Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 161
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 116 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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Annual KMS Lighthouse Cloud Subscription.png

Annual KMS Lighthouse Cloud Subscription: This plan from The Aman Group provides access to the knowledge management solution KMS Lighthouse. KMS Lighthouse's powerful AI search functionality dramatically improves engagements across service and sales channels.

Ansible (on CentOS).png

Ansible (on CentOS): This image from Cloud Infrastructure Services provides an Ansible control node on CentOS Server 8.3. Manage and deploy infrastructure using Ansible, an agentless automation tool that handles cloud provisioning, ad-hoc task execution, network automation, and more.

Ansible (on Ubuntu).png

Ansible (on Ubuntu): This image from Cloud Infrastructure Services provides an Ansible control node on Ubuntu Server 20.04. Manage and deploy infrastructure using Ansible, an agentless automation tool that handles cloud provisioning, ad-hoc task execution, network automation, and more.

AustranetGRC SaaS.png

AustranetGRC SaaS: AustranetGRC, a compliance measurement and risk management platform, provides traceability and visibility. It's simple and intuitive, with no need for specialized consulting. This app is available only in Spanish.


ChurchInfo: This image offered by Niles Partners provides the open-source database program ChurchInfo embedded with a LAMP stack. ChurchInfo runs on any server that supports PHP and mySQL, and it enables churches to oversee members, families, groups, pledges, and payments.

Cloud Native ERP & CRM with Dolibarr.png

Cloud-Native ERP and CRM with Dolibarr: This image offered by VMLab provides version 13 of Dolibarr on CentOS 7.9. Freelancers and small businesses use Dolibarr for resource planning and customer relationship management. Also included are Apache 2.4, PHP 7.2, MySQL 5.7, phpMyAdmin 5.1, Redis 5.0, and Docker 20.10.

Credeon SFS and KMS for SharePoint Online.png

Credeon SFS and KMS for SharePoint Online: Credeon Secure Full-Text Search works as a plug-in to encrypt the search index in Apache Solr and Credeon Key Management Server. These are parts of the Credeon Secure Document Solution for SharePoint Online and are integrated with Credeon Secure Document Library.


Croogo: This ready-to-launch image from Niles Partners provides the Croogo publishing platform embedded with a preconfigured LAMP stack. Croogo is an open-source content management system powered by the CakePHP MVC framework.

Directus 9.png

Directus 9: This image from Ntegral provides version 9 of Directus on Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS. Directus is an open-source headless content management system with the flexibility and power of a data API. Also included are SQL Server 2019 Express Edition, NGINX, and PM2.

Django Server (on CentOS).png

Django Server (on CentOS): This image from Cloud Infrastructure Services provides Django on CentOS Server 8.3. Django is a high-level Python web framework with a large collection of modules you can use in your projects.

Django Server (on Ubuntu).png

Django Server (on Ubuntu): This image from Cloud Infrastructure Services provides Django on Ubuntu Server 20.04. Django is a high-level Python web framework with a large collection of modules you can use in your projects.


EGM2008 API: The official Earth Gravitational Model EGM2008 was developed and released by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. Amentum Aerospace's EGM2008 API provides on-demand access to the EGM2008 model, as implemented by the open-source GeographicLib Gravity library.


FarEye: FarEye, a predictive visibility platform, enables brands to orchestrate, track, and optimize their logistics operations. It helps with cross-docking, long-haul movement, and last-mile delivery, and it comes with pre-integrations for more than 40 logistics partners across multiple countries.


geomag: The World Magnetic Model calculates the intensity and direction of the Earth's magnetic field on a specific date and time, geodetic altitude, latitude, and longitude. Amentum Aerospace's RESTful API provides access to the out-of-cycle World Magnetic Model (WMM2015v2) and WMM2020.


inoERP: This image from Niles Partners provides inoERP embedded with a LAMP stack. inoERP is an open-source enterprise management system for manufacturing and distribution with features similar to Oracle R12, Oracle Fusion, and SAP.

IoT Bridge for Queclink.png

IoT Bridge for Queclink: Tartabit's IoT Bridge for Queclink is a complementary IoT service built for developers who integrate low-power, low-bandwidth Queclink devices into their Microsoft Azure IoT solutions.

Jmeter - Load Tester.png

Jmeter - Load Tester: Sundown Load Tester is an extensible load-testing utility for Unix systems. It's written in Python, uses JMeter as its core load generator, and can also be used for performance, spike, and unit testing.


Memcached: This ready-to-launch image from Niles Partners provides Memcached, a high-performance distributed memory object caching system used to speed up dynamic web applications by alleviating database load. Also included is MariaDB.

Multi Approval Process for Apps.png

Multi Approval Process for Apps: Create approval systems and workflows with LTAPPS' Multi Approval Process for Teams, part of the Multi Approval Process add-in for SharePoint Online. The add-in's default approval systems concern recruiting, overtime, travel, and help desk requests.


NETCenter-PAYG: NETCenter, an IT infrastructure monitoring tool from SYSCOM Computer Engineering Co., offers network equipment performance monitoring, backup support, and more. This app is available in English and Traditional Chinese.


Omeka: This image offered by Niles Partners provides Omeka, a free open-source content management system, on Ubuntu. Omeka is a lightweight solution compared to DSpace and Fedora. Also included in the image are Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

Open Source Social Network.png

Open Source Social Network: This image offered by Niles Partners provides Open Source Social Network (OSSN), social-networking software written in PHP. Also included is a LAMP stack. OSSN can be used to build different types of social apps.

Passport 360 – Compliance Process Automation.png

Passport 360: Compliance Process Automation: Passport 360 automates health and safety compliance processes across the supply chain, providing a holistic view of contractor compliance and enabling clients to track standards across people, equipment, vehicles, and tools.

PowerDNS Server Ready with Support from Linnovate.png

PowerDNS Server Ready with Support from Linnovate: This versatile name server offered by Linnovate Technologies supports Linux, Unix, and BSD. It features load balancing and failover algorithms, along with web-based management options, debugging tools, and more.

Rocky Linux 8.png

Rocky Linux 8: This image offered by provides version 8 of Rocky Linux, a community enterprise operating system designed to be binary-compatible with CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. An auto-extending root file system and cloud-init are included.

Rocky Linux 8 Minimal.png

Rocky Linux 8 Minimal: This offer from provides a minimal image of version 8 of Rocky Linux, a community enterprise operating system designed to be binary-compatible with CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. An auto-extending root file system and cloud-init are included.

Rocky Linux 8.4.png

Rocky Linux 8.4: This image offered by provides version 8.4 of Rocky Linux, a community enterprise operating system designed to be binary-compatible with CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. An auto-extending root file system and cloud-init are included.

Ruby Runtime with Rails Framework.png

Ruby Runtime with Rails Framework: This preconfigured image offered by VMLab, an authorized reseller for Websoft9, provides Ruby 3.0.0, Rails 6.1.4, NGINX 1.20.1, Node.js 14.17, MongoDB 4.4, MySQL 5.7, SQLite 3.35, phpMyAdmin 5.1.0, adminMongo 0.0.23, and Docker 20.10.7 on CentOS or Ubuntu.


Space radiation APIs: Amentum Aerospace's web APIs enable access to scientific modeling software and data streams. AE9/AP9/SPM is a set of models, developed by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, that calculate the fluxes of trapped radiation in near-Earth space and are useful for space system design, mission planning, and other climatological purposes.


Subrion: This image offered by Niles Partners provides Subrion, an open-source content management system. Subrion's scalable structure makes it appropriate for a small projects as well as high-load portals. Apache, MySQL, Linux, and PHP are also included. Connection Pooler.png Connection Pooler: This connection pooler and request router for PostgreSQL comes production-ready. With multi-threaded processing built in, it can significantly scale performance by specifying a number of additional worker threads. 

Tensorflow Server with Support from Linnovate.png

Tensorflow Server with Support from Linnovate: This Jupyter Notebook offered by Linnovate Technologies includes TensorFlow, an open-source platform for machine learning. Easily build and train machine learning models using intuitive high-level APIs like Keras, then deploy them in the cloud, on-premises, or in a browser.

Tiki Wiki CMS.png

Tiki Wiki CMS: This image offered by Niles Partners provides Tiki, an open-source Wiki-based content management system written primarily in PHP. Tiki features an all-in-one design, as opposed to a core-plus-extensions model, so it offers future-proof upgrades but has a large codebase (more than 1 million lines).

Uptake Fusion Cloud Datastore for Ignition.png Uptake Fusion Cloud Datastore for Ignition: Uptake Fusion from Uptake Technologies makes industrial data from Inductive Automation's Ignition software accessible on Microsoft Azure and automatically curates the data for analytical tools.

Go further with partner consulting services

1C in Azure- 2-Day Implementation.png

1C in Azure: 2-Day Implementation: + Alliance offers inexpensive, high-quality administration of the client's IT infrastructure using Microsoft tools and competent experts from 1C and Azure, with 24/7 support. Work without freezes and reboots. This offer is available only in Russian.

2-Week Cloud Transformation Assessment.png

2-Week Cloud Transformation Assessment: PALO IT’s offering will help customers get started with or extend their use of Microsoft Azure by providing expertise, capabilities, and know-how that they either do not have in-house or need to augment. This assessment includes a transformation road map.

3-Day Azure Virtual Desktop Implementation.png

3-Day Azure Virtual Desktop Implementation: Computer Solutions East’s workshop is designed for organizations to enable secure and productive remote work on any device, including how to use the existing Microsoft 365 license to access Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop.

4Sight-Data Vault on Azure- 10-Week Implementation.png

4Sight-Data Vault on Azure: 10-Week Implementation: Future-proof your business intelligence solution with the scalable power of AccTech’s Data Vault on Microsoft Azure. Consolidate your data sources into a scalable, mature enterprise data model through an incremental approach with no rework required.

Analytics Readiness- Half-Day Workshop.png

Analytics Readiness: Half-Day Workshop: Zoi uses smart algorithms and Microsoft Azure to help you create an asset out of your data. This offering focuses on your data strategy and is tailored to your needs. Take a 1:1 look at your data and analytics opportunities. 

App Modernization- 3-Day Workshop.png

App Modernization: 3-Day Workshop: M&M Software will give you insight into the topic of app modernization and Microsoft Azure migration strategies based on a demo project. You will receive a high-level solution architecture as a basis for a project and analysis of your existing application.

App Modernization and I-FACTs DiFlow- 1-Hour Briefing.png

App Modernization and I-FACTs DiFlow: 1-Hour Briefing: SK’s offering covers I-FACTs DiFlow, a message-based data relay and processing solution that plays a key role in application integration. Streamline your manufacturing application environment. This offer is available only in Korean.

Azure- 1-Day Assessment.png Azure: 1-Day Assessment: Telekom will perform a commercial assessment of your infrastructure for migration and service costs associated with the transition to Microsoft Azure. The duration of the offer will depend on customer's specific needs and infrastructure environment.
Azure AI- Assess Your Data- 1-Day Workshop.png

Azure AI- Assess Your Data: 1-Day Workshop: This session with Konica Minolta will cover the operational requirements and customer needs of your business to find the right, ROI-positive application of Microsoft Azure AI and shorten your time to market.

Azure AI Audit and Roadmap- 2-Week Assessment.png

Azure AI Audit and Roadmap: 2-Week Assessment: In this offer, Konica Minolta will analyze your company's strategy, operational requirements, and customer needs to find the right, ROI-positive application of Microsoft Azure AI and establish a road map to achieve your targets.

Azure Conditional Access- 2-Day Implementation.png

Azure Conditional Access: 2-Day Implementation: Increase end-to-end security on the devices your employees use to access company data. Solvo IT’s offering is a single-shop path to increasing your company’s security score, including a wide range of standard security tools and services.

Azure Governance- 6-Week Assessment.png

Azure Governance: 6-Week Assessment: In a series of workshops, Inviso will take you through guided learning on how to optimize Microsoft Azure spending and control costs into the future. Discuss current Azure infrastructure and share cost-saving best practices.

Azure Infrastructure- 8-Week Proof of Concept.png Azure Infrastructure: 8-Week Proof of Concept: This offering is for companies that see potential benefits in Microsoft Azure data infrastructure and AI use cases and wish to test them in a controlled environment. Konica Minolta will help you devise and execute proof-of-concept scenarios.
Azure Infrastructure Roadmap- 2-Week Assessment.png

Azure Infrastructure Roadmap: 2-Week Assessment: Is your data infrastructure up to the tasks expected of it? Konica Minolta will help you review it and get ready for the future. This assessment is designed for companies that want to modernize their data infrastructure and/or improve data governance.

Azure Landing Zone- 3-Week Implementation.png

Azure Landing Zone: 3-Week Implementation: Learn from SoftwareONE about cost management and pricing, which is crucial to making the right decisions to save costs and avoid surprises when receiving your Microsoft Azure invoice, as well as fundamental knowledge, such as governance.

Azure Migration- 1-Day Implementation.png

Azure Migration: 1-Day Implementation: Telekom makes digitization simple, adapting IT to suit your needs while keeping it secure, up to date, and scalable. Telekom offers added-value professional services for Microsoft Azure customers, such as discover and assess, plan and design, and more. 

Azure Modern IT Ops- 2-Day Architecture Workshop.png

Azure Modern IT Ops: 2-Day Architecture Workshop: This discovery and enhanced architecture review workshop from Rackspace analyzes your current infrastructure and gives you a broad road map on how to optimize your environment and operations in Microsoft Azure. 

Azure Security- 2-Day Workshop.png

Azure Security: 2-Day Workshop: Receive a comprehensive introduction to Microsoft Azure security and Azure Sentinel from aConTech as well as an analysis and roadmap for your security concept based on Azure security. This offer is available only in German.

Azure Security Package- 10-Day Implementation.png

Azure Security Package: 10-Day Implementation: aConTech will introduce Microsoft Azure security to your company and configure the security mechanisms necessary for your environment. aConTech will accompany you from conception to implementation. This offer is available only in German.

Azure Virtual Desktop- 1-Hour Briefing.png

Azure Virtual Desktop: 1-Hour Briefing: This offering from MineData is designed to give you the confidence in implementing the latest virtualization offering, Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop. After the briefing, you will understand the stages, benefits, and costs involved.

Azure Virtual Desktop- 8-Week Implementation.png

Azure Virtual Desktop: 8-Week Implementation: Utilizing Azure Virtual Desktop can be a daunting task for enterprises with complex legacy systems. TCS will jump-start the process, guiding your enterprise to strategize and embrace Azure Virtual Desktop.

Azure Well-Architected Review- 5-Day Assessment.png

Azure Well-Architected Review: 5-Day Assessment: Seven Peaks Software’s certified solution architects use the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework as a structured approach to assess your workloads running on Azure. Optimize costs and increase performance efficiency.

Cloud Migration- 4-Week Implementation.png

Cloud Migration: 4-Week Implementation: ECS’ offering helps organizations successfully transition their data into Microsoft Azure, while mitigating the risks of the cloud adoption journey. ECS will take you from discovery and assessment to Azure migration and post-deployment support.

CloudTrack Strategy Documentation- 3-Day Workshop.png

CloudTrack Strategy Documentation: 3-Day Workshop: Atea’s document creation workshop will devise cloud strategy documentation for the customer’s journey to Microsoft Azure. Atea's approach utilizes key components from the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework and enterprise scale.

Data & AI Modern Data Warehouse- 8-Week Implementation.png

Data & AI Modern Data Warehouse: 8-Week Implementation: Intelligent Technologies will deliver a proof of concept of Microsoft Azure data services, including Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake Storage, and Azure Synapse Analytics, to create a reliable data foundation for answering business questions.

Data Health Check- 2-Day Assessment.png

Data Health Check: 2-Day Assessment: Through this assessment, Cluster Reply will enable you to understand and extract value from your data. Cluster Reply will identify potential optimizations and areas to investigate so you can optimize your data.

Data Migration- 5-Day Workshop.png

Data Migration: 5-Day Workshop: In this workshop, Cluster Reply will help your organization adopt modern cloud technologies for data and analytics. Cluster Reply will determine the data workloads that drive your business, then envision a future state on the cloud to optimize performance and costs.

Design Thinking (L Package)- 10-Day Workshop.png

Design Thinking (L Package): 10-Day Workshop: Devoteam's workshop series helps clients realize their company's innovation and digitalization potential as part of the agile development or DevOps process. This package involves five days of product design and five days of preparation, follow-up, and documentation.

Design Thinking (M Package)- 6-Day Workshop.png

Design Thinking (M Package): 6-Day Workshop: Devoteam's workshop series helps clients realize their company's innovation and digitalization potential as part of the agile development or DevOps process. This package involves four days of design thinking and innovation scoping, along with documentation and follow-up.

Design Thinking- 2-Day Workshop.png

Design Thinking (S Package): 2-Day Workshop: Devoteam's workshop series helps clients realize their company's innovation and digitalization potential as part of the agile development or DevOps process. This package involves a design-thinking workshop and two hours per development sprint for innovation funnel management.

Managed Azure Express- 2-Week Implementation.png

Managed Azure Express: 2-Week Implementation: inventCloud will assess your business's IT infrastructure to prepare it for a transition to Microsoft Azure services. inventCloud will follow information security best practices and ensure operational continuity. This offer is available only in Brazilian Portuguese.

Microsoft Azure Deployment- 4-Week Implementation.png

Microsoft Azure Deployment: 4-Week Implementation: Wordtext Systems will evaluate your Windows Server environment for workload migration to Microsoft Azure. Wordtext Systems can help your organization quickly gain agility, data security, and advantages of scale.

Modernization of Web Applications-3-Hour Workshop.png

Modernization of Web Applications: 3-Hour Workshop: PEAKUP's workshop will cover migration strategies for traditional applications, such as WordPress websites and Internet Information Services-based line-of-business apps. You'll also learn about best practices for security, scalability, and cost optimization.

Office 365 Security Baseline- 2-Day Workshop.png

Office 365 Security Baseline: 2-Day Workshop: This workshop from Cloud Essentials will help you understand your current security posture in Microsoft 365 and create a suitable roadmap to advance it. Learn about security configurations, best practices, and the options available to you.

Outsourcing4SAP on Azure- 10-Week Implementation.png

Outsourcing4SAP on Azure: 10-Week Implementation: Outsource your infrastructure monitoring, maintenance, support, and development to PasàPas and accelerate your digital transformation. This offer is available only in French and allows an SAP customer to move to Microsoft Azure with or without transformation of its SAP environments.

Power BI Data-Driven Center- 5-Hour Workshop.png

Power BI Data-Driven Center: 5-Hour Workshop: Through its service channel, Data-Driven Center, MG Info will answer questions about access and security in Microsoft Power BI. Twenty tickets will be distributed, each good for a 15-minute consultation with a data expert. This offer is available only in Portuguese.

SAP on Azure - 10-Week Implementation.png

SAP on Azure - 10-Week Implementation: SoftJam will enable you to rapidly deploy an S4Hana environment on Microsoft Azure. This package, which includes everything needed to create a fully managed environment, can cover different implementation scenarios depending on your size and needs.

Sigma Modern Apps- 8-Week Implementation.png

Sigma Modern Apps: 8-Week Implementation: SIGMA IT will audit your application assets and conduct three framing workshops with business and IT teams before migrating your data to Microsoft Azure and implementing Microsoft Power Apps. This offer is available only in French.

Smart Vision- 4-Week Implementation.png

Smart Vision: 4-Week Implementation: SK Co. Ltd.'s implementation will provide you with a solution to enable lifecycle management of a computer vision algorithm on Microsoft Azure. This will allow you to design and develop AI workflows and automatically deploy them to production environments in real time.

SQL Server on Azure- 3-Week Assessment.png

SQL Server on Azure: 3-Week Assessment: Cloocus will review your SQL Server environment and its prospects for cloud migration. Using the Azure Migrate tool, Cloocus will estimate your lift-and-shift costs and provide recommendations on how to make a cost-effective transition to Microsoft Azure.

Start with Azure AI- 8-Week Proof of Concept.png

Start with Azure AI: 8-Week Proof of Concept: This offer from Konica Minolta is for companies that see potential benefits in Microsoft Azure data infrastructure and AI use cases and wish to test them in a controlled environment before committing to a large project.

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