Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 71
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 48 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


AppArmor Command.png


AppArmor Command: AppArmor Command is a crisis communication and response platform for first responders. It features team push notifications, an address book, team-specific chat rooms, interactive mapping, secure user authentication, and more.

Appdome for Microsoft Intune.png


Appdome for Microsoft Intune: Appdome accelerates the delivery and use of mobile apps inside Microsoft Intune. Complete a no-code integration to any Android or iOS app in just minutes with Fusion, Appdome's patented technology.

Brainkin - IoT Platform by beanTech.png


Brainkin - IoT Platform by beanTech: BRAINKIN's six modules enable industrial plant operators to maximize production efficiency. Monitor and manage energy, maintenance, quality, edge analytics, and more. This application is available only in Italian.

dotNET e-Business Associates & Consulting.png


Cloud-Stratum: Cloud-Stratum is an Azure-based electricity utility management solution that enables electricity distribution companies to manage operational activities easily. The solution helps with the management of customer relationships, payments, metering, billing, and more.

Cloudbric SWAP.png


Cloudbric SWAP: Cloudbric’s SWAP (Smart Web Application Protection) uses an AI-powered detection engine to protect against the OWASP top 10 security risks. SWAP’s logic-based engine ensures that even zero-day attacks can be thwarted.                      

Conductor for COVID-19.png


Conductor for COVID-19: Conductor for COVID-19 is a hub for knowledge, templates, and best practices for teams to plan how to respond to the crisis, manage business continuity throughout the situation, and accelerate post-crisis recovery.

Covid-19 Community Screening Testing.png


Covid-19 Community Screening, Testing, & Tracing: This mobile app on BroadReach's Vantage cloud platform enables governments and healthcare systems to conduct population-wide screening, testing, and contact tracing for COVID-19. Catching cases early helps prevent further spread.

Covid-19 Facility Readiness and Stock Management.png


Covid-19 Facility Readiness & Stock Management: This mobile app on BroadReach's Vantage cloud platform enables healthcare workers to conduct audits across stock supply, staffing levels, and other key areas to ensure they're equipped to deal with COVID-19 patients.

Covid-19 Healthworker Wellness.png


Covid-19 Healthworker Wellness: This mobile app on BroadReach's Vantage cloud platform monitors the daily health of doctors, nurses, and first responders battling COVID-19. Workers answer a five-question survey every day to assess their health, morale, and equipment status.

Data Protection Officer Compliance Tool.png

Data Protection Officer Compliance Tool: Data Protection Officer Compliance Tool simplifies the management of GDPR compliance. The solution helps corporate officers with the daily compliance duties, risk analysis, and monitoring. This application is available in English and Polish.

Denodo Data Virtualization.png

Denodo Data Virtualization: The Denodo Platform for Microsoft Azure delivers the same capabilities as the award-winning on-premises version of the Denodo Platform. Integrate and deliver data from Azure, on-premises, and other cloud sources in real time without replication.

Device Analytics.png

Device Analytics: APENTO's Device Analytics collects performance and stability information from Windows 10. APENTO will periodically review Microsoft Power BI-based reports with customers to help them gain greater insights into the data collected.

DeviceOn In Azure Kubernetes Service.png

DeviceOn In Azure Kubernetes Service: Remotely monitor your devices and gather real-time data with DeviceOn, an IoT device operations and management solution based on Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure IoT Hub, and Azure Functions.

DMI View - Long Endurance Hydrogen Drone Solution.png

DMI View - Long Endurance Hydrogen Drone Solution: DMI View is an all-in-one hydrogen fuel cell drone solution that includes a web-based ground-control system (GCS), a real-time monitoring dashboard, and a hydrogen order system.

DRVR Fleet Management Platform.png

DRVR Fleet Management Platform: DRVR uses IoT, data analytics, and gamification to improve road safety and reduce the cost of fleet ownership. The solution includes a DRVR manager portal where customers manage their fleets; advanced GPS tracking and fleet management tools; a comprehensive reporting suite; and more.

Dynamics 365 Connector by Fivetran.png

Dynamics 365 Connector by Fivetran: Fivetran, a leader in automated data integration, delivers a ready-to-use connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365. The connector supports the Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service apps, adapting to API and schema changes to ensure reliable data access.

Elite Reporting Platform.png

Elite Reporting Platform: Elite is a web-based software application that fully automates data processing workflows. It also offers rapid generation of multidimensional reports from diverse and heterogeneous data sources so that companies can gain insights and comply with the latest regulations.

FRaaS API - Facial Recognition as a Service API.png

Facial Recognition as a Service API: AIH Technology Inc.'s Facial Recognition as a Service (FRaaS) API empowers developers and enterprises with its accurate age-progression recognition and cross-ethnicity recognition. FRaaS is easy to integrate and uses a privacy-protected framework.

FIA Smart Driving Challenge.png

FIA Smart Driving Challenge: The FIA Smart Driving Challenge is a worldwide competition that helps companies reward employees for smart, safe, and eco-friendly driving. Driving behavior is measured by a platform that uses AI to evaluate driving in real time.


FireMon: With the FireMon platform, customers can manage any firewall policy deployed in the cloud. The solution can manage and ensure continuous compliance of native public cloud security policies across accounts, subscriptions, virtual machines, and security groups in Azure Virtual Network.

FOIA solution for Dynamics 365.png

FOIA solution for Dynamics 365: The FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) solution from MERP Systems, built on Dynamics 365, helps agencies overcome complex information-request processing challenges. It automates the process for validating requests, finding information, and so on, helping to ensure that information is released properly.

Group Task Reminder Service.png

Group Task Reminder Service: Group Task Reminder enables employees to submit various work requests, such as for time off or training, efficiently and reliably. It can be used for small workgroups or across an entire company. This application is available only in Japanese.

Healthy Mind.png

Healthy Mind: Healthy Mind is a 12-week challenge designed to enhance the mental and emotional well-being of people in your organization.  Available for groups of 50, 100, or 600, the program includes tools and coaching people need to benefit from the challenge activities and pathways. 

Healthy You.png

Healthy You: Healthy You is a well-being program that allows you to create a tailored participation and outcome-based program for your group or organization. It includes an online health assessment, coaching, team challenge options, tracking tools, and more.

Infosys Cloud Data Validation Solution.png

Infosys Cloud Data Validation Solution: Infosys Cloud Data Validation Solution is a cloud-native data automation solution that helps streamline and accelerate testing of data integration and data analytics platforms. It’s an automated data quality and data integrity approach for accelerated validation.

IntSights External Threat Protection Suite.png

IntSights External Threat Protection Suite: IntSights External Threat Protection Suite is an all-in-one external threat protection suite that neutralizes cyberattacks outside the wire. It helps organizations combat external threats by converting external threat data into relevant, actionable security intelligence mapped to digital assets. 

Joint AI Research for Video Instances and Streams- JARVIS.png

Joint AI Research for Video Instances and Streams - JARVIS: Joint AI Research for Video Instances and Streams (JARVIS) is AI-powered video analytics equipped with a fully functional video management system and AI modules. Use it to monitor people and places, including fever detection, social distancing, attendance, vehicle detection, and more.

License Plate Recognition API.png

License Plate Recognition API, Platebber: Platebber is a license plate recognition API powered by artificial intelligence. It's designed for developers making applications related to parking, traffic, checkpoints, and border control. - Time Tracking and budget monitoring across external systems.png - Time Tracking and budget monitoring across external systems

Manday introduces a new way of tracking time while offering easy project budget monitoring. The solution integrates easily with existing systems, including JIRA, Azure DevOps Services, and Trello.

Mapiq elevate your workplace.png

Mapiq, elevate your workplace: Mapiq is smart office technology that enables flexible use of workspace, offering employees a frictionless workday. The platform integrates with Azure Active Directory, Office 365, and Exchange as well as solutions by Cisco, Aruba, Pointgrab, Schneider Electric, and more.



MasterInfinity: MasterInfinity helps companies operate databases that store important assets more easily, safely, and conveniently. The application makes it easy to search, add, update, and delete databases right from a browser. This application is available only in Japanese or Chinese.

Media Cop - Sentiment Analysis for your audience.png

Media Cop - Sentiment Analysis for your audience on Social Media: Find the conversations that matter most to your business and filter out the noise with Media Cop, a social media analytics solution that transforms unstructured digital content into structured information.    

MedStack Control Annual Subscription.png

MedStack Control Annual Subscription: MedStack Control is an easy-to-use, turnkey compliance orchestration platform that gives healthcare developers the power and flexibility to create and deploy compliant applications. 

Microshare COVID-19 Response.png

Microshare COVID-19 Response: Microshare offers two solutions to combat the spread of COVID-19. Microshare AlertComm for Hospitals enables hospital staff to request immediate deep cleaning in the facility while Microshare Contact Tracing tracks the proximity of workers in facilities through inexpensive Bluetooth beacons.

MODBI Health Insurance Claims Analytics Solution.png

MODBI Health Insurance Claims Analytics Solution: MODBI Health Insurance analytics as a service solution helps insurance companies reduce cost and improve efficiency by providing detailed insights into key areas, such as provider contracting, benefit plan design, and claims processing.

Open Process Catalyst.png

Open Process Catalyst: Open Process Catalyst is a web platform that allows you to graphically model a business flow. The platform contains templates targeting different industries, including government, education, and financial services. This application is available only in Spanish.

Pinf Games.png

Pinf Games: Pinf games are a didactic tool that helps children with intellectual disabilities and special educational needs, such as autism, learning disabilities, and other brain disfunctions. Children use them to learn to write, read, logically consider, recognize colors, and develop other practical skills.  

PremierOne Disaster Recovery as a Service.png

PremierOne Disaster Recovery as a Service: PremierOne CAD Disaster Recovery as a Service offers an agency the ability to access its fully functioning CAD system quickly in the event of a disaster. The cloud-based solution avoids the risks of on-premises options because it uses resources geospatially separated from a primary dispatch center.

Rockwell Automation Industrial IoT platform.png

Rockwell Automation Industrial IoT platform: The Rockwell Automation Industrial IoT platform is a powerful suite that simplifies how your company manages data and makes it easier to access, understand, and leverage information to make better decisions.

Sikur Connect.png

Sikur Connect: Sikur Connect solves some of the most critical issues in IoT, delivering device authentication, authorization, and access control through simple and efficient mechanisms. It ensures privacy and protects against the most common attacks.

Sikur ID.png

Sikur ID: Sikur ID makes authentication password-less, easy, and safe. Microsoft Azure capabilities help support compliance and information privacy regulations, like GDPR in Europe and LGPD in Brazil. 

SMART Outcome as a Service - SAP.png

SMART Outcome as a Service – SAP: Mint combines the best of Microsoft Azure with proven and certified Azure blueprints, proactive migration strategy and execution,  managed services with Azure Sentinel, and more for continuous modernization of all applications. 

TCS MasterCraft TransformPlus for Mainframe Modernization.png

TCS MasterCraft TransformPlus for Mainframe Modernization: TCS MasterCraft TransformPlus is a technology-agnostic intelligent automation product for enterprise modernization. It includes legacy application analysis, business rules extraction and translation to target technology, data migration, and more.

Vaporstream Inc.png

Vaporstream Inc: Vaporstream is a private and secure messaging solution that protects your confidential business information—even after is delivered to other devices. It goes beyond encryption to give businesses complete control over all their information, automate message expiration, and meet compliance requirements.

Workspot Limited Time Offer 10 Free Workspot Cloud Desktops.png

Workspot Limited Time Offer: Workspot is a turnkey, enterprise-ready, cloud desktop service  on Azure. Deploy cloud desktops and GPU workstations fast and scale globally in minutes. Enjoy performance even power users love at a flat fee, including Azure costs.

Consulting services

Azure DevOps 6-Week Implementation.png

Azure DevOps 6-Week Implementation:

Servent's six-week service for implementing Azure DevOps Services covers the integration and use of Azure Boards, Repos, Pipelines, Artifacts, and Test Plans into your organization’s existing and evolving DevOps practices and workflows.

Sitecore Migration to Azure 3 week Assessment.png

Sitecore Migration to Azure: 3-week Assessment: The Kin + Carta Sitecore three-week assessment for migration to Azure helps businesses understand the benefits and the effort required to migrate their Sitecore solution to Azure. 

Virtual Desktop & Productivity 1 Week Assessment.png

Virtual Desktop & Productivity 1 Week Assessment: This one-week assessment from IFI Techsolutions provides insightful findings on how to modernize your organization with Windows Virtual Desktop, offering a way for your employees to access data and their applications remotely. 

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