Microsoft's commercial marketplace and United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals
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As part of our collective effort to drive inclusive economic recovery and growth, Microsoft and our partners have come together to #BuildFor2030. Microsoft is committed to enabling the UN’s Sustainable Development goals (SDGs), and our #BuildFor2030 campaign highlights partners who have solutions that support the SDGs within commercial marketplace.  


Recognizing the 75th United Nations General Assembly - In September, the UN opened its 75th session, with member states reaffirming their commitment to global partnership and global health. In light of this commitment, we are showcasing partners whose solutions align with SDG 3: Good Health & Well Being.


In this blog post, Gavriella Schuster outlines our vision and collective opportunity for a more inclusive economy, along with our approach to journey with our partner ecosystem in this effort. 


Many of our Microsoft partners have created innovative solutions in Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace that support those who have been on the frontline of this global pandemic. Below are relevant solutions showcased on our homepages that support our health care workers and institutions, strengthening our communities.






With FollowMyHealth, patients have a single point of access regardless of their healthcare provider. FollowMyHealth has created a specialized plan to swiftly implement telehealth, no matter what EHR or patient portal a client may be using.

Andor Health

andor health.png

ThinkAndor is a secure HIPAA compliant messaging and communication platform for Microsoft Teams that empowers experiences through real-time healthcare surveillance and workflow configuration.




Corti develops state-of-the-art AI decision-support software for medical triage. It is a decision support platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI).



Datos provides a comprehensive connected health platform for managing patients and data outside of the clinic. Health organization can easily manage and track remote care across multiple care teams, patients and devices.




PulmoAi increases radiologist efficiency improves radiological outcomes by aiding in the interpretation of pulmonary exams, using practical AI, machine learning, ad novel image processing techniques developed specifically for the analysis of CT scans.



DigitalTwin - Pro helps avoid patient under-doses, overdoses and drug-drug interactions. ExactCure develops a software solution to avoid medication errors.

Hyro Inc




COVID-19 Virtual Assistant provides a conversational solution to aid COVID-19 support and diagnosis. Healthcare professionals can start automating patient queries surrounding COVID-19 within 48 hours using Hyro's free conversational AI.



Innovaccer's COVID-19 Management system enables self-assessment, CDC-based education, telemedicine, and analytics to empower providers.It is a HIPAA compliant, multi-platform, and robust solution designed to support our healthcare professionals.



LMOT Pool Testing Laboratory Optimizer for Mass Testing (LOMT) provides laboratory software for the management of COVID-19 pool testing. It allows the testing of 2 to 30 times more people with the existing resources of a laboratory.



KenSci RealTime Command Center enables health systems to have a real-time view into bed management and ventilator capacity planning, to provide novel coronavirus affected patients, with better care.





Lunit INSIGHT CRX detects 10 of the most common radiologic findings in a chest x-ray with high accuracy on chest x-rays using Lunit’s cutting-edge deep learning technology.



Mazik Global


MazikCare COVID-19 Test Scheduler brings mobile testing anywhere. This end-to-end scheduling solution helps local governments and organizations quickly increase the number of testing sites and collect data faster to impact virus detection and spread.

Oneview Healthcare Plc


Oneview Cloud for COVID-19 enables managed tablet solution to operationalise virtual care and enable digital services at the bedside. This allows remote patients to connect with their care team reducing risk for patients and clinicians by minimizing contact and preserving PPE, as well as enabling loved ones to visit virtually.



Electronic Population Health Management Solution allows for the rapid and inexpensive screening of patients by improving information flow and patient care. The solution is designed to screen patients for the most common diseases in the country.



CareX Healthcare Communicator automates communication workflows using text, voice, and email, which helps providers, payers, and FQHCs reduce their workload while engaging patients at scale before, during, and after care.


searchie return to work.png

Return to work after Covid-19 lockdown  gets your team back to work safely after the Coronavirus lockdown with virtual video triage. This is a rapid, low-cost technology solution to virtually screen your employees before bringing them back to the office.

Sensei Labs

sensei labs.PNG

Conductor for COVID-19 manages COVID-19 response, business continuity, and accelerate post-crisis recovery. Conductor helps Fortune 500 firms globally to deliver transformations, procurement, M&A transactions, and large scale PMO initiatives.

Whiteboard Coordinator

whiteboard coord.png


COVID-19 ICU Expansion uses intelligent camera system to increase critical care capacity and reduce worker exposure to COVID-19. This solution helps to enhance capacity and protect front-line healthcare workers with a cost effective, scalable remote patient monitoring system.

Win Wire


COVID-19 Healthcare BOT leverages AI-based chatbot to answer questions about COVID-19 through a natural conversation experience. The BOT uses automated software programming with recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to provide accurate and updated information.

 Learn how partners can submit solutions to be featured in the #BuildFor2030 campaign at Join us to #BuildFor2030!


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