Celebrating International Women’s Day in Azure Marketplace
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March 8, 2020, is International Women’s Day. This day means different things for different people and acknowledging this day is different for everyone. In some countries, today is a public holiday. In other countries, it’s a day of protest. For me, it’s a reminder to reflect on the women who have blazed a trail before me and have made steps I take every day easier (voting, working, driving, access to education). In particular, I reflect on the women who’ve shaped the industry I work in – women like Grace Hopper, Ada Lovelace, Betty Holberton, and Hedy Lamarr.


I’m proud to work for a company that champions diversity in its employees – not just in gender, but in our nationalities, our backgrounds, our workstyles and thinking and so many other dimensions. This mindset trickles down into every group and team. Here in the commercial marketplace team we strive to create the best marketplace for users to find, try, buy, and deploy cloud solutions and services. We want users to be able to explore not just the top solutions in each category but to be able to see range and diversity in their selection.


We have some great solutions in our commercial marketplace from female founded/female lead companies. Here are just a few you can find showcased this month:


Company and solution Leadership Description

Acceptto Continuous Behavioral Authentication.png

Acceptto Corporation

Acceptto Continuous Behavioral Authentication

Co-founder and current COO: Nahal Shahidzadeh Acceptto’s continuous authentication measures risks before, during and even post-authorization. Their modular platform offers a unified web, mobile, workstation and call center authentication solution that can eliminate authentication risks.


Vision Platform 365.png

Vision Platform

Vision Platform 365

Founder: Shari Burk With Vision Platform, you can unify your leadership team around a strategic vision in one day. Vision Platform 365 offers a workflow so you’ll know everyone is committed to the why, what, and how of your business.


Acerta Analytics


Founder and CEO: Greta Cutulenco LinePulse is a manufacturing analytics solution designed specifically for automotive manufacturers, helping to identify anomalies in production data and catch defective assemblies before they reach the end of the line.
MyPeopleNow for Business.png

MyPeopleNow, Inc.

MyPeopleNow for Business

Founder: Melissa Strawn MyPeopleNow is designed to help companies increase engagement, learning & development, retention, productivity, and DE&I (diversity, equity, & inclusion) within their employee base, especially across departments, locations, and remote teams.

SimplyVital Health


Co-founder and current CEO: Katherine Kuzmeskas SimplyVital Health is leading the industry in creating decentralized technology that works for real-world healthcare applications.



Founder: Cathi Light DEInamics lets you measure what matters, provides results that matter, and understands your internal diversity challenges from your employees and all stakeholders.
Speaker Engagement Platform.png


Speaker Engage

Co-Founder & CMO: Chaitra Vedullapalli Speaker Engage is a fully-integrated, cloud-based platform with speaker, sponsor, and community curation with centralized content management powered by seamless workflow automation.
LawToolBox Deadlines & Matter Management - Outlook.png

LawToolBox.com, Inc.

LawToolBox Deadlines & Matter Management

Founder: Carol-Lynn Grow Transform Microsoft 365 into Office for Legal. This add-in for Microsoft Outlook is a unique and important tool for legal professionals to manage case-specific and rules-based deadlines for litigation and corporate legal.

Ecuity Edge

PartnerEdge WinningEdge Suite

Founder: Terri Stephan WinningEdge Suite is an advanced, cloud-based SaaS solution to onboard, nurture, reward and empower your channel partners.



Founder: Sarah Haggard Tribute is a modern mentorship app that radically redefines and improves mentorship for your company—and your employees. Simple to use and easy to launch, Tribute harnesses the power of personal stories and shared life experiences to unlock the leadership potential in every employee through mentorship.



Founder: MH Lines Atomatest makes sure that the integrations and configurations powering marketing and sales stay up and working as expected. By taking a proactive approach to managing errors, testing data routing and managing integrations, customers save hours each day and thousands in wasted advertising.


We’ve included these solutions as part of a broader campaign at the company that showcases how Microsoft contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. We’re calling this campaign #BuildFor2030. Sustainable Development Goal #5 is gender equality so International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to showcase ways Microsoft is leaning in to gender equality not just internally as a company but the way we do business with our partner ecosystem. Stay tuned for future milestones in this campaign aligned to many other Sustainable Development Goals.

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