Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 155
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 124 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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Algolia Search and Discovery.png

Algolia Search and Discovery: This powerful search platform with a full suite of application programming interfaces (APIs) drives increased page views and conversions to deliver a 30+ percent revenue boost. Algolia is trusted by more than 10,000 customers serving 100 billion-plus search queries per month.

AlmaLinux 8.4.png

AlmaLinux 8.4: This minimal image from ProComputers is used as a common base system on top of which other appliances could be built and tested. It contains just enough packages to run within Microsoft Azure, bring up an SSH Server, and allow users to log in.

Build Agents for Azure DevOps.png

Build Agents for Azure DevOps: The experts at white duck offer predefined private build agents as a managed service and solution template, which can be quickly and easily integrated into your own Microsoft Azure DevOps environment to bring your Azure pipelines to the next level.

Cloud Insider Platform for Multi Cloud Insights.png

Cloud Insider Platform for Multi-Cloud Insights: Txture’s Cloud Insider provides cloud professionals with the market insights they need to plan effective cloud solutions. With price comparisons and technology options at your fingertips, you can ensure your cloud transformation matches your requirements.

Datawiza Platform.png

Datawiza Platform: Datawiza provides next-generation, cloud-delivered access management as a service (AMaaS). It seamlessly migrates apps to Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) and Azure AD B2C to enable single sign-on and multi-factor authentication without writing integration code.

eDromos - Proactive Process Management.png

eDromos - Proactive Process Management: eDromos is process modeling and simulation software that can be used across many verticals. Create a holistic view of your business processes, transform it into a simulation model, then build sophisticated business scenarios for the future.

Fortanix Data Security Manager (VHD).png

Fortanix Data Security Manager (VHD): Fortanix protects sensitive data across public, hybrid, multi-cloud, and private cloud environments with a single point of management and control. It offers unified key management, hardware security modules, tokenization, and secrets management capabilities.

HSDS Azure VM.png

HSDS Azure VM: Highly Scalable Data Service (HSDS) is a solution for reading and writing complex binary data formats within object-based storage environments such as the cloud. Current customers include those in the oil and gas, financial, and government sectors, among others.


JB2008: Accurate models of Earth's atmosphere are indispensable for satellite operations, remote sensing imagery analysis, and in modelling software that propagate light through the atmosphere. With this offer, you can instantly access empirical models of the thermosphere via web API.


Jenkins: This image from Niles Partners enables customers to run the automation server tool Jenkins on Microsoft Azure. Jenkins offers hundreds of plugins to support building, testing, and delivering software, with its basic functionality being to perform a predefined list of steps.

Jenkins Server on CentOS Server 8.3.png

Jenkins Server on CentOS Server 8.3: Jenkins Server on CentOS Server 8.3. continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) solution allows you to seamlessly develop, test, and deploy newly created code on an ongoing basis. Save time and resources by increasing code builds and verification efficiency.

Jenkins Server on Ubuntu Server 20.04.png

Jenkins Server on Ubuntu Server 20.04: Jenkins Server on Ubuntu Server 20.04. continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) solution allows you to seamlessly develop, test, and deploy newly created code on an ongoing basis. Save time and resources by increasing code builds and verification efficiency.


NGINX: NGINX is a web server designed for reverse proxying, caching, load balancing, media streaming, and more. It can also function as a proxy server for email (IMAP, POP3, and SMTP) and a reverse proxy and load balancer for HTTP, TCP, and UDP servers.


NLRMSISE00: NRLMSISE-00 accurately models the density, composition, and temperature of Earth's thermosphere via web API and enables the smooth functioning of satellite operations. The data collected is also used for remote sensing imagery analysis and as source terms in radiative transport codes.

NSC3 Unified Visual Command as a Service.png

NSC3 Unified Visual Command as a Service: NSC3 is a GIS-enabled and AI-enhanced, secure video streaming service that provides real-time information to emergency personnel to help them make life-saving decisions as events unfold. The communication suite includes mobile, drone, and surveillance cameras.

OmniLoader VM for Azure.png

OmniLoader VM for Azure: OmniLoader's data integration solutions offer different levels of customization and enable the migration of even the largest databases with minimal effort. Save time and resources by optimally loading huge datasets into Azure Synapse Analytics along with a host of other options.

Onlyoffice Server Ready Support from Linnovate.png

Onlyoffice Server Ready Support from Linnovate: Designed to make collaboration easy the ONLYOFFICE Server Ready Support from Linnovate is a cross-platform solution that offers a complete productivity suite to help you manage documents, projects, customer relations, and emails in one place.

OpenSearch with Dashboards and 2 Nodes.png

OpenSearch with Dashboards and 2 Nodes: Currently in an alpha state, OpenSearch is an open-source search and analytics engine derived from Elasticsearch 7.10.2. OpenSearch enables people to easily ingest, secure, search, aggregate, view, and analyze data.


OpenVINO Smart-City Reference Implementation VM: Powered by Intel OpenVINO’s toolkit and Microsoft Azure, the smart city reference pipeline empowers cities, campuses, and stadiums with a suite of machine learning products that detect, analyze, count, engage and work with IoT for traffic, stadium sensing, and other management tasks.

Qumulo on Azure.png

Qumulo on Azure: Qumulo on Azure is a scalable enterprise-class file system designed to meet the demands of today’s data-driven media and entertainment organizations for massive content production and storage. It can handle the toughest 4K workloads with limitless scalability on-prem or in the cloud.

Rotor Bearing Defect Detector Ref. Application.png

Rotor Bearing Defect Detector Ref. Application: The Rotor Bearing Defect Detector is a reference implementation that uses the inference engine included in the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit and AI to predict performance issues and detect bearing failure by analyzing vibration data in an industrial setting.

Route Dose.png

Route Dose: The Route Dose API estimates radiation doses along a flight route between two airports and helps measure radiation in the atmosphere. The goal is to monitor and mitigate the risk to airline crew and prevent long-term health effects such as an increased risk of cancer.

Take Blip WhatsApp Server.png

Take Blip WhatsApp Server: Take Blip offers WhatsApp Server, a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution for those seeking the essential infrastructure to run the WhatsApp application in a self-managed way.

Time is Ltd. Analytics.png

Time is Ltd. Analytics: Map out stats and visualize how your company uses Microsoft Teams with Time is Ltd. Analytics. Learn how many users within teams or departments are active daily on each tool, which weekdays are busiest, how your company communication culture is changing over time, and more.

Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS.png

Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS: Ntegral offers this preconfigured image of Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS on Microsoft Azure. Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS on Azure is an excellent virtual machine platform for all workloads that include Node.js, web applications, and various database platforms.

Upstream O&G A.I. Back Pressure Prediction.png

Upstream O&G: A.I. Back Pressure Prediction: SimOpti empowers your operational decision-making with vastly improved perspective and efficiency, revealing the impact of undiscovered asset constraints on both throughput and quality. This includes both gathering systems and process facilities.

VDICE - Virtual Desktop Intertec Cloud Experience - P2.png

VDICE - Virtual Desktop Intertec Cloud Experience - P2: Designed for organizations looking for adherence to enterprise-grade security, service availability, and data compliance standards, Intertec’s Managed VDICE is a fully integrated service that reduces the perils of managing end user computing to just hardware support and internet access.

VoiceAI Connect Cloud.png

VoiceAI Connect Cloud: VoiceAI Connect offers an easy way to integrate telephony services with bots and virtual agents via the Microsoft Bot Framework, a comprehensive tool for building enterprise-grade conversational AI experiences.

Worry Free Services.png

Worry-Free Services: Worry-Free Services helps lessen your IT team's workload by providing an all-in-one lightweight agent with an intuitive cloud-based console that delivers in-depth visibility and control across your organization.

Consulting services

App & Data Modernization on Azure - 2-Hour Workshop.png

App & Data Modernization on Azure - 2-Hour Workshop: In this free workshop, you will learn how Hexaware’s AMAZE can eliminate commercial database and middleware costs by adopting open-source solutions on Microsoft Azure to reduce total cost of ownership by up to 60 percent.

App Migration & Modernization - 1-Day Briefing.png

App Migration & Modernization - 1-Day Briefing: Learn how to increase business agility and service quality while avoiding cloud pitfalls with this consultation about FPT Software’s application migration and modernization capabilities and its Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework-aligned approach. 

Application Containerization 4-Week Assessment.png

Application Containerization: 4-Week Assessment: T-Systems will help your organization containerize a medium-complexity application with Docker technology, allowing the app to migrate to Microsoft Azure or run in a simplified local environment. This service is available only in Hungarian.

Application Migration 2-Week Assessment.png

Application Migration: 2-Week Assessment: Orange Business Services experts will set up a migration of your applications, servers, and databases to the cloud on Microsoft Azure – design and validate your architecture, plan and manage the migration, then test to secure the migration.

Azure - FinOps - 1-Week Assessment.png

Azure - FinOps - 1-Week Assessment: Pay only for the cloud resources you need after this engagement with Orange Business Services. Their experts will help you analyze and optimize the cost of your Microsoft Azure projects in a few steps using native tools or third-party solutions.

Azure AKS Kubernetes Review 3-5 Day Assessment.png

Azure AKS Kubernetes Review: 3-5 Day Assessment: Hostersi will help accelerate your Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cloud projects, delivering change recommendations and guidelines for modifying the infrastructure and installing additional elements tailored to your requirements.

Azure Arc-based Hybrid Solution - 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

Azure Arc-based Hybrid Solution - 4-Week Proof of Concept: Managing enterprise workloads across hybrid environments is complex, challenging, and costly. Nous Infosystems can help you overcome these challenges by delivering a Microsoft Azure Arc-based hybrid solution for your IT estate.

Azure Cloud 2-Week Usage Optimization Assessment.png

Azure Cloud 2-Week Usage Optimization Assessment: Reduce your cloud cost and simplify operations with this consultation from ARQ Group. Their experts will work with your team to identify areas for improvement and produce a plan for Microsoft Azure optimization.

Azure Data Platform - 3-Week Implementation.png

Azure Data Platform - 3-Week Implementation: Implement the foundation of your Microsoft Azure data platform efficiently using Azure Blueprints. OneDNA’s consulting service focuses on securing your foundation to enhance data platform value and help you meet compliance requirements.

Azure DevOps Consulting 2-Week Assessment.png

Azure DevOps Consulting: 2-Week Assessment: Orange Business Services experts will help you get the most out of native cloud services on Microsoft Azure by assessing your cloud maturity and then supporting you in DevOps adoption and development of a cloud-native application.

Azure Financial Management 4-Week Assessment.png

Azure Financial Management: 4-Week Assessment: In this assessment specialists from Prisma Soluciones Tecnologicas will help you take advantage of the tools included in your Microsoft Azure subscription to get more value from the cloud and implement financial governance in your organization.

Azure Firewall & DDOS Protection 10-Day Proof of Concept.png

Azure Firewall & DDOS Protection: 10-Day Proof of Concept: Learn how to build a secure network on Microsoft Azure and extend it to your on-premises environment in this 10-day proof of concept from DexMach. Services range from integrating Azure Firewall into a pre-existing environment to enabling transparent DDoS protection with end-to-end monitoring.

Azure IoT Hub Accelerator  6-Week Implementation.png

Azure IoT Hub Accelerator : 6-Week Implementation: Trace deliveries in real time and ensure predictive maintenance of your production line with delaware's implementation. Accelerate the transformation of your supply chain on Microsoft Azure IoT Hub. This offer is available only in French.

Azure Managed Services  4-Week Implementation.png

Azure Managed Services: 4-Week Implementation: Dedalus' managed services for Microsoft Azure promote continuous Azure services through high-performance, optimized environments and efficient cost management. Boost performance and security while maintaining costs and business continuity.

Azure Security Deployment - 6 Weeks.png

Azure Security Deployment - 6 Weeks: Cambay’s solution will help deploy Azure Security Center — an advanced, unified security management system — and Azure Sentinel — a cloud-native security information and event manager (SIEM) platform — so you can have complete visibility into your overall security and governance posture.

Azure Virtual Desktop FastStart 1-Week Implementation.png

Azure Virtual Desktop FastStart: 1-Week Implementation: This solution by Insight Canada will enable users to leverage a corporate desktop environment and access documents and applications from any device anywhere, securely, and productively using Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop).

Azure Virtual Desktop Workshop.png

Azure Virtual Desktop Workshop: Atea Sweden's one-day workshop will help you get familiar with Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop), receive answers to your questions, and determine next steps to implement an Azure Virtual Desktop solution for your organization.

Azure Virtual Desktop 4-Week implementation.png

Azure Virtual Desktop: 4-Week implementation: Prisma Soluciones Tecnológicas will deploy Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) to provide your organization with simplified management, Windows 10 multi-session support, optimizations for Microsoft 365 business apps, and Remote Desktop Services (RDS) support.

Business Continuity 1-Week implementation.png

Business Continuity: 1-Week Implementation: Prisma Soluciones Tecnologicas offers this one-week implementation using Microsoft Azure Site Recovery. Ensure business continuity across your organization by keeping your business applications and workloads running during unplanned interruptions.

C-Level 4-Hour AI Workshop.png

C-Level 4-Hour AI Workshop: CGI Germany's workshop provides C-level executives with a complete overview of artificial intelligence (AI). Learn the various definitions of AI terms as well as best practices for working with Microsoft Azure DevOps. This service is available only in German.

Cloud Foundation 4-Week Implementation.png

Cloud Foundation: 4-Week Implementation: Devoteam Alegri will determine the status of your Microsoft Azure environment and support you either greenfield on your journey to the cloud or brownfield to analyze and optimize your existing environment, if necessary.

Cloud Governance 10-Week Assessment.png

Cloud Governance: 10-Week Assessment: Prisma Soluciones Tecnologicas' governance and financial management solution for the datacenter is designed to help you use your company's services more efficiently and optimize costs and resource by migrating your data to Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Insights 1-Week Implementation.png

Cloud Insights: 1-Week Implementation: Ironstone will help you set up, optimize, and develop your monitoring solution using a combination of external services, alerts, diagnostics logs, application insights, and regional service health surveillance.

Cloud Migration  4-Week Implementation.png

Cloud Migration: 4-Week Implementation: Available only in Korean, Samsung SDS's Cloud Migration implementation will help your organization reduce the total cost of ownership, improve enterprise agility, and easily respond to changes in your IT environment with Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Migration - 6-Day Workshop.png

Cloud Migration: 6-Day Workshop: Xylos will help you migrate your organization's on-premises datacenter workloads to Microsoft Azure in this six-day Cloud Migration workshop.

Cloud Migration 10-Week Implementation.png

Cloud Migration: 10-Week Implementation: Delaware combines Azure expertise with knowledge of critical information systems to boost your digital transformation and facilitate cloud adoption via best practices and standardization driven by the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure methodology. This offer is available only in French.

Cloud Native 10-Week Proof of Concept.png

Cloud Native: 10-Week Proof of Concept: In this 10-week engagement, Canarys will work with your teams to plan, prioritize, and containerize your systems to a container-based architecture on Microsoft Azure using Azure Kubernetes Service. Deploy and test various scenarios like horizontal scaling, self-healing, load balancing, and more.

Cloud-Native App Development 4-Week Implementation.png

Cloud-Native App Development: 4-Week Implementation: CitiusTech will help your healthcare organization assess its business needs and design and develop cloud-native applications tailored to your needs. Deliverables include a road map, implementation plan, and more.

Data Archival on Cloud 1-Week Implementation.png

Data Archival on Cloud: 1-Week Implementation: IFI Techsolutions' one-week implementation enables the extension of your on-premises backup, storage, and data archiving solutions to Microsoft Azure, reducing cost and complexity while achieving efficiency and infinite scalability.

Data Platform 3-Week Assessment.png

Data Platform: 3-Week Assessment: FPT-SOFTWARE will help your organization design, implement, and support its data migration to cloud, modernized data platform, and data analytics use cases with Microsoft Azure services.

Data Warehouse Modernization 2-Week Assessment.png

Data Warehouse Modernization: 2-Week Assessment: In this two-week engagement, Keyrus will help you modernize your current data warehouse not by lifting and shifting it to the cloud, but by rethinking the architecture and benefit from a modern cloud-native approach tailored to your needs.

FinOps Information Meeting 1-Hour Briefing.png

FinOps Information Meeting: 1-Hour Briefing: Available only in French, Claranet's free briefing will help you understand the challenges and requirements for optimizing your Microsoft Azure resource consumption. Control your cloud spending, respond to business challenges more quickly, and drive informed decision-making.

Get a Handle on Your Data 2-Hour Data Workshop.png

Get a Handle on Your Data: 2-Hour Data Workshop: Designed to support your cloud journey and deliver business improvement benefits, Shaping Cloud's free workshop identifies the benefits of using Microsoft Azure DevOps to migrate your data platform to the cloud.

HCL Cyber Defense for Cloud Service - 1-Day Assessment.png

HCL Cyber Defense for Cloud Service - 1-Day Assessment: In this free assessment, HCL Technologies will show you how Microsoft Azure Sentinel delivers next-generation threat intelligence and security analytics services across the enterprise and across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

MBS Azure Managed Services.png

MBS Azure Managed Services: MBS Azure Managed Services provides full management support for resources that are planned or are already deployed on Microsoft Azure, delivering optimization and automation of Azure resource usage, performance, cost, and security.

Migrate to the CIO Cloud 1-Week Assessement.png

Migrate to the CIO Cloud: 1-Week Assessment: WBI uses Microsoft cloud services to address your organization's digital transformation and migrate your IT infrastructure projects to the cloud. Ensure a smooth transition to the cloud in your Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, or hybrid environment. This offer is available only in Slovak.

SAP on Azure Architecture Design 2-Week Assessment.png

SAP on Azure Architecture Design: 2-Week Assessment: Tieto Corporation will analyze your current enterprise architecture before designing a new SAP on Microsoft Azure ecosystem tailored to your business requirements.

Security for Cloud 4-Week Implementation.png

Security for Cloud: 4-Week Implementation: Prisma Soluciones Tecnologicas specialists will analyze your organization's scenario, risks, and compliance needs before implementing measures and deploying Microsoft Azure security services. Quickly protect data, applications, and infrastructure with an industry-agnostic solution.

SharePoint to Azure Files - 2-Day Assessment.png

SharePoint to Azure Files - 2-Day Assessment: Has your organization outgrown SharePoint for file storage? If you are using over 1 TB of SharePoint storage, you could significantly reduce your costs by switching to Microsoft Azure Files. Cambay Consulting will evaluate whether migrating to Azure Files is the right fit for your organization.

SmartSearch 10-Week Proof of Concept.png

SmartSearch: 10-Week Proof of Concept: See how Smart Search empowers you to search your databases using entire sentences in this 10-week proof of concept. Zühlke's algorithm takes the semantics of your search query into account and provides you with the results you need.

Stratum MSP - Migrate and Manage.png

Stratum MSP - Migrate and Manage: Looking to migrate to Microsoft Azure but not sure where to start? Stratum has created MSP packages that reduce migration costs with a three-year managed service contract, enabling you to see your return on investment within the first year on Azure.

Telex Azure Customer Data Platform Service 10-Week Implementation.png

Telex Azure Customer Data Platform Service: 10-Week Implementation:  Combining retail data processing experience with Microsoft Azure data storage and analytics services, Far-distance Telecom provides enterprises with best-practice architecture to leverage the value of big data and drive decision-making and transformation. This service is available only in Chinese.

Threat Protection & Security 10-Day Proof of Concept.png

Threat Protection & Security: 10-Day Proof of Concept: Learn about threat protection and vulnerability scanning capabilities to protect your cloud workloads, including virtual machines, storage, databases, and containers in DexMach's proof of concept. Deliverables include the implementation of a pilot use case and technical documentation.

Veeam Managed Backup Service.png

Veeam Managed Backup Service: Using Microsoft Azure security services, Liberty Systems will define your organization's recovery time objectives, recovery point goals, and data backup methods before providing a cost-effective backup solution that avoids downtime and data loss. This service is available only in Traditional Chinese.

Version 1 - Azure Managed Service.png

Version 1 - Azure Managed Service: Eliminate the headache of managing your day-to-day cloud requirements internally with Version 1's managed services for Microsoft Azure. Version 1 supports your organization in balancing day-to-day operations with the innovation required to drive business transformation and strategic objectives.

VMware Horizon Cloud & Azure Virtual Desktop on Azure 1-Day Workshop.png

VMware Horizon Cloud & Azure Virtual Desktop on Azure: 1-Day Workshop: The Insight VMware Horizon and Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) workshop offers awareness of use cases, pricing, adoption models, best practices, and Insight’s reference architecture for Horizon Cloud.

Well-Architected Security 7-Day Assessment.png

Well-Architected Security: 7-Day Assessment: Validate your cloud app workloads against Microsoft Azure best practices and well-architected principles in this seven-day assessment from DexMach. Improve your security posture and gain visibility through insightful reports.

Xylos 1-Day DevOps Workshop.png

Xylos 1-Day DevOps Workshop: Are you struggling with delivering new features or applications? Do your deployments on production environments often fail because of dependency-issues? Xylos experts can help you deliver quality applications faster with Microsoft Azure DevOps and Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS).

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