Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 68
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 66 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


12CU logo.png

12CU Space Management Dashboard: 12CU SmartSpaces is a cloud-based data visualization solution that helps companies optimize space use and manage operational consumption, such as Wi-Fi and energy, to lower costs and maximize support for employees and students in campus settings.

Agile Polly logo.png

AgilePolly: AgilePolly works with Microsoft Teams to support agile software development processes. The solution provides a built-in system of record, chronicling the progress a team makes on projects and initiatives, even when teammates are distributed.

Amperity logo.png

Amperity Intelligent Customer Data Foundation POC: Amperity ingests raw data from any source, with no preprocessing necessary, and then applies a machine learning-powered approach to unify records from every system. The solution provides a comprehensive customer view and suggestions about how to respond to the data.

AtomicWP Unified Workload Security for Docker.png

AtomicWP Unified Workload Security for Docker: AtomicWP provides comprehensive security and compliance for Docker workloads running in cloud environments. Features include intrusion detection and prevention, file integrity monitoring, application control, and more.

Bitcoin Core Server for Windows 2016.png

Bitcoin Core for Windows Server 2016: Bitcoin Core for Windows Server 2016 stores a bitcoin wallet on a virtual machine image so that users can access a wallet from any device and don’t have to download the entire blockchain when changing PCs.

Churchill logo.png

Churchill Promotional Demand Forecaster v5.2: Churchill Promotional Demand Forecaster helps retailers accurately predict the impact of promotional activities on consumer demand. Demand forecasts can be produced at any level, making the solution valuable for inventory management, pricing, merchandise planning, and more.


Crunchwork: Crunchwork is an online project management platform designed for businesses and organizations to track workloads and budget and keep everyone involved up to date. It integrates with core business apps and automates processes across the supply chain.

CyberX logo.png

CyberX IoT Security Platform, Integrated with Azure Security Center for IoT: CyberX's IoT security platform offers deep visibility into unmanaged IoT assets like smart building devices, security cameras, VoIP phones, and sensors. It leverages machine-to-machine behavioral analytics to eliminate manual configuration of rules and signatures.

Docker with Azure Subnet on Ubuntu 18.04.png

Docker with Azure Subnet on Ubuntu 18.04: Apps4Rent helps customers deploy Docker (Community Edition) with Ubuntu on Microsoft Azure, with support for architecting, deploying, and managing the installation to help customers get the most out of their cloud investment.

DR as a Service for SAP on Azure.png

DR as a Service for SAP on Azure: GlassHouse Disaster Recovery as a Service for SAP supports business continuity for mission-critical systems when disaster strikes. The service continuously replicates one quarter of a company’s productive system in Microsoft Azure so it can be immediately scaled for use when needed.

EMnify Cloud Native Cellular IoT.png

EMnify Cloud-Native Cellular IoT Connectivity: EMnify is an IoT connectivity provider that provides a mobile core network infrastructure built in the cloud and an API for integration with Azure. EMnify delivers international coverage, easy deployment, efficient monitoring, and reliable security for IoT devices.

ExpressionEngine on Ubuntu 18.04.png

ExpressionEngine on Ubuntu 18.04: ExpressionEngine is a content management system that stores website content in flexible data containers called channels. Users can publish content from anywhere and can manage multiple websites, with support for blogs, news, downloads, and other types of content.

eZ Platform on Ubuntu 18.04.png

eZ Platform on Ubuntu 18.04: eZ Platform is a modern PHP-based content management system for building websites and apps. Use it to build extranet portals, online databases, e-commerce sites, and more. It features user-friendly elements like content trees and custom workflows and is ideal for businesses of any size.

FME Platform logo.png

FME Platform: FME is a data integration platform used for building workflows that integrate data from more than 450 systems. This FME Platform offering includes both FME Desktop and FME Server on a single virtual machine.

Internet Information Server - IIS on Windows 2019.png

Internet Information Services - IIS on Windows Server 2019: Cognosys offers preinstalled Internet Information Services (IIS) images for optimized performance in large-scale scenarios, such as commercial hosting providers.


JunoOne: JunoOne helps development teams manage test processes and incidents efficiently, clearly, and in one place. It integrates fully with other tools, such as Jira, GitLab, and OTRS to easily control all projects.


KeyScaler - IoT Security for Microsoft Azure IoT: KeyScaler delivers security and identity and access management solutions for IoT, available as a service (KSaaS), in the cloud, or on-premises. The solution offers secure device registration and provisioning, credential delivery and management, and end-to-end device-derived cryptography.

Lexigram Clinical NLP API.png

Lexigram Clinical NLP API: The Lexigram Clinical Natural Language Processing API integrates easily with software applications and ETL pipelines. It can extract medical entities while retaining the rich clinical context provided by physicians, including medication ingredients, lab values, vital signs, and more.

MAKANA Python Function.png

MAKANA Python Function: The MAKANA Python Function is an Azure Functions template for Python developers who need to handle asynchronous Python calls. It allows developers to execute long-running scripts without application timeouts and take advantage of the serverless Azure platform.

Make for Microsoft 365.png

Make for Microsoft 365: Make for Microsoft 365 makes it easy for organizations to create new teams, SharePoint sites, and groups in Microsoft Office 365. This helps maintain consistency and apply governance rules reliably across the company. This app is available only in Dutch.

NousMigrato for Azure DevOps-GitHub.png

NousMigrator for Azure DevOps-GitHub: NousMigrator, an auto-migration tool made for Azure DevOps and GitHub, helps IT professionals migrate to Git-based repositories in a fast, reliable, and hassle-free manner.

Omnitech Unified Commerce Cloud - Order Hub1.png

Omnitech Unified Commerce Cloud - Order Hub: Omnitech Unified Commerce Cloud - Order Hub is a distributed order management engine that connects all order processes to a single hub. It provides an enhanced overview of offline and online points in the supply chain so that orders can be effectively received and fulfilled across channels.

OrientDB Enterprise Edition.png

OrientDB Enterprise Edition 2.2: OrientDB Enterprise Edition is a multi-model, master-master distributed NoSQL graph database. It comes with all Community Edition features plus professional enterprise tools like a query profiler, distributed clustering configuration, auditing tools, metrics recording, and more.

PathPresenter Education.png

PathPresenter Education: PathPresenter provides a web-based service to connect pathologists, radiologists, clinicians, and life science researchers so they can share medical data and build tools for enhancing medical education, patient care, and management.

Pipelines BuildPlane.png

Pipelines BuildPlane: JFrog Pipelines offers three vital capabilities: end-to-end automation (CI/CD), workflow and tool orchestration, and the optimization of the JFrog toolset functionality in use. These virtual machines come with Docker, Docker Compose, and JFrog Pipelines BuildPlane installed, and with Docker language images.

Pipelines buildplane image for x86_64 Centos 7.png

Pipelines Buildplane image for x86_64 Centos 7: JFrog Pipelines offers three vital capabilities: end-to-end automation (CI/CD), workflow and tool orchestration, and the optimization of the JFrog toolset. These CentOS 7 virtual machines come with Docker, Docker Compose, and JFrog Pipelines BuildPlane installed, plus Docker language images.

Pipelines buildplane image for x86_64 Ubuntu 16.04.png

Pipelines Buildplane image for x86_64 Ubuntu 16.04: JFrog Pipelines offers three vital capabilities: end-to-end automation (CI/CD), workflow and tool orchestration, and the optimization of the JFrog toolset. These Ubuntu 16.04 virtual machines come with Docker, Docker Compose, and JFrog Pipelines BuildPlane installed, plus Docker language images.


PlusPlus: PlusPlus provides a Software-as-a-Service talent development platform that helps organizations share knowledge through live learning, mentoring, and coaching. By default, PlusPlus works with Azure Active Directory. 

Postgres Pro Enterprise Database 12 (VM).png

Postgres Pro Enterprise Database 12 (VM): Postgres Pro Enterprise Database 12 is a private PostgreSQL fork running on CentOS, delivered as a virtual machine on Microsoft Azure. Each new Postgres Pro Database version is the latest PostgreSQL database version with patches.

Power BI Portal.png

Power BI Portal: AXI4CNS Power BI Portal is a web-based business intelligence dashboard service that performs data management and operations along with predictive analysis. This solution is offered only in Korean.

Project Hosts Federal Private Cloud.png

Project Hosts Federal Private Cloud: Project Hosts FedRAMP Certified Cloud offers a path to turnkey compliance so independent software vendors can more quickly deliver Windows and Linux applications as a FedRAMP-authorized provider.

Real Time Analytics.png

Real Time Analytics: Real Time Analytics is an event monitoring system that allows real-time analysis of different types of data and their behavior and variation over time. Use the solution to determine behavior patterns and detect anomalies when they occur, as well as to activate automatic alerts. This app is available in Spanish and English.

Redis with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS1.png

Redis with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS: This virtual machine image includes Redis on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Redis is an in-memory data structure project that implements a distributed, in-memory key-value database with optional durability.

Rivery - SaaS ELT Platform.png

Rivery - SaaS ELT Platform: Rivery is a cloud-native extract-load-transform (ELT) platform that helps customers get quick and accurate business insights from their data. The solution is code-free and flexible, allowing users to focus on insights and actions instead of API management and pipeline maintenance.

Saleslogic Rep.png

Saleslogic Rep: Saleslogic Rep helps sales representatives write digital orders on-site, schedule appointments, and view e-catalogs and customer analytics to increase sales opportunities. The solution helps businesses achieve faster order fulfillment and lower costs by reducing common errors associated with phone, email, and handwritten orders.

SAP HANA as a Service on Azure.png

SAP HANA as a Service on Azure: SAP HANA as a Service includes an SAP HANA-based system that is set up for development, quality control, and production environments (including high availability and disaster recovery). It also includes setup for SAP managed services, such as backup and disaster recovery solutions. 

SAP on Azure Managed Service.png

SAP on Azure Managed Service: This service includes management of SAP systems on Azure with KoçSistem's expert SAP managed services team. With the help of Microsoft Azure monitoring tools, systems are checked constantly based on defined metrics.

Smarsh Enterprise Archive.png

Smarsh Enterprise Archive: Smarsh Enterprise Archive helps financial services firms deploy and fully leverage communication and collaboration tools from Microsoft with compliance in mind. It’s an extensible, cloud-native compliance and e-discovery archive that captures, monitors, and archives all electronic communications.


SmartResilience: The SmartResilience risk prevention software platform helps insurers and the insured understand risk, protect insured assets, reduce losses, and more. The solution analyzes a wide range of datasets, such as flood maps, IoT devices, weather, news, and social media, to build a rich risk profile in real time.

Spectacles - Subscription.png

Spectacles - Subscription: Spectacles is a subscription-based reviewer for legal documents. Its patent-pending technology displays all terms defined in a legal document in an interactive side panel, so you can see what matters while you read.

StreamSets Data Collector for Azure.png

StreamSets Data Collector for Azure: StreamSets Data Collector is used to build pipelines that span on-premises and cloud data sources, from relational databases to clickstream, IoT, document, and log data. No hand coding required, and the solution provides continuous visibility into the real-time, end-to-end performance of the pipelines.

StreamSets for Databricks.png

StreamSets for Databricks: StreamSets for Databricks builds on the StreamSets data platform to integrate with Delta Lake and Spark. Features include auto-scaling Spark workloads, automated deployment, collaborative development, and governance of data pipelines.

Strive ECDN WebRTC P2P.png

Strive ECDN WebRTC P2P: Flink Enterprise, a peer-to-peer enterprise content delivery network solution from Strive Technologies, helps large companies deliver high-quality video content to their employees around the world. Peer-to-peer devices share video content on your internal company network to reduce external bandwidth requirements.

TeamNow - BizDevOps Dashboarding.png

TeamNow - BizDevOps Dashboarding: TeamNow integrates with Azure DevOps to demonstrate compliance with ISO/IEC 27001 and the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation. This app is available in English, German, and Dutch.

Technicolor Pulse.png

Technicolor PULSE: Technicolor’s PULSE is a web-based platform that automates the management of visual effects assets. Features include shot-specific file delivery, image integrity validation, and management of color pipelines.

ThingLink for Public Sector.png

ThingLink for Public Sector: This plan offers ThingLink to public sector organizations at a discounted price. ThingLink is a visual learning platform that enhances videos, images, and virtual tours with information and links. It provides automatic translation for more than 60 languages.

Titan CUCM Backup Server logo.png

Titan CUCM Backup Server: This dedicated virtual machine offered by South River Technologies contains a pre-configured secure server to back up your data to the cloud. Create a user account on the Titan server and back up via SSH/SFTP.

uWebChat License.png

uWebChat License (Teams): The uWebChat plug-in for Microsoft Teams embeds on your company website to enable a live chat interface between customers and your team members. Features include opening hours, group chats, and chats with specific agents. Customize the out-of-box web chat with your company branding.

VisualSVN Server for Windows 2016.png

VisualSVN Server: Visual SVN is a web-based visual interface to review, control, and restore versions of your Visual Studio projects. Key features include PowerShell automation, access logging, repository replication, and Active Directory single sign-on.

VNS3 4.x PeopleVPN - Remote Work Solution.png

VNS3 (PeopleVPN) - Remote Work Solution: VNS3 PeopleVPN enables secure remote access for up to 35 people to your Azures services and the internet. Features include firewall traffic controls, log collection, and network segmentation.

zero trust adaptive two factor authentication.png

Zero Trust Adaptive Two-Factor Authentication: Spriv LLC offers Zero Trust Adaptive Two-Factor Authentication for use with your mobile phone and Windows systems. Features include eliminating requests based on your phone’s fingerprint, time-sensitive codes, two-way SMS, and one-time access codes.

Consulting services

Azure DevOps Optimization 5 day assessment logo.png

Azure DevOps Optimization: 5-Day Assessment: This five-day assessment from Trimax Americas engages customers with suggestions to increase their efficiency and improve their delivery process utilizing Microsoft Azure DevOps.

Azure Economics 3 day assessment and migration.png

Azure Economics 3-Day Assessment & Migration: This free assessment from CoreBTS will help you better forecast your Microsoft Azure infrastructure usage, ensuring a well-defined migration plan and transition to the cloud.

Azure Sentinel FyrFight program.png

Azure Sentinel FyrFighter Program: 5-Day Workshop: In this free workshop from FyrSoft LLC, participants will learn how to define a security implementation roadmap that includes defenses against multi-stage cyberattacks. 

Governance &Management for Azure 1 Day Assessment.png

Governance & Management for Azure: 1 Day Assessment: This assessment is designed for organizations with existing cloud adoption strategies. Sycor will recommend cloud design best practices, operations management, and managed services.

Hyperledger Fabric on Azure AKS 1-Hour Briefing.png

Hyperledger Fabric on Azure AKS: 1-Hour Briefing: In this free briefing from Keyhole Software, participants will learn how to configure and deploy a blockchain framework on an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) template.

Intro to Azure Fundamentals 5-7 Hour Workshop.png

Intro to Azure Fundamentals: 5-7 Hour Workshop: This hands-on workshop from Keyhole Software will introduce individuals to computing, storage, networking, management, and database services. This offer is available in one-hour sessions or a single session.

Intro to the Baseline Protocol 4-Hour Workshop.png

Intro to the Baseline Protocol: 4-Hour Workshop: This workshop from Envision Blockchain Solutions is designed for organizations that want to learn about enterprise libraries and create secure applications on top of the public Ethereum blockchain network.

Kentico Turnkey 1-Day Implementation.png

Kentico Turnkey: 1-Day Implementation: netzkern AG will set up Kentico Turnkey, a fast time-to-market content management system based on Kentico EMS MVC. Kentico can then connect to additional services, such as Azure Cognitive Search, Dynamics 365, or Azure Content Delivery Network. 

Ready & Adoption Concept for Azure 1-Day Workshop.png

Ready & Adoption Concept for Azure: 1-Day Workshop: Sycor's workshop and Sycor's variation of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure, the Sycor Datacenter Transformation, will make your datacenter plans a reality.

SAP on Azure Migration 2-Week Implementation.png

SAP on Azure Migration: 2-Week Implementation: In this free implementation, Rhipe Limited's Microsoft Azure architects will conduct a SAP on Azure migration to move a customer's mission-critical workloads and increase cloud profitability.

Smart Products 2-day workshop.png

Smart Products: 2-day workshop: ORAYLIS GmbH's IoT and data platform workshop will analyze the customer's requirements and come up with an architecture plan based on Microsoft Azure services and Smart Products solution modules from ORAYLIS, which will be in German.

Test Drive 2020 3 Weeks to PoC.png

Test Drive 2020: 3 Weeks to PoC: Southworks' proof of concept will assign a dedicated developer team to your toughest problem, allowing you to overcome your biggest hurdle before you even start the project. This service is designed for Microsoft Azure customers.

Trivadis Azure Readiness 2-Day Assessment.png Trivadis Azure Readiness: 2-Day Assessment: In this cloud readiness assessment, Trivadis AG will evaluate your situation, perform a gap analysis, and recommend actions to take to proceed with your journey to Microsoft Azure.
Trivadis Azure Review 2-Day Assessment.png Trivadis Azure Review: 2-Day Assessment: Trivadis AG will review your Microsoft Azure environment and look for gaps in governance, core infrastructure, and operations preparation that prevent you from establishing Azure as an enterprise-ready platform.
Windows Virtual Desktop- 12 day solution workshop.png Windows Virtual Desktop- 1/2 day solution workshop: This free workshop from Foundation IT is designed for organizations that are exploring whether to adopt Windows Virtual Desktop as a desktop and application delivery platform.
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