of certified and experienced technology professionals. You’ll gain flexibility to ramp up and ramp down access as your program progresses, without adding program and project management overhead.
Power Platform: 8-Week Deployment: Xpedition’s Build For is a full-service engagement for organizations that require a full range of expertise for a comprehensive deployment of the Microsoft Power Platform. Xpedition will provide guidance, hand-picked professionals, and a complete delivery team.
Power Platform: Consulting: Imperium Dynamics’ certified experts can assist you in planning, implementing, and integrating solutions built on the Microsoft Power Platform. Imperium consultants help businesses of all sizes automate processes, create custom apps, and gain insights from data to get the most out of their Power Platform investment.
Readiness Assistance for Microsoft 365 Copilot: CDW will assist you in reviewing your content and access, protecting data, and developing adoption approaches to prepare your organization for Microsoft 365 Copilot. Get help structuring content with Microsoft SharePoint Online, protecting data with Microsoft Purview, and understanding the technical and licensing requirements.
Retail & Consumer Goods Catalyst: 1-Day Workshop: RSM's Catalyst for Retail & Consumer Goods workshop builds on RSM’s industry knowledge and the Microsoft Catalyst framework to help drive your business toward successful implementation of Microsoft technologies ranging from Dynamics 365 to offerings based upon the Power Platform.
Retail & Consumer Goods Catalyst: 2-Week Workshop: RSM's interactive workshop will help your company build, plan, and execute business transformation strategies for the successful adoption of Microsoft technologies ranging from Dynamics 365 to the Power Platform. The envisioning workshop includes business strategy alignment, technical review, and ideation.
SkyKick Cloud Backup: 1-Day Implementation: First Technology’s SkyKick Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 protects against data loss events in the cloud, including accidental or intentional deletion and malware threats. First Technology will implement the solution to secure your data in Microsoft Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Teams, giving you peace of mind that your valuable data is backed up.
Teambo Advanced Data Analysis Solution: 4-Week Implementation: Teambo by Cluster Reply is an innovative solution built on Microsoft Teams and Azure OpenAI to enable data-driven decisions for everyone. Teambo uses your Microsoft 365 data to answer data analysis questions via Teams chat.
The Power of the Power Platform: 4-Hour Workshop: In this interactive session, ConXioNOne will demonstrate how the Microsoft Power Platform can enhance your business processes through automation, reports, and apps for employees. The workshop includes a hands-on demonstration of Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI, followed by a question-and-answer session.
Time Registration App: 3-Day Implementation: ConXioNOne's time registration app, built on Microsoft Power Apps, delivers efficient automation to ensure that your employees can register work hours from anywhere on any device. The data can be integrated with other sessions. This offer includes requirement gathering, design, development, testing, and training.
Transform Collaboration with Microsoft 365 Intranet Accelerator: 20-Day Implementation: iThink 365 will deliver an intranet built on the Microsoft 365 Intranet Accelerator, giving you a comprehensive intranet solution with communication and collaboration tools, workspace management, staff directory, and integration with Microsoft Teams. The solution includes a staff directory, feedback and suggestions mechanisms, and an information architecture map.
Warehouse Optimization via the Power Platform: 8-Week Implementation: Protiviti will help you drive efficiency gains and more efficiently adapt to the dynamic demands of the supply chain industry by utilizing the Microsoft Power Platform to modernize your warehouse operations. You’ll drive lower costs, increase delivery times, optimize processes, and gain a governance model. The engagement includes requirement gathering, prototyping, training, fine-turning, and documentation.
Wipro Intelligent Order Management: 2-Hour Workshop: Wipro will help you gain insights into order management using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management, which complements Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management to scale and adapt your processes. The workshop covers product features, capabilities, data process flow, architecture, application models, and components, as well as discussion of Wipro's Endless Aisle solution.
Xcelerate: Dynamics 365 Business Central Finance Enhanced: 6-Week Implementation: Enavate will use its proven Xcelerate rapid deployment methodology to get you up and running with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, enabling efficient and adaptable processing of complex accounting. This offer includes advanced configuration for accounts payable and accounts receivable, multi-company setup, and basic reporting for bank transactions.
Xcelerate: Dynamics 365 Business Central Finance Essentials: 4-Week Implementation: Enavate will use its proven Xcelerate rapid deployment methodology to get you up and running with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, enabling efficient and adaptable processing of complex accounting. This offer includes configuration of accounts payable and accounts receivable and basic reporting for bank transactions.
Xcelerate: Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central: 12-Week Implementation: Enavate Xcelerate offers a rapid deployment methodology to migrate from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central. The process involves assessment, configuration, data migration, reporting, support, training, and assistance with the first month-end close.
Xcelerate: Dynamics SL to Dynamics 365 Business Central: 12-Week Implementation: Enavate Xcelerate offers a rapid deployment methodology to migrate from Microsoft Dynamics SL to Dynamics 365 Business Central. The process includes assessment, configuration, data migration, reporting, support, and training. The package also includes assistance with the first month-end close.

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