Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 151
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 101 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


A.I. Ambassador.png

A.I. Ambassador: Asiabots’ A.I. Ambassador is a customer service robot that uses artificial intelligence to deliver a wide variety of digital services. This humanoid avatar uses natural language processing and text-to-speech features to answer all sorts of queries with human-like facial expressions and voice.

AI Powered Category Management & Optimization.png

AI Powered Category Management & Optimization: Symphony Retail's AI Assortment Optimization uses an intelligent clustering approach to understand complex consumer behavior and enable efficiencies in the supply chain. Rationalize SKUs based on shopper preferences, execute category strategy in store, and optimize revenue growth.

Apache with RimauWAF Panel.png

Apache with Rimau WAF Panel: Apache with Rimau Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects web applications and sites from hackers, layer 7 DDoS attacks, SQL injection attacks, and scanning attacks. Powered by open-source technology and OWASP rules, it monitors and configures login rules in real time using the Rimau WAF web panel.

Apptio Cloudability SaaS.png

Apptio Cloudability SaaS: Apptio Cloudability SaaS enables you to make data-driven investment decisions by helping you manage, optimize, and govern your software as a service (SaaS) portfolio. Get a centralized view of all your SaaS applications, reallocate licenses based on usage, and eliminate duplicative apps.

Arxeia 365 Hub.png

Arxeia 365 Hub: Hosted on Microsoft Azure, Arxeia 365 Hub integrates external third-party applications with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Teams, and SharePoint to create a cloud-native collaborative workspace for ideation, scheduling, training, and more. This app is available only in Italian.

Arxeia 365 Protocol.png

Arxeia 365 Protocol: Arxeia 365 Protocol is integrated with Microsoft 365 and uses Microsoft Azure and key vault web apps to manage the inbound and outbound flow of online documents, their classification and assignment, and digital signature certificates. This app is available only in Italian.


AudiTech: AudiTech is an online accounting solution that uses machine learning and data analytics to automate sales, purchase, inventory, and accounting while helping businesses forecast market trends and identify areas of potential growth to maximize profit.

Azure Sentinel - Cyber Security Operation Center.png

Azure Sentinel - Cyber Security Operation Center: Sorint.SEC's Cyber Security Operation Center seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Azure Sentinel to continuously monitor your organziation's IT infrastructure, security, and assets. Embedded and automated runtime protection capabilities block attacks and manage security incidents.

BAWA Cane Empowering Blind Lives.png

BAWA Cane: Empowering Blind Lives: BAWA Cane in an assistive device and IoT solution that provides real-time, spatial data for blind and visually impaired users so they can safely navigate their surroundings. Designed to be ultralight and energy efficient, it provides multisensory feedback and can be tailored to individual needs.

BAWA Life Empowering Caregivers.png

BAWA Life: Empowering Caregivers: BAWA Life provides real-time visibility for caregivers, families, and friends of BAWA Cane users. With built-in security and privacy features, it can send safety alerts whenever a BAWA Cane user is in a dangerous or life-threatening situation. It also tracks past and current BAWA Cane user locations.

BigID Data Intelligence Platform.png

BigID Data Intelligence Platform: BigID Data Intelligence Platform helps customers discover, manage, and protect sensitive data across their data landscape. Using machine learning and deep data insight, it addresses privacy, security, and governance challenges in any language at petabyte-scale across the cloud and onsite.

Cerebra Vision Intelligence.png

Cerebra Vision Intelligence: Cerebra Vision Intelligence utilizes images and video streams to provide continuous security with smart surveillance in an industrial setting. It uses AI and computer vision to spot manufacturing defects in products and enhances production with automated inspections and safety compliances.

Cloud Backup for Azure.png

Cloud Backup for Azure: Storagepipe's Virtual Machine Backup for Microsoft Azure protects applications and data on Azure with an enterprise-grade deployment and backup service. The cloud backups are immediately available whenever you need to restore your data to ensure proper retention and disaster recovery.

Covalence Managed Detection and Response (MDR).png

Covalence Managed Detection and Response (MDR): Covalence Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a cybersecurity service solution that monitors and protects your entire IT infrastructure. It provides users with prioritized actionable steps to block or resolve attacks and efficiently manage security incidents when they occur.

DEFEND3D Secure Transmission for 3D Printing.png

DEFEND3D: Secure Transmission for 3D Printing: DEFEND3D is a leading manufacturing solution enabling secure transmission for remote 3D printing. Store your designs locally on your home server and use your virtual inventory to manufacture parts in remote locations without any file transfer in the process and with no data at rest.


EdTechX: EdTech is a digital experience platform that combines visually stunning branded venues with live-streaming augmented reality holograms, networking, real-time analytics, and more to create immersive digital campus experiences.

Empowered Learning Management System.png

Empowered Learning Management System: Used by companies across the globe, Empowered LMS is an enterprise class learning experience platform that empowers organizations to manage their learning, assessment, certification, reporting, and more, ensuring the right people get the right learning at the right time.


FileScience: A fully managed multicloud backup and recovery SaaS solution, FileScience protects your files and data from accidental or malicious acts to defend your organization against mistakes, deliberate destruction, hacking, ransomware, and more.

Government Digital Service-Aligned Power App Portal.png

Government Digital Service-Aligned Power App Portal: cloudThing's Government Digital Service Aligned Power App Portal provides components to rapidly build an end-user portal that is consistent with Gov.UK services can be customized to suit your organization’s requirements.


IA-Cloud: An ITSM-integrated full life-cycle management toolset for Microsoft Azure, IA-Cloud combines automated backup, patching, documentation, performance, and cost optimization into a single platform, allowing you to focus on proactive management instead of business-as-usual tasks.

IA-Connect for Power Automate.png

IA-Connect for Power Automate: Seamlessly extend Power Automate cloud flows to on-premises systems with IA-Connect. IA-Connect integrates with robotic process automation platforms to add advanced capabilities like the automation of Citrix or RDS-hosted applications and advanced Java, mainframe, and SAP automation support.

Infosys Zero Touch Sales Order Creation in SAP.png

Infosys Zero Touch Sales Order Creation in SAP: Infosys Zero Touch Sales Order Creation in SAP is an integrated collaboration channel that uses Microsoft Azure integration services to enable sales personnel to submit, process, and get real-time updates of sales orders in Microsoft Teams.

Insight Cloud Care for Microsoft Azure.png

Insight Cloud Care for Microsoft Azure: Accelerate time-to-value on your Microsoft cloud investment and minimize risks to your organization with Insight's Cloud Care for Microsoft Azure, an all-encompassing cloud consumption offering that covers onboarding, cloud usage, billing, and support.

Intelligent Omni-Channel Engagement.png

Intelligent Omni-Channel Engagement: Digital Dialogue's AI-powered Intelligent Omni-Channel Engagement solution combines CUBIKA Conver, CUBIKA Engage, and CUBIKA Big Insights to enable you to connect with potential customers and increase lead generation at every touchpoint.

LegalCloud - Smart Document Platform.png

LegalCloud - Smart Document Platform: Available in Spanish, English, and Portuguese, LegalCloud helps legal organizations manage agreements, litigation, documents, company relationships, and more. The comprehensive solution stores files safely either in Microsoft SharePoint or Azure Blob Storage.

Netskope and Azure Sentinel.png

Netskope and Azure Sentinel: The Netskope Security Cloud informs customers about how their users interact with direct-to-Internet services. The solution integrates with Microsoft Azure Sentinel, enabling SOC teams and incident responders to understand the events and alerts associated with users' behavior.

Netskope and Microsoft Information Protect.png

Netskope and Microsoft Information Protection: Netskope uses Microsoft Azure Information Protection and Microsoft Information Protection feature sets to scan encrypted and unencrypted files for data loss prevention (DLP) policy matching content. Protect your sensitive data throughout its lifecycle no matter where it ends up.

Netskope for Microsoft Teams.png

Netskope for Microsoft Teams: Netskope for Microsoft Teams is a cloud access security broker (CASB) solution that protects sensitive data and files in Teams environments by enabling granular visibility and control across all Teams accounts in your organization.

Organization Calendar for Microsoft 365.png

Organization Calendar for Microsoft 365: Available only in Japanese, Next Set's Organization Calendar for Microsoft 365 displays hierarchical calendars in Microsoft Teams. Easily and intuitively browse and register appointments, display and organize groups, and more.

PhishHunter for Commercial.png

Phish Hunter for Commercial: Built on Microsoft Azure, Phish Hunter is an always-on SaaS application that detects and prevents the lateral spread of phishing attacks in your Microsoft 365 environment. Customizable settings include locking accounts, limiting access to accounts with conditional access, and more.


Pingboard: Pingboard helps distributed organizations stay connected and aligned. Empower your employees to know who’s who, who’s working on what, and who’s located where to help them feel engaged and connected, no matter where they work.


PIXARRON SPA: PIXARRON is a personalized digital learning platform offering solutions for primary schools and higher education. Available only in Spanish, PIXARRON integrates video calls for synchronous classes and provides spaces to share documents and other resources.

Qlik to Power BI Connector.png

Qlik to Power BI Connector: Innovoco's Qlik to Microsoft Power BI Connector is an end-to-end solution that enables you to use your Qlik data in Power BI and other BI tools or applications with all associations and transformations intact.

QuEST Asset Tracking and Monitoring.png

QuEST Asset Tracking and Monitoring: QuEST Asset Tracking and Monitoring helps businesses optimize operations by better managing their operational assets, engages customers to improve the safety and performance of their purchased products, and facilitates operational efficiency with use cases such as predictive maintenance.

R&S Trusted Gate Encryption Solution for Mobile Devices, Outlook Email Client & BYOD.png

R&S Trusted Gate Encryption Solution for Mobile Devices, Outlook Email Client & BYOD:  R&S Trusted Gate – Mail Control automatically replaces Microsoft Outlook email attachments with placeholders; encrypts, fragments, and stores the original files in a multi-layer storage system; and links to the secured files for access by authorized recipients.

 R&S Trusted Gate Storage Encryption Solution for OneDrive, Multi-Cloud Storage and Data Room.png

R&S Trusted Gate Storage Encryption Solution for OneDrive, Multi-Cloud Storage and Data Room: R&S Trusted Gate Secure Data Exchange offers a simple user interface embedded into Microsoft Teams and SharePoint with an additional web interface that allows secure data exchanges with external colleagues and other partners.

Rocky Linux VM by tunnelbiz.png

Rocky Linux VM by tunnelbiz: tunnelbiz provides this preconfigured virtual machine with Rocky Linux OS, a 1:1 binary compatible fork of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (REHL).

SONDA Enterprise IoT Analytics Platform.png

SONDA Enterprise IoT Analytics Platform: The SONDA Enterprise IoT Analytics Platform connects to many types of equipment and systems, such as sensors, cameras, scales, and control equipment, and generates models and visualizations for various uses. This application is available only in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

SOTI MobiControl.png

SOTI MobiControl: SOTI MobiControl manages all your mobile devices and intelligent IoT endpoints, enabling you to remotely view and control devices from 200 manufacturers. It features integrated productivity tools and remote support features that reduce worker downtime and keep employees focused on their work.


SSHepherd: SSHepherd is a cybersecurity solution that protects against the top attack vectors hackers use to penetrate RDP and SSH protocols. SSHepherd helps reduce external brute force attacks by removing the attack surface so hackers do not see the resource in their scans.

Storware KODO for Cloud.png

Storware KODO for Cloud: KODO for Cloud ensures continued protection of critical corporate data and compression, deduplication, and file versioning in Microsoft OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, and Exchange Online. Its scalable architecture and RESTful API help ensure business continuity.


TeleGov: TeleGov is an intuitive scheduling tool for government that features easy-to-use back-office and front-end tools, including self-service forms, automatic reminders, and payment processing, to help government agencies to manage inbound traffic and workflows.

Thinglink for digital content professionals.png

Thinglink for digital content professionals: Editors, freelancers, and digital content specialists use ThingLink to create interactive maps, infographics, timelines, presentations, and more. The platform requires no advanced skills or coding, saves time and money, and improves results in all sorts of projects.

WitFoo Precinct 6.1.5 Diagnostic SIEM (PAYG).png

WitFoo Precinct 6.1.5 Diagnostic SIEM (PAYG): WitFoo Precinct on Microsoft Azure is a diagnostic security operations (SecOps) platform that combines security information and event management, incident response, security orchestration and automation (SOAR), and big data analytics to deliver actionable security intelligence.

YallaPlay Game Engine.png

YallaPlay Game Engine: YallaPlay Game Engine is a complete back-end game engine for mobile card games. The scalable cloud solution features recurring events, economy management, leagues and clans, collectibles, and more.

Zelros - AI for Insurance Distribution.png

Zelros - AI for Insurance Distribution: Zelros - AI for Insurance Distribution is an AI-driven platform dedicated to advancing insurance distribution and making the daily activities of insurance workers more accurate and efficient. Increase sales efficiency, automatically process documents, and more.

Consulting services

App Modernization 3-Week Assessment & Planning.png

App Modernization: 3-Week Assessment & Planning: Zitec will work with you to define business goals for modernization, assess the state of your IT environment, document the suggested architecture, and provide recommendations based on a gap analysis.

App Mod Consulting 6-Week Implementation.png

App Modernization Consulting: 6-Week Implementation: BlazeClan Technologies' implementation includes an assessment of your targeted application, the identification of the best-fit Microsoft Azure services for your use case, containerization using Docker and Azure Kubernetes Service, and more to modernize your application to Azure.

Application Modernization Pilot.png

Application Modernization Pilot: In this implementation, Zitec will take the documentation and planning from its App Modernization Assessment and Planning engagement and create a pilot project for your modernized application on Microsoft Azure.

AADP 3-Week Proof of Concept.png

Azure Active Directory Premium: 3-Week Proof of Concept: Available only in Russian, CBS IT's Azure Active Directory Premium proof of concept will provide your organization with a pilot implementation of a multi-factor authentication service using Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium.

Azure Application Review 10-Day Assessment.png

Azure Application Review: 10-Day Assessment: In this 10-day assessment, Logient will provide an analysis of your application’s source code to determine its readiness for migration to Microsoft Azure and whether it meets development, security, and compliance standards.

Azure Cloud Course Management Workshop.png

Azure Cloud Course Management Workshop: Zhi Domain International's offering is designed to help colleges and universities build cloud classrooms with Microsoft Azure services to provide their students with customizable course training and improve learning outcomes.

Azure Cost Optimization 8-Week Solution Assessment.png

Azure Cost Optimization: 8-Week Solution Assessment: This assessment by CBS IT will help you navigate cloud cost management and optimize your cloud resources to establish a sustainable Microsoft Azure environment customized to your business needs. This service is available only in Russian.

Azure Data Governance in a Box - 3 Weeks.png

Azure Data Governance in a Box - 3 Weeks: An extension to Sopra Steria's Azure Data Platform in a Box offering, the Azure Data Governance in a Box implementation is a scripted delivery of Microsoft Azure Purview and provides businesses with data governance tools. This service is available in English and Norwegian.

Azure Infrastructure 4-Week Assessment.png

Azure Infrastructure: 4-Week Assessment: T-Systems will assess your enterprise infrastructure using a Microsoft Azure infrastructure survey and help you select applications worth migrating to the cloud so that the entire migration process can be optimized for cost and efficiency. This service is available only in Hungarian.

Azure Landing Zones Accelerator 10-Day Workshop.png

Azure Landing Zones Accelerator: 10-Day Workshop: Aware Group's Azure Landing Zones engagement will showcase the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure, cloud governance, and landing zones principles through a series of hands-on-labs and proof-of-value exercises built in your Microsoft Azure tenant.

Azure Managed Services 4-Week Implementation.png

Azure Managed Services: 4-Week Implementation: BlazeClan's managed services are customized to your business requirements and provide end-to-end solutions to improve the reliability and performance of your Microsoft Azure environment using an in-house product (Cloudlytics), which enables task automation and provides actionable insights.

Azure Sentinel Managed Service Implementation.png

Azure Sentinel Managed Service Implementation: This engagement by Bytes Software Services shows you how to enhance the capabilities of Microsoft Azure Sentinel with Bytes by delivering a 24/7 security operation center (SOC). This combination speeds up response to cybersecurity threats and streamlines detection and incident response.

Azure Synapse Analytics Migration Scan 3-Week Assessment.png

Azure Synapse Analytics Migration Scan: 3-Week Assessment: Rubicon will review your infrastructure and provide an executable migration plan for large-scale deployment to Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics. Deliverables include architecture advice along with migration, deployment, and continuity plans.

BackUp Infrastructure 3-Week Implementation.png

BackUp Infrastructure: 3-Week Implementation: CBS IT's implementation will help back up your infrastructure using Microsoft Azure services. The cloud backups are immediately available whenever you need to restore your data, ensuring proper retention and disaster recovery. This app is available only in Russian.

BEXTLabs 2-Week Implementation.png

BEXTLabs: 2-Week Implementation: BEXTLabs will help your organization build an educational platform designed to create virtual computing laboratories. Provisioned on Microsoft Azure and using the power of Azure Virtual Desktop, these learning labs build a culture of continuous learning. This offer is available only in Spanish.

Big Data Analytics Solution with Azure Databricks 8-Week Implementation.png

Big Data Analytics Solution with Azure Databricks: 8-Week Implementation: Available only in Japanese, Knowledge Communication's big data analytics solution implementation integrates Microsoft Azure Databricks and peripheral Azure services according to your organization's data volume and analysis requirements.

BT Cloud Adoption Services - Virtual WAN (2 weeks).png

BT Cloud Adoption Services - Virtual WAN: 2 Weeks: Secure network connectivity is at the heart of this BT Enterprise Virtual Wide Area Network (WAN) Landing Zone service. Businesses can enable secure access to Microsoft Azure-based services using these enterprise-ready landing zone blueprints and services.

Build Power App in a Day.png

Build Power App in a Day: Just Analytics' free, hands-on workshop focuses on your data literacy and machine learning journey. After the workshop, you will have a clear understanding of the capabilities and applicability of Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate.

Cloud Adoption & Migration 6-Week Implementation.png

Cloud Adoption & Migration: 6-Week Implementation: Blazeclan offers an array of services to help with cloud adoption and migration to Microsoft Azure while protecting your business from downtime and lost revenue. Services include feasibility and total cost of ownership analysis and license/infrastructure cost estimations.

Cloud Automation & DevOps 2-Hour Scoping Workshop.png

Cloud Automation & DevOps: 2-Hour Scoping Workshop: Learn about Innovation Process Technology's approach to automate your cloud infrastructure (IaC) and application deployments (CI/CD) using Microsoft Azure, GitHub, and DevOps practices in this free two-hour briefing.

Cloud Centre of Excellence 3-Hour Briefing Session.png

Cloud Center of Excellence: 3-Hour Briefing Session: Learn how risual can support your organization in implementing processes, service roles, and the underlining Microsoft Azure technology required to implement and run your own Cloud Center of Excellence.

Cloud Cost Workshop 2 Hours.png

Cloud Cost Workshop: 2 Hours: Zirous' complimentary Cloud Cost Management workshop will help you analyze your Microsoft Azure cloud environment to find where your costs are coming from, give recommendations for improvement, and implement the changes so that you can focus on your business.

Cloud Migration - 7-Week Assessment.png

Cloud Migration - 6-Week Assessment: Bluestreams's Cloud Migration offering combines assessment, planning, and analysis capabilities to drive a successful Microsoft Azure migration. Deliverables include documentation with detailed information about the assessment, migration strategies, and migration plan.

Cloud Native Readiness 2-Week Assessment.png

Cloud Native Readiness: 2-Week Assessment: The P3 Cloud Native Readiness assessment helps your company become a true cloud-native organization from analysis to implementation. Fully exploit the capabilities of the cloud and get your enterprise applications ready for the future.

Cloud Readiness 4-Week Assessment & Migration.png

Cloud Readiness: 4-Week Assessment & Migration: Using its Application Modernization Foundation module, Zitec will first conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine your readiness for cloud migration, then drive the migration process according to your organization’s key business and technical requirements.

Cloud Readiness Assessment 6 Weeks.png

Cloud Readiness: 6-Week Assessment: Define your organization's cloud strategy and roadmap aligned with Microsoft Azure best practices in this six-week Cloud Readiness assessment from Knowit. This offering includes a cloud maturity assessment, a cloud readiness assessment, and a cloud migration assessment.

Community Training 4-Week Implementation.png

Community Training: 4-Week Implementation: Microsoft Community Training is a Microsoft Azure-powered platform to enable learning for everyone, everywhere. In this four-week engagement, Prisma Soluciones Tecnologicas will take care of platform implementation, development, and customization according to your organization's needs.

Data Center Migration Service 4-Week Implementation.png

Data Center Migration Service: 4-Week Implementation: Coretek's migration service for Microsoft Azure includes assessment, planning, migration, management, and optimization to help you achieve your business objectives while meeting your security and compliance requirements.

Data Opportunity - 1-Day Workshop.png

Data Opportunity - 1-Day Workshop: Available only in German, diva-e Platforms' virtual workshop will help you determine your data maturity level and identify relevant, data-driven use cases for the optimized distribution of your applications on Microsoft Azure.

Dedalus Cost Analysis 4-Week Implementation.png

Dedalus FinOps Analysis: 4-Week Implementation: Dedalus will propose a model of continued governance of your Microsoft Azure environment, establishing policies, control, processes, cost optimization, and measurements that ensure the forecast of costs.

Dedalus Migration Implementation 4 Weeks.png

Dedalus Migration: 4-Week Implementation: Dedalus' Migration Implementation service follows the Microsoft Azure Well Architected Framework to provide cost optimization, operational excellence, performance efficiency, reliability, and safety to create a reliable, secure, and flexible foundation for your application.

Eliminate Okta Spend with Azure Active Directory - 2 Day Assessment.png

Eliminate Okta Spend with Azure Active Directory - 2 Day Assessment: New Era's team will show you how they deliver high-quality, secure identity solutions using Microsoft Azure Active Directory while simultaneously reducing or eliminating your annual spend on Okta licensing, freeing up precious budget dollars for other initiatives.

Enterprise Blockchain 2-Hour Workshop.png

Enterprise Blockchain: 2-Hour Workshop: Available only in Italian, Var Group's Enterprise Blockchain workshop will help you understand the potential of Microsoft Azure Blockchain tools and the benefits they can bring to your business.

Enterprise Data Warehouse 8-Week Implementation.png

Enterprise Data Warehouse: 8-Week Implementation: The Wragby Enterprise Data Warehouse implementation delivers a fully elastic and highly flexible data warehouse that can collect, store, query, and share data sets from a range of disparate sources, from structured data to JSON.

File Services on Azure 10-Day Implementation.png

File Services on Azure: 10-Day Implementation: Centralize and consolidate your file servers using the power of Microsoft Azure in this 10-day implementation from Mismo Systems. Choose from different performance tiers according to your requirements for an optimized total cost of ownership.

Healthcare Reference Architecture (PHR) Deployment Services 10-Week Implementation.png

Healthcare Reference Architecture (PHR) Deployment Services: 10-Week Implementation: Using a host of Microsoft Azure services, TIS will implement its Healthcare Reference Architecture, enabling your organization to manage and analyze large amounts of personal health record data collected from IoT devices, web apps, and more. This service is available only in Japanese.

Identity & Access Management for Financial Services 1-2-Day Assessment.png

Identity & Access Management for Financial Services: Half-Day Assessment: New Era Technology's free assessment covers the benefits identity and access management solutions using Microsoft Azure Active Directory can deliver for your financial services organization. Deliverables include an overview of your current environment and suggested next steps.

Infra Automation using Terraform 1-Week Assessment.png

Infra Automation Using Terraform: 1-Week Assessment: In this free assessment from IFI Techsolutions, you will learn how you can start automating deployments and implementing automation strategies in your organization's development process. Gain the ability to build, test, automate, and deploy infrastructure more efficiently.

Infra Automation using Terraform 1-Week Proof of Concept.png

Infra Automation Using Terraform: 1-Week Proof of Concept: In this free proof of concept, IFI Techsolutions' cloud experts will work with your team to demonstrate how infrastructure as code can help your organization improve deployment time, security, agility, and consistency.

Infra Migration to Azure 2-Day Implementation.png

Infra Migration to Azure: 2-Day Implementation: Hancom MDS provides free consulting for migrating your on-premises infrastructure to Microsoft Azure. Provisioned and managed over the Internet, this computing infrastructure allows customers to quickly scale resources as needed and pay only for what they use. This service is available only in Korean.

Infrastructure Modernization 4-Week Implementation.png

Infrastructure Modernization: 4-Week Implementation: The Infrastructure Transformation and Modernization engagement from Dedalus includes an analysis of your Microsoft Azure architecture and recommendations for resources that provide better performance and investments for your business.

Intune Endpoint Management 4-Week Implementation.png

Intune Endpoint Management: 4-Week Implementation: Beyond Impact will deliver secure, reliable endpoint management for your business by using Microsoft Intune, Azure Active Directory, and Azure Information Protection. Secure, deploy, and manage your users, applications, and devices without disrupting existing processes.

iSOC Logicalis 5-Week Assessment.png

iSOC Logicalis: 5-Week Assessment: Available only in Portuguese, this five-week assessment includes an analysis of your current environment along with recommendations for improving your organization's security using Logicalis services and Microsoft Azure Sentinel. 

LAB3 Dr Migrate - 4-Week Assessment.png

LAB3 Dr Migrate: 4-Week Assessment: LAB3 Solutions will gather data across your complex technology estates and diverse application stacks, then use Dr Migrate to provide a comprehensive technical analysis and migration plan for moving to Microsoft Azure.

Logicalis AppDiscover 8-Week Assessment.png

Logicalis AppDiscover: 8-Week Assessment: Gain a complete analysis of your IT environment along with recommendations for next steps using Logicalis AppDiscover. This assessment includes strategic and operational migration planning along with the evolution of your IT environment via Microsoft Azure.

Logicalis Data Protection 4-Week Assessment.png

Logicalis Data Protection: 4-Week Assessment: Available only in Portuguese, the Logicalis Data Protection assessment includes the use of Microsoft Azure security services to ensure your organization complies with the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data (LGPD), which went into effect September 18, 2020.

Redis to Azure Cache 1-Day Migration Workshop.png

Redis to Azure Cache: 1-Day Migration Workshop: Neal Analytics offers this workshop to identify your business challenges and requirements, such as disaster recovery and high availability architecture implementations, to help plan your Redis to Microsoft Azure Cache for Redis migration.

SAP on Azure 2-Week Solution Assessment.png

SAP on Azure: 2-Week Solution Assessment: GMCS Verex will provide you with a solution assessment to find a best way to migrate your organization's SAP environment to Microsoft Azure with optimized performance and total cost of ownership.

Social media analytics 6-Week Implementation.png

Social Media Analytics: 6-Week Implementation: BlazeClan will use various Microsoft Azure services, including Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Azure Functions, to create a customized solution for your social media data analytics needs.

SQL Database to Azure 1-Hour Assessment.png

SQL Database to Azure: 1-Hour Assessment: Sincere Software Services offers this free environmental analysis and recommendations based on Microsoft best practices for migrating your SQL database environment to Microsoft Azure. This service is available only in Traditional Chinese.

vCube - AKS Curation 4-Week Assessment.png

vCube - AKS Curation: 4-Week Assessment: Virtusa will work with your team to build and develop blueprints of whitelisted Kubernetes and container services on Microsoft Azure, ensuring the solution complies with your organization's security, network, monitoring, auditing, and compliance requirements.

Vinca Cloud Readiness Assessment.png

Vinca Cloud Readiness Assessment: Vinca Cybertech offers this free Cloud Readiness assessment to help you understand what is required and how your organization can benefit from migrating your on-premises or public cloud infrastructure to Microsoft Azure.

VMware Horizon on Azure - 10-Week Implementation.png

VMware Horizon on Azure: 10-Week Implementation: Simplify the delivery of virtual desktops and business applications with Cambay Consulting's implementation of VMware Horizon on Microsoft Azure. Deliver virtualized Windows desktops and applications to any device, anytime.

Wipro Azure Virtual Desktop  4-Week Proof of Concept.png

Wipro Azure Virtual Desktop : 4-Week Proof of Concept: Enable your users to experience the Windows 10 virtual desktops via Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) in Wipro's proof of concept. Benefits include remote access to virtual desktops, Windows 10 multisession capabilities, and instant scaling to meet your needs.

Wipro IoT Offerings  1-Hour Briefing.png

Wipro IoT Offerings : 1-Hour Briefing: Learn about Wipro's IoT offerings in this free one-hour briefing, which covers IoT strategy and consultation, IoT engineering, and IoT managed services.

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