Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 55
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 78 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


Active Directory Guardian.png

Active Directory Guardian: Account takeover represents a major risk to enterprises. SpyCloud Active Directory Guardian prevents account takeover by automatically detecting and resetting compromised Active Directory passwords.

AI Supply Chain Services.png

AI Supply Chain Services: AI Direct, a division of Clover Imaging Group, offers a full range of artificial intelligence supply chain services to help your company create a flexible ecosystem and utilize data to optimize your supply chain.

AsgardCMS on Ubuntu 18.04.png

AsgardCMS on Ubuntu 18.04: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains AsgardCMS on Ubuntu 18.04. AsgardCMS is a feature-rich content management system built on the Laravel framework.

Atmosera Managed and Professional Services.png

Atmosera Managed and Professional Services: Atmosera's managed services can help you optimize your Microsoft Azure environment for your business needs. Lower your operational costs and improve performance with Atmosera's team of certified Azure experts.

Automad on Ubuntu 18.04.png

Automad on Ubuntu 18.04: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains Automad on Ubuntu 18.04. Automad is an open-source content management system and template engine based on the PHP scripting language.

Azure based Asset Performance Management Solution.png

Azure based Asset Performance Management Solution: Remote Asset Performance Management is an app designed for fixed and mobile asset tracking and maintenance. It ensures machine reliability, efficiency, and performance while reducing operations and maintenance expenditures.

Azure Managed Services Deployment and Monitoring.png

Azure Managed Services Deployment and Monitoring: Let 360 Visibility Inc. manage your Azure environment. This managed service includes performance tuning, disaster recovery and backup, advice on new Azure services, implementation, and 24x7 incident reporting.

Batflat CMS On Ubuntu 18.04.png

Batflat CMS on Ubuntu 18.04: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains Batflat CMS on Ubuntu 18.04. Batflat CMS is a content management system that uses flat files to simplify the porting of websites.

Baun CMS on Ubuntu 18.04.png

Baun CMS on Ubuntu 18.04: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains Baun CMS on Ubuntu 18.04. Baun CMS is a modern PHP application that uses text files rather than a database, and this helps the software store and retrieve data quickly.

BigTree CMS on Ubuntu 18.04.png

BigTree CMS on Ubuntu 18.04: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains BigTree CMS on Ubuntu 18.04. Developers can use BigTree's familiar trio of HTML, PHP, and MySQL to add features, and admins get a user-friendly dashboard with integrated analytics data.

Blockchain Innovation Centre.png

Blockchain Innovation Centre: The Blockchain Innovation Centre is designed to help institutions understand and harness the potential of blockchain. It features a knowledge base, ready-to-use development tools, demo applications, and more.

Bludit CMS On Ubuntu 18.04.png

Bludit CMS on Ubuntu 18.04: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains Bludit CMS on Ubuntu 18.04. Bludit is a flat-file content management system that stores files in the JSON format, allowing users to build websites without installing or setting up databases.

Bolt CMS on Ubuntu 18.04.png

Bolt CMS on Ubuntu 18.04: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains Bolt CMS on Ubuntu 18.04. Bolt uses the Twig template engine for the PHP programming language, enabling front-end designers to create their own templates.

BoltWire On Ubuntu 18.04.png

BoltWire on Ubuntu 18.04: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains BoltWire on Ubuntu 18.04. BoltWire is a flexible but powerful system for developing complex web applications. Users can create dynamic content using variables, functions, and conditionals.

BookStack On Ubuntu 18.04.png

BookStack on Ubuntu 18.04: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains BookStack on Ubuntu 18.04. BookStack is a platform for creating documents and wiki content, which is organized in the form of books with chapters and pages.


ContactInSky: ContactInSky is a platform for customer support, sales activities, debt collection, and marketing. It's also a predictive and analytical tool for upselling and cross-selling.

Cuppa CMS on Ubuntu 18.04.png

Cuppa CMS on Ubuntu 18.04: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains Cuppa CMS on Ubuntu 18.04. Cuppa CMS is a flexible content manager for desktop, web, or mobile projects. Developers can quickly add functionalities with its powerful tools and PHP framework.

Dolphin Boonex Social Networking Engine.png

Dolphin (Boonex) Social Networking Engine: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains Dolphin, an open-source solution for developing niche social media networks. Dolphin provides developers with powerful tools to customize every aspect of their sites.

Haivision SRT Gateway 3.2.0.png

Haivision SRT Gateway 3.2.0: The Haivision SRT Gateway enables low-latency live video streaming and protocol conversion, helping broadcasters with live production, backhaul, remote monitoring, bidirectional live interviews, and video distribution.

Hammerhead PPM Data Warehouse.png

Hammerhead PPM Data Warehouse: Hammerhead adds robust business intelligence and reporting capabilities to Microsoft Project Online and Project Server. Its PPM data warehouse deploys into your Azure environment, connecting data from Project Online.

HealthStore in the Cloud.png

HealthStore in the Cloud: HealthStore provides an independent clinical archive that enables hospitals to access patient and administrative data on Microsoft Azure. HealthStore can work with any data format or type.

ImpressCMS on Ubuntu 18.04.png

ImpressCMS on Ubuntu 18.04: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains ImpressCMS on Ubuntu 18.04. ImpressCMS is an open-source content management system that offers advanced security features like input filtering, sensitive data hashing, and SSL support.

Incorta Paid Offer.png

Incorta Paid Offer: With Incorta’s Direct Data Mapping engine, you get real-time aggregation of large, complex business data without needing a data warehouse. Ingest your source schema into the platform and bypass the need for the traditional data model design.

InstantCMS on Ubuntu 18.04.png

InstantCMS on Ubuntu 18.04: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains InstantCMS on Ubuntu 18.04. InstantCMS is a multifunctional tool for creating heavy-traffic websites like social networks.


intellibonds_saas: IntelliBonds is a fully automated platform for fixed-income investors. Advanced machine learning techniques and analytics combined with wider market coverage improves the efficiency of your front-office fixed-income team.

Kajona CMS on Ubuntu 18.04.png

Kajona CMS on Ubuntu 18.04: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains Kajona CMS on Ubuntu 18.04. Kajona is a content management system and web application framework that features a powerful template engine that allows users to separate the layout from the content.

Kirby on Ubuntu 18.04.png

Kirby on Ubuntu 18.04: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains Kirby on Ubuntu 18.04. Kirby is a content management system that uses flat files for storing project data. Kirby allows users to create customized interfaces by combining forms, galleries, articles, and other classes of content.

MediaWiki on CentOS.png

MediaWiki on CentOS: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains MediaWiki on CentOS. MediaWiki is an open-source wiki engine for building large, high-traffic websites that support open content.

MediaWiki on Ubuntu 18.04.png

MediaWiki on Ubuntu 18.04: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains MediaWiki on Ubuntu 18.04. MediaWiki is an open-source wiki engine for building large, high-traffic websites that support open content.

MongoDB on Centos 7.5.png

MongoDB on Centos 7.5: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains MongoDB on Centos 7.5. MongoDB is an open-source database management system that provides real-time analytics and supports high-speed logging and caching, making it ideal for complex websites.

Mukurtu CMS on Ubuntu 18.04.png

Mukurtu CMS on Ubuntu 18.04: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains Mukurtu CMS on Ubuntu 18.04. Mukurtu CMS is an open-source platform designed for indigenous communities to manage and share digital cultural heritage.

NICE inContact CXone Agent for Microsoft Dynamics.png

NICE inContact CXone Agent for Microsoft Dynamics: NICE inContact CXone Agent for Microsoft Dynamics consolidates your customer context and contact center controls into a single interface for more efficient agents and exceptional experiences.


OroCRM: OroCRM is an open-source customer relationship management platform designed to meet any business need. This offer is for the Community Edition, which comes with forum support.

Osclass on Ubuntu 18.04.png

Osclass on Ubuntu 18.04: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains Osclass on Ubuntu 18.04. Osclass is an open-source content management system for building online marketplaces and classified ads.

Osirium PPA.png

Osirium PPA: Osirium's privileged process automation solution, PPA, makes it possible for IT tasks and business processes to be delegated to junior staff rather than to expert administrators.

Passenger and NGINX on Centos 7.5.png

Passenger and NGINX on Centos 7.5: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains Passenger and NGINX on Centos 7.5. Phusion Passenger, an application server, integrates with web servers like NGINX to run Ruby, Python, and Node.js directly.

PHP 7.2 With CentOS 7.7.png

PHP 7.2 With CentOS 7.7: This image offered by Cognosys contains PHP 7.2 with CentOS 7.7. PHP is a popular general-purpose scripting language suited for web development.

Postgres Pro Standard Database 11 docker.png

Postgres Pro Standard Database 11 (docker): Postgres Pro Standard Database from Postgres Professional provides early access to new PostgreSQL features and optimizations. Postgres Pro Standard Database comes with SQL and NoSQL support.

PowerSuite Software for Teams and Skype.png

PowerSuite Software for Teams and Skype: PowerSuite software creates a unified set of dashboards to surface actionable insights and to monitor, analyze, and manage collaboration and communications platforms.

PrestaShop with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.png

PrestaShop with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS: This image offered by Cognosys contains PrestaShop with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. PrestaShop is an efficient and innovative e-commerce solution with all the features you need to create an online store and grow your business.

PrestaShop with Ubuntu 19.04.png

PrestaShop with Ubuntu 19.04: This image offered by Cognosys contains PrestaShop with Ubuntu 19.04. PrestaShop is an efficient and innovative e-commerce solution with all the features you need to create an online store and grow your business.


PriceSynergy: PriceSynergy.IO's suite of business tools allows you to identify weaknesses and strengths within your product portfolio and adjust accordingly. Compare competitors' product portfolios against yours to understand what they are selling.


Proteus: Proteus is a one-stop software platform that applies analytics to data created by on-chip Agents (Internet Protocols) to provide actionable insights and alerts on the electronic system’s health and performance.


Retailys: The Retailys cloud e-commerce tool helps online sellers expand their business to European Union member countries. This app is available in Czech and English.

Reveron Insights.png

Reveron Insights: Reveron Insights lets you connect, consolidate, and manage projects, assets, and smart-city information. The platform's unified digital view provides timely insights through 3-D models.

SCIchain Free - Blockchain - API Suite.png

SCIchain Free - Blockchain + API Suite: This free virtual machine offer from Rebittance Inc. provides you with a blockchain (Hyperledger Iroha) and an API kit so you can start developing your own apps on top of a blockchain.


Secfense: Secfense User Access Security Broker (SUASB) protects against phishing and credential theft. The tool enables any multi-factor authentication method on any web application. Easy scalability is possible because the tool works as a reverse-proxy and is independent of the tech stack.

SecuPi Secure Gateway.png

SecuPi Secure Gateway: SecuPi Secure Gateway protects your sensitive information in the cloud with real-time monitoring and behavior analytics. SecuPi is deployed by large enterprises in the banking, insurance, telecommunications, retail, and healthcare industries. 


Sharedien: Sharedien combines digital asset management with information and content management to help you achieve more. Gone are the days of unused assets, unstructured folder systems, redundant media storage, and complicated processes.

SkyPoint Real-Time Customer Data Platform.png

SkyPoint Real-Time Customer Data Platform: SkyPoint’s Intelligent Customer Data Platform (ICDP) plugs into your internal and third-party data sources to provide real-time, unified, self-service access to all your customer data. Personalize the customer experience.


smartCover: This mobile app from Enterprise Computing targets customers in Africa. smartCover addresses challenges in the digital insurance industry, allowing customers to purchase and verify policies from their phones.

Tidal Tools.png

Tidal Tools: Using Tidal Tools, you can easily discover and assess your applications and their infrastructure. Rapidly determine what technologies are in use, along with network and DNS configuration information.

Trufactor InMobi Group.png

Trufactor (InMobi Group): TruFactor’s patented anonymization platform ingests, filters, and processes more than 100 terabytes of raw information daily. Proprietary AI transforms this data into integrated consumer graphs accessible via application-ready APIs.

Virto Commerce.png

Virto Commerce: Virto Commerce is an enterprise-level e-commerce product available under an open-source license. It features master and virtual catalogs, separate price lists, multiple stores, an advanced template engine, and dynamic marketing content.

WPS Analytics.png

WPS Analytics: This is a bring-your-own-license (BYOL) virtual machine for WPS Analytics. WPS Analytics provides mission-critical data processing and an end-to-end platform for data science, business analytics, and more.

Wowza Streaming Cloud service.png

Wowza Streaming Cloud service: Configure professional streams in minutes with the Wowza Streaming Cloud GUI management portal, and scale automatically to accommodate global audiences of any size.

Zevenet Load Balancer.png

Zevenet Load Balancer: Zevenet Load Balancer is a complete application delivery controller solution with load balancing and high availability in layers 2, 3, 4, and 7 for WAN uplinks, services, applications, and datacenters.

Consulting services

Application Modernization Assessment - 4 Weeks.png

Application Modernization Assessment - 4 Weeks: In this assessment, SWC Technology Partners will analyze your significant applications to determine future action. This approach will guide you through your Azure cloud initiative and assist your return on investment.

Azure Establishment - 2-Wk Imp.png

Azure Establishment: 2-Wk ImpThis implementation from Empired speeds up customers' Microsoft Azure deployments through applying standards and best-practice solutions.

Azure Kubernetes Service - 3-Week Assessment.png

Azure Kubernetes Service: 3-Week Assessment: Mindtree Limited's free engagement will deliver you a fully functioning Kubernetes cluster for hosting fully deployed apps running in Kubernetes, a configured CI/CD pipeline, team mentoring, and more.

Azure Launchpad CAF Landing Zone - 1-day Implement.png

Azure Launchpad CAF Landing Zone: 1-day Implement: New Signature's Azure Launchpad implementation provides customers with an environment that's been provisioned and prepared to host workloads with built-in governance, monitoring, and management.

Azure Readiness Assessment - 3-Days.png

Azure Readiness Assessment: 3-Days: This assessment from Netmetix will give you a detailed understanding of what your business can achieve with Microsoft Azure. Netmetix will also provide a business case for migration that includes an estimate of timing and costs.

Cloud Advisory Services - 3-Weeks Assessment.png

Cloud Advisory Services: 3-Weeks Assessment: This assessment from NIIT Technologies will help clients develop a datacenter transformation strategy. A detailed cost-benefit analysis and a road map for enterprise-wide implementation will be included.

Cloud Migration - 4 week Implementation.png

Cloud Migration: 4 week Implementation: This implementation from NIIT Technologies will provide comprehensive professional services to help enterprises migrate complex and critical applications to the cloud.

Cloud Native Development - 2-Day Assessment.png

Cloud Native Development: 2-Day Assessment: EPAM's assessment will help you accelerate cloud migration strategies and optimize applications for your business requirements. EPAM specializes in modernizing legacy applications to help clients address the challenges of evolving technology.

Cloud Readiness Assessment 1-3 days.png

Cloud Readiness Assessment 1-3 days: SafeNet Consulting will evaluate your current environment and consider your desired goals. Assessment results will illustrate achievable short-term goals and a long-term road map aligning with your goals and showing a clear return on investment.

Cloud Startegy Incubation 1-Day Workshop.png

Cloud Strategy Incubation 1-Day Workshop: Establishing the best cloud strategy depends on your constraints and needs. Avaelgo's workshop will identify your business needs, develop a winning cloud strategy, and offer you advisory services.

Cloud Transformation- 4 week Assessment.png

Cloud Transformation - 4 week Assessment: This assessment from NIIT Technologies will help you containerize a legacy application and transform it into a modern, cloud-based architecture.

Cost Reduction - 1-Day Workshop.png

Cost Reduction: 1-Day Workshop: Cost Reduction by Sela is a workshop to reduce total cost of ownership for the cloud. This eight-hour session will cover cloud costs, pitfalls, and tools to continuously keep your prices efficient.

HIPAA HITECH in Azure - Free 1-Hour Briefing.png

HIPAA/HITECH in Azure: Free 1-Hour Briefing: In this briefing from Atmosera, you'll learn how to implement and meet HIPAA and HITECH compliance in your Azure environment. A certified security engineer and a certified Azure architect will conduct the session.

Is the Cloud right for you - 4-hour Assessment.png

Is the Cloud right for you? 4-hour Assessment: This personalized session with Lanworks Inc. experts will cover cloud concepts, practices, and scenarios, as well as how they relate to your business.

Migrate apps to Azure Cloud - 2 Week Assmt.png

Migrate apps to Azure Cloud: 2 Week Assmt: Looking to reduce infrastructure costs? KCS Inc. will evaluate your environment and deliver a proposal to migrate on-premises applications to Microsoft Azure.

Mirth Connect on Azure - 5-Day Assessment - Remote.png

Mirth Connect on Azure: 5-Day Assessment (Remote): SphereGen will conduct a detailed analysis and develop a plan for migrating Mirth to Microsoft Azure. Note: For New York and Massachusetts, SphereGen provides on-premises assessments for only the New York City and Boston Metro areas.

PCI-DSS in Azure - Free 1-Hour Briefing.png

PCI-DSS in Azure: Free 1-Hour Briefing: In Atmosera's free briefing, you'll learn how to implement and meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) in your Microsoft Azure environment.

Remote Workstation Deployments - 5-Day Imp.png

Remote Workstation Deployments: 5-Day Imp: Teradici's implementation will help design, integrate, and optimize your remote workstation deployments so you can focus on your core business. Teradici will help your business migrate up to three apps or workspaces to Azure.

Shopify integration with Dynamics - 5 Days POC.png

Shopify integration with Dynamics - 5 Days POC: This proof of concept from NeosAlpha Technologies Limited will integrate the e-commerce app Shopify with Microsoft Dynamics by using Azure Integration Services.

Vamosa Content Migration Service - 3-Wk Imp.png

Vamosa Content Migration Service: 3-Wk Imp.: In this engagement, Vamosa Technologies, a division of T-Systems, will consolidate, refine, and migrate content from any source to any target application running on Microsoft Azure.

WVD VDI and DaaS Guided Deployment - 1 Week Imp.png

WVD, VDI and DaaS Guided Deployment - 1 Week Imp: CloudJumper's implementation service is designed to rapidly get your Microsoft Azure environment up and running. Note: This package does not include general Azure consultancy or configuration.

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