Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 75
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 96 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:



AL_ACS AZURE: AL-ACS for Azure and SAP allows Microsoft Azure to function as your primary SAP content repository, providing content management services, data, and records archival. It also provides collaboration and governance functions in support of native SAP business processes.

Azure DDOS Protection Managed Service.png

Azure DDOS Protection Managed Service: KoçSistem's Azure DDoS Protection is a managed service offering that uses Microsoft Azure tools to manage security services to constantly monitor systems. The solution lets you track and respond to incidents automatically when problems occurs.

Azure Managed SysOps.png

Azure Managed SysOps: Azure Managed SysOps services provides access to a team of Azure engineers with constant, real-time monitoring of health statistics and service metrics. It reduces operational risks, advances issue escalation to Microsoft, and frees up internal operations by outsourcing operational tasks.

Azure Sentinel Manage Service - MAS3.png

Azure Sentinel Manage Service - MAS3: Azure Sentinel Manage Service - MAS3 increases visibility into security and cybersecurity incidents, cloud-cost monitoring and optimization, continuous use-case tuning, embedded threat intelligence, and more.

Azure Sentinel MSSP Service.png

Azure Sentinel MSSP Service: Light Azure Sentinel MSSP Service increases organization visibility to better respond to cybersecurity incidents. This managed service includes deployment and configuration of Azure Sentinel SIEM, configuration of more than 25 alert rules, and SIEM support during security incidents.

Daisee - Cloud-based, speech and sentiment analytics software.png

Daisee - Cloud-based, speech and sentiment analytics software: Improve contact center quality assurance and risk management using AI-driven speech analytics with Daisee’s cloud-based speech and sentiment analytics software. Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers can automate risk and quality management using Daisee’s analytics and remediation workflow software.

Database Management SQL Server Oracle Couchbase.png

Database Management: SQL Server, Oracle, Couchbase: This tailored database management solution for Infrastructure-as-a-Service scenarios helps you to optimize and get the most from your Microsoft Azure database investment. Node4 specialists handle daily management and maintenance, reducing risk and improving agility.

Datanomix Fusion - Real time production analytics.png

Datanomix Fusion - Real time production analytics: Datanomix Fusion is a plug-and-play, hands-free solution for shop floor productivity. It automatically fuses data from all machines and sensor data, streaming into an easy production scoring system to drive your team into in real-time action.

DevOps (SRE) Managed Service.png

DevOps (SRE) Managed Service: Node4 uses Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) to deliver against a customer’s DevOps agenda, while maintaining operational excellence. DevOps Managed Service features constant service hours, SRE onboarding, SRE incident management, service monitoring, and more.

Flatcar Container Linux.png

Flatcar Container Linux: Flatcar Container Linux by Kinvolk is a self-updating operating system designed for containers, making it ideal for running Kubernetes and other container platforms.

Fracttal app.png Fracttal app: Fracttal bridges the gap between physical and digital assets, capturing information in real time to predict and respond to possible failures to help companies worldwide work better. Fracttal is available on any internet-enabled device at any time.


Fyipe - SRE and IT Ops Platform.png Fyipe - SRE and IT Ops Platform: This solution provides for all your Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and IT Ops needs: performance monitoring, status pages, and incident management. Enjoy complete real-time visibility of all projects and relevant activities across expanded IT operations and SRE processes with Fyipe.
IBM Cloud Pak for Data.png IBM Cloud Pak for Data: IBM Cloud Pak for Data accelerates your journey to AI and transforms your business with an extensible data and AI platform.
Imperva Database Activity Monitoring DAM v14.png Imperva Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) v14: This offering from Imperva is a database monitoring and audit solution that satisfies a broad range of compliance requirements while also providing real-time data protection, with little or no adverse impact on database performance.
InfluxDB Enterprise Official Version.png InfluxDB Enterprise (Official Version): InfluxDB Enterprise provides real-time visibility into stacks, sensors, and systems while dramatically reducing cost and effort. Designed to handle a high write and query load, InfluxDB Enterprise is easily available and clustered for scalability, making it ideal for infrastructure and application monitoring.
JAMS BYOL.png JAMS BYOL: JAMS is an enterprise batch scheduling and workload automation solution that automates jobs on Microsoft Windows, Linux, UNIX, z/OS, System I, and OpenVMS. It also supports jobs running on databases, ERPs, CRMs, BI tools, scripted processes, and various specific or custom applications.
KoçSistem Azure Front Door Managed Services.png KoçSistem Azure Front Door Managed Services: This offer includes management of Microsoft Azure Front Door by KoçSistem's expert security managed services team. Systems are monitored constantly in accordance with defined metrics and any issues will automatically launch notifications.
KoçSistem Azure Load Balancer Managed Services.png KoçSistem Azure Load Balancer Managed Services: Azure Load Balancer Services by KoçSistem provides management of Azure Load Balancer by KoçSistem's expert security managed services team. Systems are monitored constantly in accordance with defined metrics and any issues will automatically launch notifications.
Kong Enterprise 2020.png Kong Enterprise Edition 2020 Ubuntu Xenial: Kong Enterprise’s end-to-end service control platform for multi-cloud and hybrid organizations provides a lightweight, open source core that allows you to optimize performance across all services, no matter where they run.
Lightning Flow.png LightningFlow: This virtual machine comes with LightningFlow, a completely integrated Airflow platform, pre-integrated with all required Airflow libraries, including webserver, scheduler and worker configurations, local Spark cluster, Apache Livy, and a Postgres database.
MAJiK Visual Factory Manufacturing Operations Monitoring and Analytics.png MAJiK Visual Factory - Manufacturing Operations Monitoring and Analytics Solution: MAJiK Visual Factory helps your factory reach operational excellence by unlocking manufacturing potential with real-time plant-floor analytics – giving manufacturers the power to implement intelligent lean processes and enhance data-driven software that connect systems across entire facilities.
Matillion ETL for Azure Synapse.png Matillion ETL for Azure Synapse: Matillion ETL enables you to transform your data and stay competitive in today’s data-driven environment by mandating businesses to overcome data silo challenges and find new ways to uncover insights hidden within your data via a robust purpose-built data transformation solution for the cloud.
ME Applications Manager - 100 Monitors No Add-ons.png ME Applications Manager - 100 Monitors (No Add-ons): ManageEngine Applications Manager is an integrated application and server performance monitoring solution that ensures optimal performance of business-critical applications while providing deep visibility into the performance of a diverse set of infrastructure components.
ME Applications Manager - 250 Monitors No Add-ons.png ME Applications Manager - 250 Monitors (No Add-ons): ManageEngine Applications Manager is an integrated application and server performance monitoring solution that ensures optimal performance of business-critical applications while providing deep visibility into the performance of a diverse set of infrastructure components.
Membrain RTC-Server.png Membrain RTC-Server: MembrainRTC mobile platform 4.0 connects systems and processes to handle complex tasks. The slim-line, modular design allows you to quickly implement and integrate. It employs modern architecture and rapid implementation to make complex challenges, such as RFID integration, easy and affordable.
Neo4j Enterprise VM Version 4.0.png Neo4j Enterprise VM Version 4.0: Neo4j is an open-source, NoSQL, native graph database providing ACID-compliant transactions. It helps organizations make sense of their data by revealing how people, processes, locations, and systems are interrelated.
Neway Technologies Managed Services.png Neway Technologies Managed Services: Neway Harbor is a managed service for Microsoft Azure customers. Neway Technologies' team of expert architects, consultants, and engineers make sure your environment runs smoothly and provide support when issues arise.
PlateSpin Replication Environment - UEFI.png PlateSpin Replication Environment - UEFI: PlateSpin Migrate is a powerful workload portability solution that automates the process of moving workloads over the network among physical servers, virtual hosts, and enterprise cloud platforms – all from a single point of control.
ProjectReady.png ProjectReady: Purpose-built for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry, ProjectReady uniquely drives process over platform. Use it to create secure and governed connected workflows, helping your design teams and owners to improve collaboration through connection.
RKVView-Facility Management FM.png RKVView-Facility Management(FM): RKV-View is a facility management application from Engineer Studio HOLLAUS. The solution supports design web format (DWF) as well as many extensions, offers better performance than internet-based solutions, and is fully customizable.
SFTP Server Secure on Windows 2019 OpenSSH.png SFTP Server Secure on Windows 2019 OpenSSH: SFTP Server 2019 is a newer protocol for secure file transfer on Secure Socket Shell (SSH). This solution is an FTP/FTPS/SFTP server that enables users to access remote files over TCP/IP networks with added security and strong data encryption.
StaffCircle - Communications Culture  Performance Management Software.png StaffCircle - Communications, Culture & Performance Management Software: StaffCircle Communications Software provides a platform for internal communications, culture recognition, engagement, and performance management for businesses with remote staff. The solution runs on Microsoft Azure and is designed for medium and large corporate and enterprise organizations.
Uptale Immersive Learning platform.png Uptale Immersive Learning Platform: Uptale is the enterprise immersive learning platform designed for businesses to create, share, and track interactive training modules in 360-degree virtual reality (VR). Upskill your employees at scale and reduce training time with VR.
Winnin Insights Beta.png Winnin Insights Beta: Winnin Insights is a consumers behavior platform that maps cultural trends through video consumption. The solution is designed to enhance the development of more assertive briefings, centralized marketing strategies, and relevant content.

Consulting services

Access Your Data Legacy Azure 4-Hr Assessment.png

Access Your Data Legacy ->Azure: (4-Hr) Assessment: In this brief engagement, Help4Access will identify your legacy applications, rate their complexity, and estimate the level of effort to migrate each one to Microsoft Azure.

Access Your Data Legacy Azure 4-Day Assessment.png

Access Your Data Legacy ->Azure: (4-Wk) Assessment: Over the course of a month, Help4Access will identify your legacy applications, rate their complexity, and estimate the level of effort to migrate each one to Microsoft Azure.

Access Your Data Legacy Azure 4-Wk Assessment.png

Access Your Data Legacy ->Azure: (8-Hr) Assessment: This is a daylong version of the Help4Access assessment, in which the Help4Access team will estimate the level of effort to migrate your legacy applications to Microsoft Azure.

Access Your Data Legacy Azure 8-Hr Assessment.png

Access Your Data Legacy->Azure: (4-Day) Assessment: This is a four-day version of the Help4Access assessment, in which the Help4Access team will estimate the level of effort to migrate your legacy applications to Microsoft Azure.

App Innovation Ideation 2-Day Assessment.png

App Innovation Ideation: 2-Day Assessment: Intergen will lay the foundation for how you can drive value from Azure App Foundry. You'll receive a roadmap and recommendations on upgrading or creating a new solution on Microsoft Azure.

App Innovation Migration 8-Week Implementation.png

App Innovation Migration: 8-Week Implementation: Neudesic will deliver an in-depth identification and analysis of applications for migration to Microsoft Azure, complete with architecture design. Neudesic will then conduct the migration.

Applications Management for SAP Solutions-1wk Asmt.png

Applications Management for SAP Solutions-1wk Asmt: During this assessment, IBM will work with you to build the right managed application services scope of work to manage your SAP application environment on Microsoft Azure.

Architecture Workshop 3-days.png

Architecture Workshop: 3-days: Linktech Australia's workshop will provide business leaders with detailed guidance on how to cost-effectively transform their infrastructure using Microsoft Azure.

Azure based IoT Projects 2 days Workshop.png

Azure based IoT Projects (2 days Workshop): This workshop from Noxum GmbH will show you the basic building blocks for IoT solutions on Microsoft Azure. Noxum GmbH will address various use cases and scenarios and will identify the supporting Azure components.

Azure Cloud Migration Services 4-Week Impl.png Azure Cloud Migration Services: 4-Week Impl.: Enimbos will analyze each of your business applications to ensure your migration to Microsoft Azure is successful and that the architecture will meet your performance, availability, and security needs.
Azure Database Migration 3-Day Assessment.png Azure Database Migration: 3-Day Assessment: Katpro's team of experts will help you migrate your on-premises SQL Server to Azure SQL Database or SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines. To reduce complexities, Katpro will use the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.
Azure Databricks - 2 Weeks Assessment.png Azure Databricks - 2 Weeks Assessment: Using Azure Databricks, Mindtree will help organizations move from data engineering to data science. Mindtree will build a scalable data infrastructure to enable rapid experimentation and machine learning models.
Azure Databricks & Synapse Jumpstart 2-4 week POC.png Azure Databricks & Synapse Jumpstart: 2-4 week POC: Neudesic's proof-of-concept (POC) will use the client’s data to quickly deploy an Azure Data Lake repository with preconfigured IP and scripting of Azure Databricks and Azure Synapse.
Azure Devops POC 3 Weeks for one application.png Azure Devops POC : 3 Weeks for one application: NIIT Technologies will help you migrate on-premises or cloud-based applications to Microsoft Azure. NIIT Technologies will use Azure DevOps to create CI/CD DevOps pipelines.
Azure Migration - 1-Hour Briefing.png Azure Migration - 1-Hour Briefing: In this briefing, LogicEra will inform you about the options for moving your on-premises solution to Microsoft Azure. Prepare your organization for the future by embracing digital transformation.
Azure Migration Assessment 3 Days.png Azure Migration Assessment 3 Days: Linktech Australia's assessment is aimed at enterprises seeking to modernize their legacy IT infrastructure and migrate on-premises infrastructure to Microsoft Azure.
Azure Migration Consultancy - 3 Day Assessment.png Azure Migration Consultancy - 3 Day Assessment: In this assessment, Interhost LLP will provide an overview of Microsoft Azure, evaluate your current environment, and deliver a mini-proof of concept of an Azure environment to give you a hands-on experience.
Azure Security & Threat Profiling 1-Wk Assessment.png Azure Security & Threat Profiling: 1-Wk Assessment: NCC Group will review your Microsoft Azure environment to ascertain the cybersecurity capabilities of your organization. NCC Group will offer technical, risk, and governance services to assist you.
Azure Sentinel 5-Days Implementation.png Azure Sentinel: 5-Days Implementation: Managed Sentinel will assist you in deploying Azure Sentinel SIEM (security information and event management). This engagement includes professional services for design, deployment, and tuning.
Azure Sentinel Planning 3-Wk Proof of Concept.png Azure Sentinel Planning: 3-Wk Proof of Concept: NCC Group will give organizations an overview of Azure Sentinel by deploying a proof of concept to provide insights on active threats across on-premises and cloud workloads.
Azure Site Recovery ASR - 5 day POC.png Azure Site Recovery (ASR) - 5 day POC: Experience the power of Azure Site Recovery in this proof of concept from Neway Technologies. One selected workload from your on-premises environment will be migrated using Azure Site Recovery.
Azure-migration.png Azure-migration: In this assessment, Integrity Partners will determine the resources necessary to transfer a single server based on Windows Server to Microsoft Azure. Integrity Partners will take into account your budget and your business and accessibility needs.
Blockchain Services for Azure - 2 week Assessment.png Blockchain Services for Azure - 2 week Assessment: IBM's offer will help you capitalize on emerging market opportunities. It combines advisory services, business value design, and the rapid development of a minimum viable network, and it starts with this assessment.
Cloud Assessment.png Cloud Assessment: For organizations starting the cloud transition, myCloudDoor will produce a high-level cloud architecture, design a roadmap for migration, and demonstrate the business value of the proposed solution.
Cloud Cost Optimization 6 Weeks Assessment.png Cloud Cost Optimization : 6 Weeks Assessment: Identify costs and optimize processes prior to migration to the cloud with this assessment from NIIT Technologies. This solution includes metrics visualizations, a post-migration review, and more.
Cloud Economics Migration 6-Week Assessment.png Cloud Economics Migration Assessment: Neudesic will analyze your existing environment, prioritize workload migration to Microsoft Azure, provide detailed cost estimates, and create a business case for review with executive stakeholders.
Cloud Migration 1-Week POC.png Cloud Migration: 1-Week POC: Logicera will migrate your workloads and applications to a Microsoft Azure test environment, enabling deeper understanding of potential issues with transforming your business to the cloud.
Cloud Security 4-Week Assessment.png Cloud Security: 4-Week Assessment: Benefit from a manual review of your cloud security in this in-person offering from KPMG Advisory. This review includes requirement gathering and covers the configuration of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure Portal.
Cloud Telework Security 4-Wk Assessment.png Cloud Telework Security: 4-Wk Assessment: With this evaluation from Neovera, mid-sized organizations can improve remote workforce security, implement best practices, and align their cloud environments with compliance standards.
Data Management 10 Week Implementation.png Data Management 10 Week Implementation: Modak Limited will implement a secure data management platform, enabling improved control over data breaches and analytics, accelerated data operations, and improved governance.
DevOps - 1-Hour Briefing.png DevOps - 1-Hour Briefing: Logicera will provide an overview of Microsoft Azure DevOps and evaluate your current products and business goals, helping you understand how to automate development and operations in the cloud.
DevOps Jumpstart 4 Day Workshop.png DevOps Jumpstart: 4-Day Workshop: Understand core concepts of Microsoft Azure DevOps, discover how to streamline processes, and learn how to create dashboards for reporting in this hands-on workshop offered by New Signature.
HPE Accelerator Workshop for Cloud 1 Day.png HPE Accelerator Workshop for Cloud, 1 Day: Hewlett Packard Enterprise will create a roadmap and a timeline for moving your business to the cloud. Uncover blockers and receive a detailed migration assessment in this collaborative workshop.
HPE Cloud Cost Audit Service - 4 Week Assessment.png HPE Cloud Cost Audit Service - 4 Week Assessment: With this offering from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, understand how you can optimize cloud services, manage third-party costs, and implement best practices across your cloud portfolio.
HPE DevOps Roadmap for Cloud - 3 Week Assessment.png HPE DevOps Roadmap for Cloud - 3 Week Assessment: Hewlett Packard Enterprise will analyze the maturity of your Microsoft Azure DevOps implementation and create a roadmap to optimize your cloud environment, leading to accelerated deployments.
Infrastructure Assessment 4 Weeks.png Infrastructure Assessment : 4 Weeks: NIIT Technologies will analyze your on-premises or hybrid cloud infrastructure and deliver a roadmap for cloud migration or reconfiguration of your existing cloud environment.
IoT Accelerator 2-Day Workshop.png IoT Accelerator: 2-Day Workshop: In this collaborative workshop, Kin + Carta will help organizations prioritize strategy for the deployment of Internet of Things products and services. Deliverables include a business case and design mockups.
Knowledge Mining Accelerator Offer 4 Week POC.png Knowledge Mining Accelerator Offer: 4 Week POC: Using Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, Neudesic will transform unstructured data into valuable insights and automation.
LaunchRAMP 6- Week Assessment.png LaunchRAMP (6- Week Assessment): ManTech consultants will identify your DevOps maturity and readiness to migrate to Microsoft Azure, gather requirements, and present the final assessment.
Machine Learning 5-Day Proof of Concept.png Machine Learning : 5-Day Proof of Concept: Katpro will identify use cases, analyze data, and develop a proof of concept on Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio that uses predictive machine learning to solve your business intelligence problems.
Magento 2 Migration to AKS 4-Wks Implementation Swiss.png Magento 2 Migration to AKS: 4-Wks Implementation - Germany: Ciklum will analyze and migrate your Magento 2 implementation to Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service. Deliverables include design and deployment of architecture, database migration, and more. This offer is available only in Germany.
Magento 2 Migration to AKS 4-Wks Implementation.png Magento 2 Migration to AKS: 4-Wks Implementation - Switzerland: Ciklum will analyze and migrate your Magento 2 implementation to Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service. Deliverables include design and deployment of architecture, database migration, and more. This offer is available only in Switzerland.
Microsoft Access Migration 8-Hr Assessment.png Microsoft Access Migration : 8-Hr Assessment: Transform Microsoft Access databases and forms into scalable and robust solutions on Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint, Power Apps, and Azure in this offering provided by Katpro.
Modern Data Estate - 6 Week Implementation.png Modern Data Estate - 6 Week Implementation: Migrate legacy data, apps, and workloads to Microsoft Azure with Katpro. This offering includes analyzing current infrastructure, designing optimal data estates, documentation, and more.
Modernize your Datawarehouse - 2 weeks assessment.png Modernize your Datawarehouse - 2 week assessment: Migrate your legacy data warehouse to Microsoft Azure Data Lake and modernize data management with this offering from Mindtree. Services include blueprinting the data architecture, testing, and more.
New Business ideas with IoT & Cloud 3-Hr Workshop.png New Business ideas with IoT & Cloud: 3-Hr Workshop: In this interactive workshop, M&M Software GmbH consultants will help you develop uses cases and business propositions built on Microsoft Azure Internet of Things and Microsoft Azure services.
Oracle on Azure - 1-Hour Briefing.png Oracle on Azure - 1-Hour Briefing: Discover options to migrate your Oracle infrastructure and applications to Microsoft Azure with this free briefing provided by Logicera.
SAP Integration with Logic Apps - 5 days PoC.png SAP Integration with Logic Apps - 5 days PoC: This proof of concept (POC) presented by NeosAlpha Technologies Limited integrates SAP by using Microsoft Azure Logic Apps. You'll spend five days, first focusing on understanding the high-level integration scenarios at your organization, then designing and implementing the POC.
SAP on Azure - 2 wks - Assessment and Roadmap.png SAP on Azure - 2 wks - Assessment and Roadmap: This two-week assessment and roadmapping session is offered by myCloudDoor SAP on Azure Cloud Assessment. It is designed to help customers in the first phase of a transition from SAP to Microsoft Azure and includes SAP migration to Azure and SAP application transformation.
SAP to Azure Migration 1-Day Workshop.png SAP to Azure Migration: 1-Day Workshop: The Katpro SAP on Azure workshop covers an exhaustive set of requirements required for architecting, developing, and managing SAP services. It also encompasses migrating applications in Microsoft Azure.


Securing Azure Collaboration 3-Day Assessment.png

Securing Azure Collaboration: 3-Day Assessment: NCC Group is offering a cost-effective service to help you quickly and easily secure your Microsoft Azure remote working environments, confronting the immediate challenge of enforced remote working. This offer is available only in the United Kingdom.

Sentinel 5-Day Workshop.png

Sentinel: 5-Day Workshop: Allow your organization to gain experience with Microsoft Azure Sentinel by enabling up to five log sources. You'll also have the opportunity to learn from nümad about the advantages and benefits of using Azure Sentinel.

Shopify Integration 5 Day PoC.png Shopify Integration : 5 Day PoC: This five-day session shows you how to integrate your line-of-business application or custom logic using a Microsoft Azure Logic Apps-based solution. You'll build fully automated Shopify integration modules by using your specific business integration scenarios.


Single Customer View Free 1 Day Planning Workshop.png

Single Customer View: Free 1 Day Planning Workshop: Use this one-day workshop and planning engagement to identify business use cases and infrastructure requirements and prepare to implement a single customer view solution on Microsoft Azure.

Sitecore Migration to Azure 3-week Assessment.png Sitecore Migration to Azure Assessment: The Kin + Carta Sitecore migration to Azure assessment helps businesses understand the benefits and the effort required to migrate their Sitecore solution to the Microsoft Azure cloud, including addressing failover and disaster recovery requirements.
The Remote Workforce Suite 4-Wk Implementation.png The Remote Workforce Suite: 4-Wk Implementation: The Remote Workforce Suite Accelerator is a four-week engagement help you set up to provide remote workers with access to key applications and tools to enable calls, chats, meetings, and collaboration.
Virtualisation with Citrix on Azure 5-Day PoC.png Virtualisation with Citrix on Azure: 5 Day PoC Citrix: In this proof of concept, Linktech Australia will demonstrate the benefits of Citrix Cloud's desktop and application virtualization and remote access technologies on Microsoft Azure.


Windows Virtual Desktop COVID-19 3w Implementation.png Windows Virtual Desktop COVID-19 3w Implementation: Learn how to rapidly adopt the Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop, so you can respond to urgent demand for remote work resources quickly.
Windows Virtual Desktop Implementation-4 Weeks.png Windows Virtual Desktop Remote Worker: This four-week service is geared toward helping organizations prepare for and support remote working. You'll learn how to deploy and scale Microsoft Windows desktops and apps on Microsoft Azure in minutes and you'll gain access to built-in security and compliance features.
Windows Virtual Desktop 2-Wk Implementation.png Windows Virtual Desktop Solution Accelerator: This two-week engagement will show you how to give remote employees secure, seamless access to files and apps on any device. Keep workers productive with this scalable virtualization solution in Microsoft Azure.
Windows Virtual Desktops WVD 3-hour Workshop.png

Windows Virtual Desktops (WVD): 3-hour Workshop: Join Linktech Australia for a three-hour workshop on Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure. Explore how virtual desktops will modernize your business and change the way your company operates.

Windows Virtual Desktop WVD 2-Week Implementation.png

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD): 2-Week Implementation: This two-week session from Mismo Systems provides assessment, design, and deployment support for a Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop infrastructure.


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