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Agile Marketing Analytics - Power BI Dashboards.png

Agile Marketing Analytics - Power BI Dashboards: Agile Analytics' marketing dashboards provide an instant solution to your data analysis needs, enabling you to convert mass amounts of data into actionable insights that help you better understand your overall performance and make better-informed business decisions.

Aptean Accelerate Bundle Beverage Drink-IT edition - Manufacturing.png

Aptean Accelerate Bundle Beverage Drink-IT edition - Manufacturing: Designed to help alcoholic beverage manufacturers streamline business, Drink-IT for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central addresses unique industry challenges, including tax management, sales and purchase conditions, and event management.

Aptean Accelerate Bundle Beverage Drink-IT edition - Wholesale and Distribution.png Aptean Accelerate Bundle Beverage Drink-IT edition - Wholesale and Distribution: Designed to help alcoholic wholesalers and distributors streamline business, Drink-IT for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central addresses industry challenges, including tax management, sales and purchase conditions, and alcohol balance.
Aptean Advanced Check Management for Food and Beverage.png

Aptean Advanced Check Management for Food and Beverage: Aptean Advanced Check Management extends the check printing features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, increasing the productivity of accounts payable personnel and enabling you to apply brand imagery and signatures.

Aptean Claims for Food and Beverage.png

Aptean Claims for Food and Beverage: Aptean Claims for Food and Beverage helps you manage sales and purchasing processes more efficiently, enabling you to easily create and manage return orders and credit memos for sales and purchasing without leaving Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

B2F Consignment Management.png

B2F Consignment Management: Available in Turkish and English, B2F Consignment Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central helps you manage the sales of products you receive on consignment from suppliers or that you sell on consignment to customers.

bossPayment LSV.png

bossPayment LSV: The LSV extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central enables you to use bossPayment to create a direct debit file in the PAIN.008 format of the ISO20022 standard, automating and simplifying the process of collecting outstanding invoices. This application is available only in German.

CBS SIFO Leasing.png

CBS SIFO Leasing: Cloud Business Solutions SIFO Leasing automates the routine processes of sending collection notices and mass messaging for marketing, integrates with banks for online payments, and includes virtual office tools for customers. This application is available only in Spanish.

COSMO Process Manufacturing Pack.png

COSMO Process Manufacturing Pack: COSMO Process Manufacturing Pack is an industry software bundle for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that makes it easier to develop, produce, and track process-manufactured products.

DocSolutions for MES.png

DocSolutions for MES: DocSolutions for MES connects your ERP system to your content management system, enabling you to store, organize, and share your documents and manufacturing execution systems (MES) files in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Easy Item Tracking.png

Easy Item Tracking: Easy Item Tracking lets you edit and view item tracking lot/serial numbers and expiration dates in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central documents, journal lines, and item reclassification journals, allowing you to better manage inventory levels, track stock movement. and reduce errors.

Elfsquad CPQ for Power BI.png

Elfsquad CPQ for Power BI: Elfsquad's application connects your Elfsquad Management System data to Microsoft Power BI using an OData connection, enabling you to dive into your manufacturing data and extract valuable insights and trends.

eloomi Learning Management System.png

eloomi Learning Management System: Anchored in simplicity and continuous innovation, eloomi is a modern learning experience solution designed to help you streamline your onboarding, upskill and reskill your talent pool, manage compliance, and drive true people development.

EV Fashion Intercompany.png

EV Fashion Intercompany: Tired of complex intercompany setups? EV Fashion Intercompany for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central makes managing activities across interconnected companies easier than ever. This application is available in Danish and English.

Exobe Device Insight.png

Exobe Device Insight: Designed for Microsoft Intune users, Exobe's report for Microsoft Power BI provides insights into device compliance and encryption across your organization so that you can quickly identify areas of concern and act as needed.

Flex DocFinance Connector.png

Flex DocFinance Connector: Connect the Flex Finance and Flex Starter apps with DocFinance and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to allow the exchange of data necessary for the management of treasury and main banking operations. This application is available in Italian.

Flex EI.png

Flex EI: Flex El from Divimast enables organizations to manage Italian electronic invoicing through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This application is available in Italian.

Flex Finance.png

Flex Finance: Ideal for general ledger management, Flex Finance complements the standard functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and is integrated with leading treasury software and corporate banking services such as DocFinance. This application is available in Italian.

FLYX Digital Loyalty.png

FLYX Digital Loyalty: FLYX is an API-based solution that empowers businesses with the speed and flexibility needed to increase customer loyalty and drive traffic to stores. Build creative, personalized digital loyalty experiences that meet your customers' expectations.

Item Import Tool.jpg

Item Import Tool: Apply IT Clad's template when you create an item in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to ensure the proper item type, category code, replenishment system, base unit of measure, and other important fields are populated correctly.

ModeXpress Integration.png

ModeXpress Integration: Supported in Belgium and the Netherlands ModeXpress Integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central helps you manage shipments and receipts, delivering full control and visibility over your logistics to ensure reliable delivery of products and efficient management of incoming stock.

Mrkt Point of Sale.png

Mrkt Point of Sale: Whether you're a mobile or fixed retailer, small business owner, or part of a large corporation, the MRKT point of sale solution provides seamless integration and automation to streamline workflows and boost performance.

Multi-Entity Management.png

Multi-Entity Management: Multi-Entity Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central centralizes and automates the processing of purchase orders, receipts, payroll, invoices, and more to maintain data integrity and reduce the potential for human error.

Ongoing WMS Connector.png

Ongoing WMS Connector: Connect Ongoing WMS to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central via the Golden EDI Integration Platform to increase efficiency in your warehouse or outsource the warehousing to one of the third-party logistics providers using Ongoing WMS.

Packing List.png

Packing List: Designed to help you manage packing lists used for shipping and receiving, the Packing List add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central extends item cards with packing list information and enables you to assign lists to customers and vendors.

Powerblox Lifecycle Management.png

Powerblox Lifecycle Management: Powerblox Lifecycle Management helps you manage the lifecycle of your items, customers, and vendors in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Prevent the production, transfer, and ordering of discontinued items, prevent purchases from certain vendors, and more.

Powerblox Warehouse Scanning.png

Powerblox Warehouse Scanning: Powerblox Warehouse Scanning for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central enables you to register all your warehouse transactions on a mobile scanner. Automate your warehouse operations, define which users can perform which tasks, and more.

Purchase Requisition.png

Purchase Requisition: The Purchase Requisition extension helps automate the procurement request process that flows from different functions of an organization to the procurement department by sending all users' procurement requests through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


QE Approval Workflow: QE Approval Workflow facilitates and streamlines the workflow approval process in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, automating manual processes and reducing the time and errors associated with manual approvals. This application is available in Spanish.


QE Factura E: QE Factura E for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central facilitates issuing, sending, and managing electronic invoices in accordance with the standards and requirements established by local tax authorities. This application is available in Spanish.

Sales Cockpit for Dynamics 365 Business Central.png

Sales Cockpit for Dynamics 365 Business Central: Sales Cockpit is a Microsoft Power BI application that offers a comprehensive view of posted sales transactions, sales orders, and simple receivables transactions in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Simulated GL for Bonus.png

Simulated GL for Bonus: The EOS Simulated GL for Bonus app enables you to calculate the amounts of bonuses to be paid to your customers or recognized by your vendors, manage a periodic bonus forecast, and more in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

VirtlX 360-degree Employee Engagement Platform.png

VirtlX 360-degree Employee Engagement Platform: Ditch the spreadsheets and gain unique insights into employee engagement, satisfaction, and well-being while transforming your employee value proposition with VirtlX's all-in-one management platform built for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Zoho Expense.png

Zoho Expense: Zoho Expense automates travel and expense management for your business, enabling you to securely store digital receipts, streamline approvals, accelerate reimbursement, simplify accounting, and more for all aspects of corporate travel.

Zoho Inventory.png

Zoho Inventory: Zoho Inventory is a powerful, easy-to-use inventory and order management solution that helps businesses of all sizes to meet their end-to-end inventory management needs. Keep track of inventory, manage orders, track shipments, and control warehouses from a single interface.

Zoho Subscriptions.png

Zoho Subscriptions: Zoho Subscriptions is cloud-based subscription management solution crafted to help your growing business handle all the busy work that comes with subscription billing so you can focus on growing your business.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

AC3's Microsoft Sentinel Design & Build- 6-Week Implementation.png

AddPro SOC with XDR: Gain proactive security with reports and recommendations, customized automation, around-the-clock incident response, and more by adding AddPro SOC to your organization's Microsoft Sentinel deployment.


Adoption and Change Management: 1-Day Workshop: Tailored to your organization's needs, Covenant Technology Partners' workshop focuses on how to successfully deliver business results with Microsoft 365. Deliverables include customized, actionable recommendations you can follow to support your adoption journey.


ApproveIt 365: 2-Hour Implementation: IDYN will quickly implement ApproveIT 365, a cloud-based integration solution that integrates e-signing into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central using DocuSign. Send quotes to customers from Business Central and let them safely e-sign via DocuSign.


Avanade AWS Connect Accelerator: 3-Week Implementation: Avanade's AWS Connect Accelerator simplifies the integration of Amazon Connect's contact center suite with the customer service workspace and omnichannel capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service.


Better Be Secured by adista: Available only in French, adista's offering will help secure your Microsoft 365 tenant by implementing a zero-trust strategy using Azure Active Directory conditional access, Microsoft Defender for Office 365, Microsoft Intune, and other Microsoft security tools and services.


Celsior Business Intelligence Fast Start: 1-Hour Workshop: Accelerate data-driven decisions with actionable insights delivered quickly and cost effectively via Celsior’s customizable dashboard templates for Microsoft Power BI. Unleash the power of your data to gain a competitive edge.


ConnectIT 365: 4-Hour Implementation: Learn how you can gain more control over how your data is processed and formatted with IDYN's ConnectIT 365, a cloud-based integration solution that can be used as a toolkit for imports and exports in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Custom Application with Power Apps and Power Automate: 1-Month Implementation: Prolifics will provide a low-code solution for small businesses seeking to streamline operations and improve efficiency, using Microsoft Power Platform to automate processes and eliminate the complexities of traditional custom development.


Cyber Protection Pack for Microsoft 365: Acquiring the necessary skills, experience, and processes to optimize security services can be a daunting task. Global Micro Solutions aims to enhance your overall Microsoft security score, enabling you to make the most out of your Microsoft 365 investment.


DEX AI Solution for Power Platform and OpenAI: 4-Week Implementation: DEX Consulting will implement its DEX AI solution, integrating Microsoft Power Platform and Azure OpenAI to provide a conversational AI system that can be used with in-house data in as little as 10 minutes.


Digital Transformation with Microsoft Power Apps: 1-Day Catalyst Envisioning Workshop: Working with the Microsoft Catalyst framework to help drive your digital transformation, 2AT will showcase the value Microsoft Power Apps can bring to your organization. This offer is available only in Dutch.


Direct Banking: 4-Hour Implementation: IDYN's Direct Banking is designed to optimize your banking processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Eliminate manual bank reconciliations; import bank accounts, statements, and transactions directly from Ponto or Cobase Bank Connector; and more.


Dynamics 365: 4- to 6-Week Custom Implementation: Definity First's custom implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a personalized solution that includes data migration, contact and opportunity configuration, custom Microsoft Power BI reporting, and technical training.


Dynamics 365 Business Central: 1-Day Implementation: Automate processes and streamline your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation services from Goom Spain. This offer is adaptable to companies of all sizes across business sectors.


Dynamics 365 Business Central Admin Training: 1-Day Workshop: Gain comprehensive insight into the administration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in this workshop from Business Systemhaus. Topics include roles, rights, profiles, apps, and add-ons. This offer is available in German.


Dynamics 365 Business Central for Distribution: 8-Week Implementation: TEXO's implementation is designed for customers requiring just the core financial and distribution modules in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This service does not include third-party integrations or customizations.


Dynamics 365 Business Central for Distribution: 12-Week Implementation: Ideal for companies with one to two warehouses and 10 or fewer users, TEXO's 12-week implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central will automate and streamline your processes and help you manage your business.


Dynamics 365 for Sales: 1-Day Workshop: Exigo Tech's offer includes an assessment of your sales practices, identification of key pain points, and development of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales solution to address them. Help your sales teams achieve growth targets, generate leads, increase account value, and win customers.


Dynamics 365 Quick Startup: 2- to 3-Week Implementation: Definity First's team of experts will evaluate your business needs and create a lightly customized Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution that addresses your requirements while keeping implementation time and cost to a minimum.


Infosys Modern Identity and Access Solution with Microsoft Entra: Infosys will empower your organization to provide secure access to everything by delivering identity and access management, cloud infrastructure management, and identity verification using Microsoft Entra.


Managed Windows Workstations: 6-Week Implementation: Today’s business challenges need modern solutions. Global Micro Solutions offers a combined hardware and software solution designed to secure your remote workforce and streamline management and device deployment for Microsoft Windows workstations.


Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures: 5-Month Implementation: Integrating IT systems between organizations can incur significant costs and introduce technical challenges. Cyclotron helps organizations overcome these challenges using Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, and third-party migration tools.


Microsoft 365 Keep On Track Advisor Services: Available from Advania Finland, Microsoft 365 Keep on Track Advisor Services help you discover and prioritize Microsoft 365 cloud changes, adapt the end-user experience to changes in the technical environment, and more.


Microsoft 365 Managed Service: Advania Finland's team will manage your Microsoft 365 environment on your behalf, implementing best practices and ensuring the environment is secured and up to date so your teams can stay connected and productive.


Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit Fundraising and Engagement: 12-Week Implementation: Improve your interaction with donors and voters as well as the impact of your mission with synalis's implementation of a Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit Fundraising and Engagement solution that aggregates data and empowers employees.


Microsoft Defender for Endpoint: 10-Day Implementation: IT Partner's implementation of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint provides advanced endpoint security and threat protection to help organizations detect, investigate, and respond to attacks and security breaches at their endpoints.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Continuous Improvement Support Services: Barhead’s team will advise you on how to get the most from Dynamics 365 Finance, helping you drive efficiencies, establish a strict governance model, and maximize your return on investment.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Migration: 4- to 6-Week Implementation: Definity First will meet with your team to gain insights into your business objectives, analyze your IT landscape, provide insights into the licensing and costs, and migrate your organization to Dynamics 365.


Microsoft Teams: 4-Week Implementation: Offering a range of solution development and integration options to meet your business requirements, Cloud Cover IT's engagement will guide you through the process of designing, deploying, and developing custom Teams solutions.


Microsoft Teams Envisioning and Design: 4-Day Workshop: Cloud Cover IT's immersive workshop will equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to unleash the full potential of Microsoft Teams in your organization and improve collaboration, communication, and productivity.


Microsoft Viva: 8-Hour Workshop: Centric will introduce you to Microsoft Viva, the digital platform that brings employee insights, communications, knowledge and training, goals, and engagement under one roof to help organizations create a thriving culture with engaged employees and inspiring leaders.


Office 365 Tenant-to-Tenant Cutover Email Migration: 7-Day Implementation: IT Partner will provide planning, design, and a seamless migration of email service from one Microsoft 365 tenant to another while minimizing disruptions and ensuring continuity for your users.


Power Platform Admin and Governance CoE Starter Kit: 4-Week Implementation: Designed to elevate your Microsoft Power Platform adoption maturity and ensure efficient and controlled growth, FPT's CoE Starter Kit will help you develop a strategy for managing, monitoring, and adopting Power Platform at scale. 


ShipIT 365: 1-Day Implementation: IDYN's implementation of ShipIT 365 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central enables you to book and print shipments with your preferred carrier, track and trace your shipments with real-time updates, and enjoy a low cost of ownership with no vendor lock-in.


ShipIT 365: 4-Hour Consultation: IDYN offers consulting services for ShipIT 365, a cloud-based integration solution that helps businesses ship orders with over 1000 carriers using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Save time and money on shipping, get real-time visibility into shipments, and more with ShipIT 365.


Viva Connections Essentials Package: 5-Week Implementation: FRONTIS will work with you to explore use cases that address your business needs, then jump-start Microsoft Viva Connections usage by setting up dashboards, news feeds, and resources to help you transform the employee experience and achieve results.


Viva Connections Premium Package: 8- to 12-Week Implementation and Adoption Monitoring: FRONTIS' customized implementation of Microsoft Viva Connections seamlessly integrates with your organization's systems and includes promotional materials to empower and engage users and accelerate adoption.


Viva Connections Starter Package: 2-Week Exploration Workshop: FRONTIS offers an exploration workshop to help you understand the benefits of Microsoft Viva Connections, a personalized destination for employees to discover the relevant news, conversations, and tools needed to excel in their daily work.


Viva Goals: 4-Week Implementation: Elevate your objectives and key results (OKR) writing and achieve business objectives faster with Freedom Systems' implementation of Microsoft Viva Goals. This offer includes training in effective OKR writing that aligns with your strategic priorities.


Viva Goals Adoption and OKR Writing Service: 2-Week Implementation: Freedom Systems' engagement will help you communicate the concept and benefits of OKRs to secure buy-in from senior executives, assess your goal-setting practices, design a tailored OKR framework, and deploy Microsoft Viva Goals.


Viva Goals Business Transformation: 3-Month Implementation: Optimize your organization's goal-setting processes, take your OKR writing to the next level, and achieve success faster with Freedom Systems' tailored implementation of Microsoft Viva Goals.

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