Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 78
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 56 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:



CiraSync: CiraSync from Cira Apps Limited quickly syncs the Office 365 global address list and public folder contacts to smartphones. It works with Azure Active Directory and features enterprise single sign-on and easy configuration.

CiraSync Contact Management (Single User).png

CiraSync Contact Management (Single User): This free, single-user version of CiraSync from Cira Apps Limited quickly syncs the Office 365 global address list and public folder contacts to smartphones. It works with Azure Active Directory and features enterprise single sign-on and easy configuration.

CSP Portal for ConnectWise and AutoTask.png

CSP Portal for ConnectWise and AutoTask: LANcom Technology's CSP Portal syncs your customer cloud service provider (CSP) subscriptions to ConnectWise or AutoTask for automated invoicing, enabling you to save time, increase revenue, and redirect your resources to innovate and spend more time with customers.

DataVisor Feature Platform.png

DataVisor Feature Platform: DataVisor's Feature Platform allows users to build sophisticated machine learning models, accelerate the feature engineering process from weeks to minutes, and rapidly deploy features in production. It supports real-time and batch processing, and it seamlessly integrates with your machine learning solutions.

Digital Insurance Middleware Platform.png

Digital Insurance Middleware Platform: InsureMO from eBaotech is a platform as a service that acts as middleware for the insurance industry, freeing insurers from legacy constraints and enabling them to effectively connect to stakeholders. Meet the demands of the digital age without investing in risky and expensive core system replacement.

e datascientist- Exploration.png

e[datascientist] - Exploration: Eagle Genomics' e[datascientist] exploration module expands on the knowledge and reach of a single scientist or team of scientists to broaden the potential for innovation, reduce time to insight, and maximize the value of data from existing research.

ejudge - Online Judge for Code on Ubuntu.png

ejudge - Online Judge for Code on Ubuntu: ejudge is an easy-to-use contest management system for conducting programming tournaments and supporting training courses, where automatic checking of programs is required.

Enerfy Loyalty.png

Enerfy Loyalty: Use Enerfy Loyalty to reward auto insurance customers while gaining predictive insights that will take underwriting to a new level. Collect valuable customer data, increase customer satisfaction, strengthen customer retention, and gain new customers through peer recommendations.

Foxit Document Transformation Services.png

Foxit Document Transformation Services: Foxit's Document Transformation Services (DTS) provides enterprise-class conversion and compression technology that integrates with document systems to improve business efficiency, ensure compliance, protect personally identifiable information (PII), and reduce cloud storage/egress costs.

FRISS Fraud Detection at Claims.png

FRISS Fraud Detection at Claims: FRISS Fraud Detection at Claims uses real-time AI fraud scoring to help property and casualty insurers during the claims process. High-risk claims are automatically flagged for investigation and sincere customers are swiftly served.

GrowthEnabler B2B Innovation Sourcing Marketplace.png

GrowthEnabler B2B Innovation Sourcing Marketplace: Source and manage innovative digital solutions with GrowthEnabler, an online B2B marketplace and objective decision insights platform. GrowthEnabler helps chief experience officers drive cross-functional team collaboration and engage with emerging disruptors.

Hyperledger Besu Quickstart.png

Hyperledger Besu Quickstart: Hyperledger Besu is an Ethereum-based blockchain using the standards developed by the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. It's compatible with Solidity smart contracts and is suited for enterprise use cases that require privacy, high throughput, and finality such as settlement, digital asset issuance, and payments.

ICTFAX - FAX Software Server for LINUX CentOS 7.7.png

ICTFAX - FAX Software Server for LINUX CentOS 7.7: This hardened image offered by Tidal Media is an email-to-fax, fax-to-email, and web-to-fax gateway application that supports extensions/ATA and REST APIs along with G.711 faxing, PSTN faxing, and FoIP T.38 origination and termination.

iSpring Suite Annual Subscription.png

iSpring Suite Annual Subscription: iSpring Suite is a Microsoft PowerPoint-based authoring toolkit from iSpring Solutions that enables users to create slide-based courses, quizzes, dialog simulations, screencasts, video lectures, and other interactive learning materials.

Jitsi Video Chat Server for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.png

Jitsi Video Chat Server for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: This offer from Tidal Media includes Jitsi, a ready-to-run and easy-to-maintain videoconferencing solution deployed on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Jitsi passes everyone’s video and audio to all participants rather than mixing them first, resulting in lower latency and better quality.

Kanboard - Kanban Project Management on Ubuntu.png

Kanboard - Kanban Project Management on Ubuntu: This Kanboard image offered by Tidal Media is an easy-to-use project management software solution using the Kanban methodology. Focusing on simplicity and minimalism, it presents all your important information in one place, including projects, calendar, assigned tasks, and subtasks.

Observa Artificial Intelligence.png

Observa Artificial Intelligence: Observa's AI provides real-time insight into retail sales, marketing, and promotional campaigns. Ensure your pricing and promotions are accurate, and learn how you compare to your competition.

officeatwork- Uploader User Subscription.png

officeatwork | Uploader User Subscription: officeatwork is a Microsoft 365 solution containing apps and add-ins that provide Office 365 users with a simple way to create, upload, and update their Office 365 content. The Uploader comes with the Admin Center app, allowing administrators to configure the Uploader experience for all users.

ownCloud - File Sync and Share Server for Ubuntu.png

ownCloud - File Sync and Share Server for Ubuntu: This ready-to-run image from Tidal Media enables users to securely access and share data from anywhere on any device. ownCloud enterprise file sharing improves transparency, security, and control, and it can easily be integrated into your environment.

Phabricator - Git, Code, Manage Server for Ubuntu.png

Phabricator - Git, Code, Manage Server for Ubuntu: Phabricator is a set of tools for developing software. It includes apps that help users manage tasks and sprints; review code; host Git, SVN, or Mercurial repositories; build with continuous integration; and review designs.

SFTP - FTP Server for Windows Server 2019 OpenSSH.png

SFTP - FTP Server for Windows Server 2019 OpenSSH: This secure SFTP server solution uses SFTP/SSH server software, and the ready-to-use image offered by Tidal Media enables users to securely transfer data over the SSH protocol using AES, DES, and Blowfish encryption.

ShookIOT Essentials.png

ShookIOT Essentials: Simplify and accelerate your Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) transformation journey with ShookIOT Essentials, an asset-centric, vendor-neutral object model that provides secure, fast, and reliable intelligence to all assets. Turn big data into insights across your industrial infrastructure and operations.

Simplifai Emailbot.png

Simplifai Emailbot: Simplifai Emailbot understands your inbound emails and triggers actions in back-end systems according to your business rules. It integrates with common email servers (Exchange, Gmail, and more) and can be configured to call any external API.

SymbioSys Commission-as-a-Service.png

SymbioSys Commission-as-a-Service: SymbioSys Commission-as-a-Service is a one-stop service for insurers that facilitates the configuration and administration of all types of simple and complex commission contracts. Maintain compliance and reduce the time and cost of administering diverse types of commissions without compromising accuracy.

Taiga Project Management Server for Ubuntu 16.04.png

Taiga Project Management Server for Ubuntu 16.04: Taiga Project Management Server for Ubuntu 16.04 is an open-source project management platform for Agile developers, designers, and project teams. This Taiga image offered by Tidal Media provides intuitive backlog and sprint planning.

Tuleap Agile Management Server on LINUX CentOS 7.7.png

Tuleap Agile Management Server on LINUX CentOS 7.7: Tuleap is an application lifecycle management system that facilitates the planning of software releases, the prioritization of business requirements, the assignment of tasks to project members, the monitoring of project progress, and the creation of reports.

Value Maximizer.png

Value Maximizer: Medisolv's Value Maximizer uses AI to forecast payments in Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) hospital quality programs. Simulate your performance by measure in each program, and learn which measures need to be improved to maximize your incentive payments.

Virtual Assist.png

Virtual Assist: Suitable for insurance companies, facility maintenance teams, and property managers, Codafication's Virtual Assist provides a secure way for people and businesses to share their stories instantly via video. Improve customer service and performance score cards while mitigating risk and increasing safety.

Xlight FTP Server for Windows Server 2019.png

Xlight FTP Server for Windows Server 2019: This offer from Tidal Media includes Xlight FTP Server for Windows Server 2019, an easy-to-use high-performance FTP server with low CPU usage. Features include remote administration, SSL, SFTP, ODBC, LDAP, Active Directory support, and IPv6 support.

Consulting services

Azure Virtual Network Endpoints.png

Azure Virtual Network Endpoints: Extend your virtual network private address space with Microsoft Azure Virtual Network (VNet) service endpoint policies managed by KoçSistem's experts. This offer includes 24/7 system monitoring, testing, and more.

Custom Software Development- 2 Hour-Assessment.png

Custom Software Development: 2 Hour-Assessment: Join Tech Fabric LLC's enterprise architect and chief sales officer for a free custom software development consultation. You'll learn about Tech Fabric's microservices and API-led connectivity approach, the benefits of Microsoft Azure, and more.

Free 5 Day Azure Analytics Services Assessment UK.png

Free 5 Day Azure Analytics Services Assessment UK: Zensar Technologies will assess your analytics investments and landscape, discuss your business objectives, and work with you to create a custom Azure analytics solution architecture. This offer is for customers in the United Kingdom.

Free 5 day Azure Migration Assessment Offer UK.png

Free 5 day Azure Migration Assessment Offer UK: Zensar Technologies will review your applications estate (servers, database, web apps, and data) and deliver a detailed roadmap to initiate an applications migration to the cloud. This offer is for customers in the United Kingdom.

KoçSistem Azure Active Directory & DirSync.png

KoçSistem Azure Active Directory & DirSync: KoçSistem's expert managed services team will use Microsoft Azure tools to monitor your systems 24/7 based on defined metrics. Easily manage identities with Azure Active Directory, DirSync services, and KoçSistem's assistance.

KoçSistem Azure App Service.png

KoçSistem Azure App Service: In this offer, KoçSistem will integrate Microsoft Azure applications with your SaaS platforms and on-premises data sources. KoçSistem will also manage role-based access, define automation for scaling, and monitor system health and performance.

KoçSistem Azure Application Gateway.png

KoçSistem Azure Application Gateway: Manage traffic to your web applications with Microsoft Azure Application Gateway and KoçSistem's managed services team. KoçSistem will monitor your systems and route definitions of customer web applications according to requests.

KoçSistem Azure Backup Management.png

KoçSistem Azure Backup Management: Simplify your data recovery processes with KoçSistem's 24/7 management of Microsoft Azure Backup services. In addition to system monitoring, KoçSistem will create and plan business continuity and disaster recovery scenarios.

KoçSistem Azure CDN.png

KoçSistem Azure CDN: Efficiently deliver web content to your users with Microsoft Azure Content Delivery Network and the assistance of KoçSistem. This offer includes management and implementation of Azure CDN, along with ongoing help desk services.

KoçSistem Azure Container Service (AKS).png

KoçSistem Azure Container Service (AKS): Let KoçSistem manage your company's usage of Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service. This offer features DevOps deployment strategies, cluster version upgrades, cluster security, storage structure, rollback management, and more.

KoçSistem Azure Database Management.png

KoçSistem Azure Database Management: KoçSistem's team will manage and monitor your Microsoft Azure database services, involving performance analysis and error analysis. KoçSistem supports Azure SQL Managed Instance, Azure Cache for Redis, Azure Cosmos DB, and several other database systems.

KoçSistem Azure DNS.png

KoçSistem Azure DNS: In this offer, KoçSistem's expert network managed services team will manage your Microsoft Azure DNS hosting operations and provide ongoing help desk support for outages or degraded service.

KoçSistem Azure Express Route.png

KoçSistem Azure Express Route: In this managed service, KoçSistem will provide real-time monitoring of your Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute connection. This offer includes design, deployment, configuration, migration, and management of Azure ExpressRoute.

KoçSistem Azure Key Vault Management.png

KoçSistem Azure Key Vault Management: Increase security and control over your keys and passwords with Azure Key Vault services managed by KoçSistem. In addition to 24/7 monitoring, KoçSistem will handle all necessary classifications and authorizations in Azure Key Vault access.

KoçSistem Azure MFA Management.png

KoçSistem Azure MFA Management: In this offer, KoçSistem will manage your Microsoft Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), assigning licenses, blocking or unblocking users, updating safe IP lists, and making configuration changes.

KoçSistem Azure Monitoring & Automation.png

KoçSistem Azure Monitoring & Automation: In this managed service, KoçSistem's team will use Microsoft Azure tools, including Azure Monitor and Azure Log Analytics, to monitor and automate your applications, infrastructure, and network.

KoçSistem Azure Network Security Groups.png

KoçSistem Azure Network Security Groups: Using Azure network security groups, KoçSistem's expert managed services team will manage your network traffic, filter your networks, and communicate with your on-premises resources.

KoçSistem Azure Network Watcher.png

KoçSistem Azure Network Watcher: In this offer, KoçSistem's team will manage Microsoft Azure Network Watcher for your organization, performing diagnostics tests and more to increase your network performance.

KoçSistem Azure Security Center Managed Service.png

KoçSistem Azure Security Center Managed Service: Get hybrid security management and threat protection with Microsoft Azure Security Center services managed by KoçSistem's team of experts. This offer includes installation and distribution for on-premises systems.

KoçSistem Azure Storage Management.png

KoçSistem Azure Storage Management: Reduce investment costs and reduce your datacenter storage management responsibilities with the help of KoçSistem's managed services team, who will help you handle your Microsoft Azure storage and database services.

KoçSistem Azure Traffic Manager.png

KoçSistem Azure Traffic Manager: Allow KoçSistem to manage Microsoft Azure Traffic Manager for your organization so you can achieve higher availability and faster response time. KoçSistem will create profiles, add endpoints, test functionality, and manage DNS controls.

KoçSistem Azure Virtual Machines.png

KoçSistem Azure Virtual Machines: In this offer, KoçSistem will manage your organization's use of Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines, handling capacity operations and adding, removing, and updating storage units. Benefit from an on-demand, highly scalable, and protected virtualized infrastructure.

KoçSistem Azure Virtual Network (VNet).png

KoçSistem Azure Virtual Network (VNet): In this managed service, KoçSistem will monitor your Microsoft Azure Virtual Network (VNet) usage based on defined metrics. Incidents will be automatically launched in case of any problem with the system.

KoçSistem Azure Virtual Network TAP.png

KoçSistem Azure Virtual Network TAP: Continuously mirror traffic from a virtual network to a packet collector with Microsoft Azure virtual network Terminal Access Point (TAP) managed by KoçSistem's team of experts. KoçSistem will provide ongoing help desk services and CDN management.

KoçSistem Azure Virtual Private Network.png

KoçSistem Azure Virtual Private Network: In this offer, KoçSistem's team will handle Azure Virtual Private Network (VPN) services, including continuity management and transmitting information for tunnels to be created over a VPN gateway.

KoçSistem Azure Virtual WAN.png

KoçSistem Azure Virtual WAN: Optimize and automate branch connectivity with Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN managed by KoçSistem. This offer includes full-time monitoring, addition mapping, service pack changes, and more.

Oracle on Azure- 14-Day Implementation.png

Oracle on Azure: 14-Day Implementation: Asseco Data Systems' Oracle to Microsoft Azure migration service is designed for users who seek high performance and scalability with full engineering support, troubleshooting, and cost optimization.

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