Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 83
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 89 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:



360Learning: 360Learning is a collaborative learning platform that enables peer learning for top-performing teams, whether they are onboarding new employees, training sales teams to use a new product, or developing the next generation of leaders.


Almanac: Almanac harnesses the power of AI to analyze billions of data points to understand how consumers behave offline. This analysis is then distilled to create simple, meaningful insights that help retailers via performance, customer, and predictive analytics.

Ambra Health.png

Ambra Health: Ambra Health’s SaaS application serves as the backbone of innovation for care networks, enabling the development of new patient services, creating revenue streams, and eliminating costly technical barriers that hamper business performance, diagnostic breakthroughs, and better patient care.

Archivist Security Twin Platform - Get it Now.png

Archivist Security Twin Platform - Get it Now: Jitsuin's Archivist Security Twin platform delivers the transparency, collaboration, and automation you need to move fast and fix connected things while driving digital transformation. Reveal, reduce, and report risks in IoT while building trust with secure distributed ledgers.

Bottomline Healthcare Privacy and Data Security.png

Bottomline Healthcare Privacy and Data Security: Bottomline privacy and data security for healthcare provides the next layer of defense against data leakage, theft, employee snooping, and exposure of health records. It enhances the control you have over HIPAA compliance by reducing the risk of human failure to adhere to policies and procedures.

Bottomline Secure Payments.png

Bottomline Secure Payments: Bottomline Secure Payments protects payments across a variety of applications, channels, and payment types. Whether protecting one business-critical application, channel, and payment type or a variety of them, the highly flexible and extensible platform safeguards against payment fraud.

Capgemini IOP.png

Capgemini IOP: Capgemini IOP (intelligent operations platform) enables manufacturers to extend their traditional manufacturing execution systems with agile, flexible, and scalable data management and analytics capabilities.

Carestation Insights.png

Carestation Insights: Carestation Insights is a suite of analytics apps powered by the Aisys CS anesthesia delivery system. Carestation Insights facilitates more than 300 data points from the anesthesia machine to the cloud, including measured and set ventilation and gas values, alarms, machine status, and error codes.

Case Management System Framework for Courts.png

Case Management System Framework for Courts: Alfasoft srl's integrated case management system (ICMS) helps justice-sector institutions modernize case record management, speed up case processing, and expand citizen access to justice while fostering public trust.

CAT Check And Trace.png

CAT Check And Trace: Available only in German, CAT Check and Trace helps protect your products against counterfeiting. The solution consists of unique labels that cannot be copied or altered and a modern IT back end, including a mobile app, cloud storage, and blockchain technology.

CIS Debian Linux 10 Benchmark L1.png

CIS Debian Linux 10 Benchmark L1: This image of CIS Debian Linux 10 is pre-configured by the Center for Internet Security to the recommendations in the associated CIS benchmark. CIS benchmarks are vendor-agnostic, consensus-based security configuration guides.

CIS Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 STIG Benchmark.png

CIS Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 STIG Benchmark: This image of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 is pre-configured by Center for Internet Security to the recommendations in the associated CIS benchmark and STIG. CIS benchmarks are vendor-agnostic, consensus-based security configuration guides.


CoronaPass: CoronaPass enables organizations to create different types of passes demonstrating that an individual is free to leave home or enter a building. Support policy implementation and manage risk based on health data with CoronaPass.

Crisis Control.png

Crisis Control: Crisis Control introduces the power of data science to crisis management, presenting data in relation to time, space, and correlation. It empowers crisis management organizations to learn from history, respond to developing incidents, and predict future behavior.

Customer 360 Analytics.png

Customer 360 Analytics: Customer 360 Analytics uses Microsoft Azure Machine Learning on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights platform. The integrated solution is ideal for companies that want to manage their customer experience and build data-driven strategies with a customer-centric approach.

Dash Enterprise.png

Dash Enterprise: Plotly’s Dash Enterprise helps businesses operationalize data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning models at scale. It's customizable and lightweight, and it helps organizations deliver on enterprise machine learning and reduce costs with advanced analytics.

Data Preparer.png

Data Preparer: Data Preparer significantly reduces the costs associated with exploring, repairing, transforming, and combining data into curated datasets that are fit for your analytics, data science, and business intelligence cases. Describe what you want and let the system do the hard work for you.

DF_Power BI Dash board.png

DF_Power BI Dashboard: Datafortune Software Solutions' data visualization solution uses Microsoft Power BI to offer dashboards, reports, and datasets, giving every user a personalized view of the business metrics that matter most.


Doit: Doit is a white-label omnichannel platform for managing bank customers. The platform is mobile-centric, easy to use, and designed to enhance the experience of home banking users. This app is available only in Spanish.

Dr. Sum.png

Dr.Sum: Dr.Sum speeds up analysis and decision-making with its unique high-speed database engine. Available only in Japanese, Dr.Sum offers a variety of aggregation environments tailored to your needs.

Elfsquad CPQ.png

Elfsquad CPQ: Elfsquad empowers organizations to automate preproduction processes to meet increasing customer demands. It reduces the complexity of creating modular products, such as machines, coach builds, and complete production lines.

Finxact Core-as-a-Service.png

Finxact Core-as-a-Service: Finxact Core-as-a-Service is a cloud-native core banking platform developed using a Go runtime to deploy and maintain containerized applications at massive, on-demand scale. It's delivered as a SaaS solution with redundancy across multiple Microsoft Azure availability zones.


Flowlity: Flowlity, a SaaS planning solution, improves inventory management by acting as an intelligent and trusted third party. It imports data from an organization's ERP system and its suppliers and customers, analyzes the data, and then sends recommendations on the exact level of stock to have.

G1ANT Robotic Process Automation.png

G1ANT Robotic Process Automation: G1ANT is a robotic process automation platform that combines advanced extensibility, high performance, and world-class support. Build highly efficient, automated end-to-end business processes that can handle the mundane operations in everyday work.

Genetec Access Control as a Service (ClearID).png

Genetec Access Control as a Service (ClearID): Genetec ClearID enforces your security policies while improving the flow of people within your organization. Standardize and automate your policies for increased efficiency with ClearID, a self-service physical identity and access management (PIAM) system.

Halza App.png

Halza App: Halza is a social medical app that allows patients to store, track, and share their medical information with family, friends, and doctors. Available in 26 languages, Halza is easy to deploy as a cloud-based patient management platform or integrated with clinic management and hospital information systems.


i-Boards: Designed to fully replace paper boards and cork boards with interactive electronic boards, iBoards helps organizations reduce paper waste and the time spent maintaining classic message boards. This app is available only in Czech.

iLink Smartwork Analytics Solution.png

iLink Smartwork Analytics Solution: iLink Systems' Smart Works Analytics solution offers insight into employee productivity, classifies workflows, and provides detailed trends for companies with a remote workforce. Smart Works Analytics integrates seamlessly with HCM platforms and uses Microsoft Power BI to generate robust dashboards.

iSpring Learn LMS SaaS offer for Government.png

iSpring Learn LMS SaaS offer for Government: Available in 11 languages, iSpring Learn is a cloud-based e-learning platform that enables users to create and deliver corporate training and education online to meet the growing need for continuing education and training (CET) courses.

iZooto - Owned Audience Marketing Platform.png

iZooto - Owned Audience Marketing Platform: Datability Technologies' iZooto is an owned audience marketing platform that helps publishers build and engage their audience using web push notifications. Engage your audience in real time, reach a high click-through rate, and drive repeat traffic to your site with iZooto.

Martello iQ.png

Martello iQ: Martello iQ brings together metrics and events from Microsoft Azure, Azure Monitor, and Microsoft 365, along with data from monitoring, IT service management (ITSM), and business applications, into actionable dashboards.

Metallic Office 365 Backup & Recovery.png

Metallic Office 365 Backup & Recovery: Metallic Office 365 Backup & Recovery delivers proven data protection with the simplicity of SaaS. With unlimited Microsoft Azure storage and unlimited data retention included, Metallic SaaS offers comprehensive coverage to complement your existing Microsoft investment.

Microsoft Teams Channel Management by SphereShield.png Microsoft Teams Channel Management by SphereShield: SphereShield from AGAT Software enhances project management in Microsoft Teams by adding archive, export, and move functionality for Teams channels.

MotionBoard: MotionBoard is a business intelligence dashboard that automates easy-to-identify aggregation tasks, visualizes common metrics across an organization, and drives action. This app is available only in Japanese.

N5 commercial platform - N5 plataforma comercial.png

N5 commercial platform: The N5 commercial platform for financial services is an intelligent CRM ecosystem with which financial institutions can optimize customer engagement strategies to increase loyalty while saving time and money. This app is available in English and Spanish.

Ondato Live Video Identity Verification.png

Ondato Live Video Identity Verification: Ondato's real-time video customer verification solution enables organizations to remotely verify a customer’s identity while complying with personal data protection laws. It's particularly useful for organizations that require identity verification to serve their customers.

Fotovoltaika v Power BI.png

Photovoltaics in Power BI: Photovoltaics in Power BI records data for reporting, invoicing, and analysis to help plant operators make efficient local use of electricity. Available only in Slovak, this app visualizes data in different formats with adjustable time intervals and granularity of data.


QuickStart: QuickStart is a cloud-readiness platform that uses artificial intelligence, adaptive learning, and multimodality delivery to personalize learning and employee engagement to accelerate Azure or multi-cloud enablement and certification.

ReachFive Customer Identity and Access Management.png

ReachFive Customer Identity & Access Management: ReachFive is a customer identity and access management platform that safely connects people, companies, and applications anytime, anywhere. The platform's capabilities work together seamlessly to manage the full customer identity lifecycle.

Redstor Backup and Archiving inc. Microsoft 365.png

Redstor Backup and Archiving inc. Microsoft 365: Redstor’s policy-driven, cloud-based data management solution enables you to back up, recover, archive, and search all data, including data in Microsoft 365 applications, through one control center. Improve recovery times and compliance obligations while reducing management overhead.

Remote monitoring of crops (FIDES).png

Remote monitoring of crops (FIDES): The FIDES platform brings security to agribusiness by enabling you to monitor crops anywhere in the world, simply and in real time. Available only in Portuguese, FIDES uses a collection of diverse data, including satellite images, government and private databases, and climate and field data.

SAS 9.png

SAS 9: SAS 9 combines proven tools that enable users to access nearly any data source, analyze it, and transform it into meaningful, valuable visualizations that help decision makers gain a quick understanding of critical issues.

SAS Grid.png

SAS Grid: SAS Grid Manager makes it easy to cost-effectively accommodate compute-intensive applications and a growing number of users across your available hardware resources while ensuring continuous high availability for your analytics applications.

Skyline Sales Multiplier.png

Skyline Sales Multiplier: Skyline Sales Multiplier combines actionable, real-time sales intelligence with a fully customized strategy to drive exponential growth. It instantly adapts to market conditions, giving your team a complete and intuitive ecosystem of triggers, actions, and automation.

Smart Data Center Analytics.png

Smart Data Center Analytics: Micro Focus' Smart Data Center Analytics provides insight into what exists in your datacenter and how it's interconnected via a data-driven, intelligence-based approach. Understand the relationships between end users, apps, and infrastructure services with Smart Data Center Analytics.

SoftEther - Free VPN Server on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.png

SoftEther - Free VPN Server on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: This image offered by Tidal Media contains SoftEther on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. SoftEther is an open-source VPN solution that offers both a secure VPN protocol and a versatile VPN server. The cross-platform compatible server offers strong encryption while providing fast speeds.


SVF: SVF enables users to create any form, including complex and graphical forms unique to Japan, without programming knowledge. This app is available only in Japanese.

Telenet Tinx Smart Cities.png

Telenet Tinx Smart Cities: Telenet Tinx Smart Cities is a scalable open platform for smart cities that want to realize their full potential by building innovative solutions to improve decision-making and citizen well-being.

Theta Lake Recording for Teams Audio & Video.png

Theta Lake Recording for Teams Audio & Video: Theta Lake provides an AI-based compliance and risk management suite for recording, retention, deep supervision, and risk detection for Microsoft Teams audio and video meetings. Theta Lake helps firms scale security and regulatory compliance across video, voice, chat, and more.

ThoughtWire Digital Twin and Smart Building Suite.png

ThoughtWire Digital Twin and Smart Building Suite: ThoughtWire's digital twin platform and software suite puts the power of a smart building in the hands of building managers and tenants. Bring your built environment to life with ThoughtWire.

VeriChannel as a Service.png

VeriChannel as a ServiceVeriChannel as a Service allows banks to enable meaningful mobile banking experiences and generate new revenue channels. Launch your digital bank on mobile in less than 90 days and offer your customers value-added services that are available anytime.

Verint Financial Compliance Capture for Teams.png

Verint Financial Compliance Capture for Teams: Verint Capture is a secure recording solution that helps banks, healthcare institutions, and other regulated organizations manage the complexities of regulatory compliance across the communication modes used in Microsoft Teams meetings.

Volterra VoltMesh and VoltStack Node Free Plan.png

Volterra VoltMesh and VoltStack Node Free Plan: VoltMesh is an app-to-app network and security service that connects and secures apps across multiple clouds and edge sites. VoltStack automates the deployment, security, and operations of distributed apps and infrastructure. These services make up Volterra's distributed cloud platform.

Volterra VoltStack Combo Node.png

Volterra VoltStack Combo Node: VoltStack automates the deployment, security, and operations of distributed apps and infrastructure across multiple clouds or edge sites. Voltstack is part of Volterra's distributed cloud platform.

xLM iLink Continuous Validation Solution.png

xLM iLink Continuous Validation Solution: A joint effort between iLink Systems and xLM, this continuous validation solution delivers GxP compliance on Microsoft Azure. This enables life science customers to confirm that any software service that impacts a drug product or patient safety is duly validated.

Xtract - Insurance and Motor Claims SaaS.png Xtract - Insurance and Motor Claims SaaS: Xtract aggregates telematics, weather information, maps, and other connected-car data to quickly assess the liability associated with a motor vehicle crash. This helps insurers handle claims.

Consulting services

3-Day Agile Azure Cloud PoC.png

3-Day Agile Azure Cloud PoC: Accelerate time to value with Celerity's Agile Cloud Framework. This proof of concept is ideal for companies planning to migrate a workload to Microsoft Azure, and it provides clear steps to extend a datacenter and move workloads.

AddPro Azure Management.png AddPro Azure Management: AddPro can manage Microsoft Azure services for you. Delegated access will be used to set up, configure, monitor, and operate Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Sentinel, business continuity and disaster recovery, and more.
Azure Cloud- 2 Week Assessment.png

Azure Cloud: 2 Week Assessment: Using the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure, Navisite's dedicated cloud specialists will assess your needs and develop a plan to streamline your Azure migration, reduce project risk, and deliver better results.

Azure Design & Deployment- 3-Week Implementation.png

Azure Design & Deployment: 3-Week Implementation: In this engagement, Logicalis will provide best-practice foundations to rapidly deploy Microsoft Azure with guardrails that secure the environment for your business-critical workloads.

Azure Environment Assessment 2 week Duration.png

Azure Environment Assessment 2 week Duration: In this assessment, Logicalis will audit your organization's environment on Microsoft Azure with a focus on security, performance, availability, resilience, and cost optimization.

Azure Essentials- 1-Day Workshop.png

Azure Essentials: 1-Day Workshop: Intended for companies considering a Microsoft Azure migration, Var Group's workshop will provide an overview of Azure, its technical characteristics, and its benefits. This service is available in Italian.

Azure Managed Services For AspNet Zero.png Azure Managed Services For AspNet Zero: WAi Technologies will reduce your maintenance and help you achieve higher productivity through its managed services for ASP.NET Zero apps running on Microsoft Azure. ASP.NET Zero is a starting point for new web apps, and it saves users time with prebuilt pages and infrastructure.
Azure Migration- 7 Day Implementation.png

Azure Migration: 7 Day Implementation: Are you looking to migrate your servers to Microsoft Azure? Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting (DCAC) has access to a Microsoft program that will allow DCAC to migrate your systems to Azure at no cost to your company for the consulting services.

Azure Readiness- 1-Week Assessment.png

Azure Readiness: 1-Week Assessment: This assessment from Agile Cloud Solutions will measure your readiness for a migration to Microsoft Azure, and it will provide an estimate of the savings you can realize by moving your workloads to Azure.

Azure Well-Architected Framework- 3-Day Assessment.png

Azure Well-Architected Framework: 3-Day Assessment: BJSS Limited's assessment, based on the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure, will quickly validate your architecture against best practices so you can maintain secure, reliable, high-performing, and cost-optimized applications on Azure.

baas-consulting-solution.png baas-consulting-solution: If you'd like to use blockchain to create a new service or to enhance your systems, ALIS can help. ALIS provides consulting services that enable clients to use blockchain via Microsoft Azure Blockchain Service. This offer is available only in Japanese.
Cloud Consulting - 2 Weeks Assessment.png

Cloud Consulting - 2 Weeks Assessment: In this assessment, Mindtree will determine your business drivers, analyze your application and infrastructure portfolio, and provide you with a detailed plan for migration to Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Migration 1 week Assessment.png

Cloud Migration 1 week Assessment: MAQ Software will examine your system architecture, business practices, and data requirements to see what your organization needs in order to migrate to Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Readiness Assessment- 2-Week Assessment.png

Cloud Readiness Assessment: 2-Week Assessment: Logicalis will analyze the client's IT assets and workloads to determine the expected costs and effort involved in a migration to Microsoft Azure. Logicalis aims to reduce cloud and IT operating costs.

Cloud Security Assessment- 2-Week Assessment.png

Cloud Security Assessment: 2-Week Assessment: In this assessment, Logicalis will rapidly compare your Microsoft Azure environment against best practices for security, performance, agility, scale, and cost. Logicalis will then provide prioritized remediation steps.

Customer360 - 2 weeks assessment.png

Customer360 - 2 weeks assessment: Mindtree's assessment will enable your organization to achieve a 360-degree view of your customers so you can personalize their experiences, improve cross-channel engagement, and increase marketing effectiveness.

Data Warehouse & Analytics 1 WK Proof of Concept.png

Data Warehouse & Analytics 1 WK Proof of Concept: In this proof of concept, IFI Techsolutions will set up extract, transform, and load (ETL) pipelines in your Microsoft Azure environment using Azure Databricks or Azure Data Factory. This will allow you to improve decision-making with data analytics.

DevOps Assessment- 1-Month assessment.png

DevOps Assessment: 1-Month assessment: Polar Squad's senior consultants will research and document your DevOps-related practices and tools to determine what's working well, what might be missing, and what your employees see as the main blockers and pain points in their daily work.

Free AWS-GCP to Azure- 10-Day Implementation.png

Free AWS/GCP to Azure: 10-Day Implementation: The Henson Group is offering free migrations to Microsoft Azure from Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform. There's no limit on the size of the environment, and engineers can start within five business days.

Free Azure Migration- 10-Day Implementation.png

Free Azure Migration: 10-Day Implementation: The Henson Group offers free lift-and-shift migrations from on-premises environments, colocation facilities, Amazon Web Services, Oracle Cloud, or Google Cloud Platform to Microsoft Azure. There's no limit on the size of the environment.

HIPAA on Azure- 1-Hr. Free Briefing.png

HIPAA on Azure: 1-Hr. Free Briefing: In this free briefing, Logicworks' Microsoft Azure solution architects will give advice to help you implement networking, access, and governance controls and architect for HIPAA and HITRUST compliance.

Insight As A Service - 2 Weeks assessment.png

Insight As A Service - 2 Weeks assessment: Mindtree will identify an analytics use case for hypothesis validation and use its Decision Moments platform and your company's organizational and external data to test and validate it.

Intune as a Service.jpg Intune as a Service: Let SCHIFFL manage your Microsoft Intune environment for you. SCHIFFL will enforce your company's compliance, security, and access requirements. This service is available in German and English.
Migrate ETL pipelines to Azure cloud - 4 weeks POC.png

Migrate ETL pipelines to Azure cloud - 4 weeks POC: In this proof of concept, Tiger Analytics will design and develop an extract, transform, and load (ETL) pipeline using Microsoft Azure components such as Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, Azure Logic Apps, and Azure Active Directory.

Migration Service- 4-Week Implementation.png

Migration Service: 4-Week Implementation: Logicalis will use information gathered with the Microsoft Azure Monitor Service Map solution to group applications by risk and complexity, then migrate the customer's environments on an application, database, server, or workload basis, depending on the requirements.

Modern App With Kubernetes 1 Week Assessment.png

Modern App With Kubernetes 1 Week Assessment: IFI Techsolutions will assess your application stack and walk you through the process of converting your apps into microservices and hosting them on Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service.

MS Power BI Design Workshop.png

MS Power BI Design Workshop: At the end of this workshop, ClayOPS will provide you with a Microsoft Power BI wireframe design that aligns to key stakeholders' requirements, concisely reflects information, and drives business conversations.

Oracle Migration- 1 Week Implementation - Copy.png

Oracle Migration: 1 Week Implementation: Let Navisite move your Oracle databases to Microsoft Azure. Navisite will assess database workload requirements, plan the workloads to migrate, transform workloads not compatible with modern data platforms, and perform the migration, remediating applications where needed.

Oracle to Azure TCO Assessment- 1 week engagement.png

Oracle to Azure TCO Assessment: 1 week engagement: With Navisite’s refactoring expertise, you can easily move from Oracle databases and apps to Microsoft Azure. Navisite will combine automated tools with manual support and oversight to ensure that database schemas are an exact match and that your apps are properly re-coded.

PCI on Azure- 1-Hr. Free Briefing.png

PCI on Azure: 1-Hr. Free Briefing: Microsoft Azure solutions architects from Logicworks will hear about your project and give you advice on building a PCI-compliant Azure environment. Logicworks has consulted with hundreds of retailers, financial services, and fintech organizations about PCI-DSS.

Production Ready Cloud Platform - 3-Week Imp.png

Production Ready Cloud Platform: 3-Week Imp: If your organization has limited Microsoft Azure expertise in-house but wants to quickly migrate to the cloud, Logicalis can help by implementing the Logicalis Production Ready Cloud Platform, a pre-configured secure landing zone on Azure.

SpaceHub Quickstart WVD - 10 days assessment.png

SpaceHub Quickstart WVD: 10 days assessment: Using Microsoft Azure and Windows Virtual Desktop, PQR will quickly install a full virtual workplace for your employees. This offer is available in the Netherlands.

Text Analytics Engine- 2-Wk Proof of Concept (POC).png Text Analytics Engine: 2-Wk Proof of Concept (POC): In this proof of concept, MAQ Software will help you understand your text data and define end-to-end pipelines and data flows on Microsoft Azure. MAQ Software's team will use a machine learning model to generate insights, make process execution automatic, and reduce the effects of bias.
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