Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 137
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 85 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


Agic Key.png

Agic Key: Agic Key uses AI to automate the search and organization of business documents. It can import, read, and interpret structured and unstructured documents and send them in batch mode to an optical character recognition system. This app is available only in Italian.

Apache Web Server on CentOS.png

Apache Web Server on CentOS: This image offered by Cloud Infrastructure Services provides Apache Web Server, MySQL Community Edition, and phpMyAdmin on CentOS Server 8.3. Build secure web applications with this preconfigured full stack.

Apache Web Server on Ubuntu.png

Apache Web Server on Ubuntu: This image offered by Cloud Infrastructure Services provides Apache Web Server, MySQL Community Edition, and phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu Server 20.04. Build secure web applications with this preconfigured full stack.

Azure Cognitive Search Japanese enhancement pack.png

Azure Cognitive Search Japanese enhancement pack: This pack from Acroquest Technology Co. Ltd. extends the functionality of Microsoft Azure Cognitive Search, enabling it to handle issues common to Japanese documents, such as notation fluctuation and variant characters.

BACE Modbus Gateway.png

BACE Modbus Gateway + IoT Connector: BACE Modbus Gateway, an IoT solution, accomplishes remote Modbus management by pairing the BACE module with a device twin in the cloud. The device twin delivers a digital replica of the BACE module, showing you the state of the device and the Modbus registers.

Blackbaud Fundraiser Performance Management.png Blackbaud Fundraiser Performance Management: Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT is fundraising and donor management software made for nonprofits. It features easy-to-use cultivation tools to find new supporters, powerful analytics to surface smart recommendations, and dynamic email campaigns to keep constituents engaged.
Cleareyeai.png Talentology-Talent Experience Platform:'s Talentology automates résumé screening, helping managers get better hiring results while reducing cost and time per hire. Using AI, Talentology extracts relevant information from résumés and matches applicant skills to the right opportunity.

Customer Delight Solution Suite.png

Customer Delight Solution Suite: Customer Delight Solution Suite (CDSS) is a customer engagement platform that enables contact center agents to perform omnichannel communications with a single-view desktop. CDSS supports messaging through WhatsApp Business, WeChat, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and more.


Dashworks: Dashworks helps you manage your complex IT migration projects. It automates manual processes associated with onboarding, scheduling, communications deployment, and reporting, enabling you to concentrate on managing budgets, reducing business disruption, and driving efficient logistics.


DataTurn: DataTurn provides automated transformation of data structures and conversion of data from legacy data stores to relational databases. This liberates valuable business systems from their dependency on legacy technologies.

Discourse - community forum platform.png

Discourse - community forum platform: The Discourse community forum platform, written in JavaScript, features modern design and rapid page loading. Discourse lets users create categories, tag posts, manage notifications, and foster discussion.

Dynamic Document Approval System.png Dynamic Document Approval System: The Dynamic Document Approval System from CloudFirst Technology Solutions is built on Microsoft SharePoint. It allows you to submit documents for approval and create a workflow by choosing approvers from your organization's Azure Active Directory.
FreshDesk-Asana Connector.png

Freshdesk-Asana Connector: Use this app from IntegrateCloud to connect your FreshDesk customer support software with bug-tracking tool Asana. This will allow agents to file a bug in Asana directly from FreshDesk. After fixing the bug, a developer can add a comment to the task from Asana.

Freshdesk-Microsoft Azure DevOps Connector.png

Freshdesk-Microsoft Azure DevOps Connector: Use this app from IntegrateCloud to connect your FreshDesk customer support software with Microsoft Azure DevOps. This allows Azure DevOps items to be created inside the FreshDesk form and FreshDesk tickets to be linked to Azure DevOps work.

Freshservice-Microsoft Azure DevOps Connector.png

Freshservice-Microsoft Azure DevOps Connector: Use this app from IntegrateCloud to connect your Freshservice customer support software with Microsoft Azure DevOps. This allows Azure DevOps items to be created inside the Freshservice form and Freshservice tickets to be linked to Azure DevOps work.

GlobalLogic Microservices Accelerator.png

GlobalLogic Microservices Accelerator: Microservices Accelerator by GlobalLogic provides a comprehensive microservices chassis that includes a project configurator and a developer sandbox of modules to implement common nonfunctional requirements.


Harpocrates: Harpocrates gives your business and its end users more control over what data is collected and processed, facilitating compliance with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation and the California Consumer Privacy Act.

ignio AI Assurance.png

ignio AI.Assurance: ignio AI.Assurance uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate software testing, enabling enterprises to deliver better software faster. ignio AI.Assurance's self-healing tests can reduce time to market by up to six times faster.

Ispirer MnMTK.png

Ispirer MnMTK for Oracle to Azure PostgreSQL: Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit (MnMTK) oversees the conversion process when conducting an automated migration of Oracle assets to Microsoft Azure Database for PostgreSQL. Ispirer Systems can add new conversion rules according to your requirements within two to three business days.

Joomla Server on CentOS.png

Joomla Server on CentOS: This preconfigured image offered by Cloud Infrastructure Services provides Joomla Server, MySQL Community Edition, Apache Web Server, and phpMyAdmin on CentOS 8.3. Joomla is an open-source content management system for building websites, blogs, apps, and more.

Joomla Server on Ubuntu.png

Joomla Server on Ubuntu: This preconfigured image offered by Cloud Infrastructure Services provides Joomla Server, MySQL Community Edition, Apache Web Server, and phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu Server 20.04. Joomla is an open-source content management system for building websites, blogs, apps, and more.

KenSci AI Platform.png

KenSci AI Platform for Digital Health (Payers): This platform from KenSci connects real-time data from partnering health systems using KenSci's HL7 pipelines or FHIR so you can build your AI and machine learning models to achieve a 360-degree view of your members.

LiveTiles Directory.png

LiveTiles Directory: Using AI technology, Directory from LiveTiles identifies what’s missing or wrong in your staff directory and lets you know via emails or chatbots. Achieve complete and up-to-date employee profiles across Microsoft 365.


Loymax: Loymax, a comprehensive marketing automation platform for business-to-business use, can help you launch effective campaigns, enhance communications with customers, and raise revenues with an automation tool for bonuses, coupons, accrual, and more.

Matillion ETL.png

Matillion ETL: Matillion ETL provides a low-code interface to turbocharge cloud data ingestion and transformation workflows and give data professionals the cost-effective tools they need to get results faster.

Musiq ai.png - AI-Powered Global Music Intelligence:, an AI-powered platform from Platinum Innovation Ltd., provides media and entertainment organizations access to global insights and trends in commercial music.'s flagship feature is a module that predicts what the streaming charts will look like next week.


Onboarding-as-a-Service: Financial institutions can use DigiPli Inc.'s Onboarding-as-a-Service to automate their account-opening process in compliance with anti-money-laundering (AML) laws. The app screens and verifies new customers, flagging potential issues or risks.

OwnBackup Recover.png

OwnBackup Recover: Preserve your Salesforce data and metadata on Microsoft Azure with OwnBackup Recover. Automate end-to-end backup processes, customize rules to proactively monitor your data, and safeguard any number of production orgs and sandboxes.

Pension Verification App.png

Pension Verification App: The Pension Verification Application from Lotus Beta Analytics Nigeria Ltd. improves the security of pensioners by providing two-factor authentication, and it eliminates the need for users to go to the pension office for verification.

PostgreSQL on CentOS 7.9.png

PostgreSQL on CentOS 7.9: This preconfigured image offered by Ntegral provides PostgreSQL on CentOS 7.9. PostgreSQL is a relational database management system that can handle small, single-machine applications as well as enterprise-scale applications on Microsoft Azure.

SAS 9 on Grid SaaS.png

SAS 9 on Grid SaaS: SAS 9 is the core data management and analytics engine behind many SAS offerings and solutions. With it, users can access nearly any data source, analyze it, and transform it into meaningful and valuable visualizations.

SAS Viya SaaS.png

SAS Viya SaaS: SAS Viya is an AI, analytics, and data management solution that transforms raw data into operational insights, enabling data scientists, business analysts, developers, and executives to collaborate and realize innovative results faster.

Save Tomatoes.png

Save Tomatoes: The Save Tomatoes bot from LTI helps vegetable farmers reach urban retail markets and high-need homes so they can sell a greater percentage of their crops before spoilage occurs.


Scinan: Scinan is a graphical browser and an advanced search engine designed for students, teachers, engineers, researchers, and R&D managers. Scinan uses data graph technology and natural language processing to transform a list of results into a contextual research environment.


Volody Contract Management Software: Volody Contract Management Software intelligently automates contract drafting and allows users to create contracts by answering basic questions and supplying key terms. Data science and machine learning-driven models provide alerts to possible risks in the contracts.

Water Management as a Service.png

Water Management as a Service: Water Management as a Service works with sensors in water sources to measure physical and chemical parameters, including pH, temperature, turbidity, electric conductivity, and atmospheric pressure. This app is available only in Spanish.

Xilinx Alveo U250 Deployment VM - Centos7.8.png

Xilinx Alveo U250 Deployment VM - Centos7.8: This preconfigured image offered by Xilinx provides a Xilinx Alveo U250 Deployment VM on Centos 7.8. Accelerate diverse workloads like vision and image processing, data analytics, machine learning, and quantitative finance.

Xilinx Alveo U250 Deployment VM - Ubuntu18.04.png

Xilinx Alveo U250 Deployment VM - Ubuntu18.04: This preconfigured image offered by Xilinx provides a Xilinx Alveo U250 Deployment VM on Ubuntu 18.04. Accelerate diverse workloads like vision and image processing, data analytics, machine learning, and quantitative finance.

Zendesk-Asana Connector.png

Zendesk-Asana Connector: Use this app from IntegrateCloud to connect Zendesk with Asana. This will allow you to create Asana tasks inside a Zendesk form and link Zendesk tickets to Asana tasks.

Zendesk-Github Connector.png

Zendesk-Github Connector: Use this app from IntegrateCloud to connect Zendesk with GitHub. This will allow you to link Zendesk tickets to GitHub issues and notify the GitHub team by sending comments through the Zendesk Support ticketing system.

Consulting services

20-Day Assessment Data Analytics.png

20-Day Assessment: Data Analytics: The ICT Group will bring order to your data chaos. Deliverables for its assessment include insights enabled by Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power BI, end-to-end design for ingesting data from selected sources, and analytics tools.

Actian Avalanche DW.png

Actian Avalanche DW on Azure: 2-Hour Workshop: Join HCL Technologies’ workshop to experience the blazingly fast performance of Avalanche, a hybrid-cloud data warehouse on Microsoft Azure. In this hands-on virtual introduction, you will learn about the technology and key features.

App Modernization- 4-Week.png App Modernization: 4-Week Proof of Concept: With locations across Canada, MNP Technology Solutions can help validate your application modernization priorities and take one Microsoft Azure application through design and proof-of-concept development.
App Modernization Readiness.png

App Modernization Readiness: 2-Week Assessment: With locations across Canada, MNP Technology Solutions can help maximize the value of your applications, increase customer engagement, and improve performance by modernizing your apps on Microsoft Azure.

Azure 2-Week Security Assessment.png Azure: 2-Week Security Assessment: Maximize the value of your Microsoft licensing investment and understand how best to secure your assets in Microsoft Azure. Communications Design & Management will conduct a security assessment using a threat posture framework.
Azure Administrator.png

Azure Administrator: 4-Day Workshop: Segment ApS’ workshop helps you prepare for the Microsoft Azure exam AZ-104: Azure Administrator. The agenda includes managing your Azure subscriptions, securing identities, and administering the infrastructure.

Azure Cloud Migration.png

Azure Cloud Migration: 3-Week Implementation: CS IT’s suite of solutions ensures that your IT infrastructure is stable and that every business process is under control. The main components are Microsoft Azure Backup and Azure Monitor for applications. This service is available only in Russian.

Azure Data Platform Framework.png

Azure Data Platform Framework: 1-Hour Briefing: Accelerate your journey to a Microsoft Azure data warehouse and data platform with the Adatis Framework and Adatis Accelerators. Adatis utilizes the advanced data transformation capabilities of Microsoft Azure.

Azure Kubernetes Services 3 week.png

Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) 3-Week Proof of Concept: Redapt will help modernize your applications following best practices. Redapt’s agile methodology uses cutting-edge DevOps tools, making deploying and managing containerized applications quick and easy.

Azure Migrate QuickStart.png

Azure Migrate QuickStart: 3-Day Implementation: Risual’s service will help you understand the process of migrating business services to Microsoft Azure. The engagement includes the deployment of Azure Migrate and test migration of servers and services. 

Azure Sentinel Workshop.png

Azure Sentinel Workshop: 1 Day: Communications Design & Management will provide an overview of Azure Sentinel and insights into active threats that could impact your Microsoft 365 cloud and on-premises environments.

CAF Enablement.png

CAF Enablement: 4-Week Implementation: Using the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework, Gijima will walk you through the cloud journey, covering foundational requirements like governance, compliance, and security perspectives.

Client service (Citrix Cloud).png

Client service (Citrix Cloud for Windows Virtual Desktop): Set up a telework environment for your employees. Hitachi MFG Co. Ltd.'s managed service will provide a cloud-based virtual desktop environment using Windows Virtual Desktop and Citrix Cloud. This service is available only in Japanese.


CloudCan Windows Virtual Desktop: 3-Day Proof of Concept: Windows Virtual Desktop provides a multi-session Windows 10 experience. The CloudCan Consultancy team can design, install, and configure the infrastructure components of Windows Virtual Desktop for you.

CloudMoyo Data Migration solution.png

CloudMoyo Data Migration solution: CloudMoyo will apply a fast-track-to-value approach to transfer your company's data from servers and legacy systems to a datacenter in the cloud. This will provide elastic scaling so you can easily adapt to business needs and meet dynamic data migration requirements.

CloudMoyo Data Modernization.png

CloudMoyo Data Modernization: CloudMoyo will help your company develop and execute a phased cloud migration strategy to optimize applications and harness the power of data visualization and self-service business intelligence. 

CloudMoyo Low-Code.png

CloudMoyo Low-Code/No-Code Application Development: CloudMoyo will help your company take advantage of the Microsoft Power Platform and low-code/no-code functionalities. CloudMoyo accelerates time-to-value by designing and developing critical parts of data architecture with a quick, cost-effective approach.

CloudMoyo Return to Work solution.png

CloudMoyo Return to Work solution: CloudMoyo will centralize your company's COVID-19 response and return-to-work program, improve visibility into workforce safety and facility occupancy, and raise productivity through low-code automation of tasks, processes, and workflows.

Crayon Desktop Anywhere.png

Crayon Desktop Anywhere: 1-Week Assessment: The Crayon Group delivers on-demand desktops via Windows Virtual Desktop and on any device based on Microsoft Azure. This provides users with full access to their business desktops from multiple devices.

Data & AI Platform.png

Data & AI Platform as a Service: 1-Hour Briefing: The Adatis services team, integrated across the United Kingdom and Bulgaria, brings expert knowledge of SQL Server business intelligence capabilities, Microsoft Power BI, and Microsoft Azure data platform. Learn about Adatis' range of service plans in this one-hour briefing.

Data Governance.png

Data Governance: 8-Week Assessment: To build a foundational data governance strategy for your company, Sparkhound will address issues at an enterprise level or with individuals to set up a data quality and governance process via Microsoft Azure Purview.

Datalake Pilot.png

Datalake Pilot: 3-Week Proof of Concept: With ICT Netherlands, you can kick off your journey to become more data-driven by harnessing the power of the cloud and analytics tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Data Lake Storage.

DD Citrix on Azure Consulting.png

DD Citrix on Azure Consulting: 4-Week Implementation: Specializing in Citrix on Microsoft Azure, Daoudata provides cost optimization and savings guidance, proofs of concept, and support across technology, processes, and people. This service is available only in Korean. 

DD Real Time Desktop.png

DD Real Time Desktop: 4-Week Implementation: Daoudata offers real-time desktop services on Microsoft Azure, providing a secure and high-performing desktop environment at home using Microsoft Azure or on-premises computing infrastructure.

digitalNXT Search.png

digitalNXT Search: 6-Week Proof of Concept: Knowledge mining is empowering organizations to harness a wide variety of content via applied intelligence. The ICT Group’s open platform in the cloud makes enterprise data accessible and manageable across subsidiaries, divisions, and systems.


E-Working - VDI: 5-Day Implementation: Nubiral’s solution enables a secure telework environment via Windows Virtual Desktop with the familiarity of Windows 10 and the scalability of the new multi-session experience. This implementation service is available only in Mexico. 

Get Started on Your AI Journey.png

Get Started on Your AI Journey: 5-Day Workshop: In this workshop, MNP Technology Solutions will explore how AI can advance your business goals. MNP Technology Solutions will also assess your readiness in relation to people, products, processes, data, and infrastructure.

HCL Azure cloud Transformation.png

HCL Azure cloud Transformation- 3-Day Assessment: HCL's cloud transformation services for next-generation enterprises involve migration to Microsoft Azure with a quicker go-to-market time and innovation with app modernization services.

HCL Azure Hosted Private LTE.png

HCL Azure Hosted Private LTE: 1-Day Assessment: HCL's Azure Private Long-Term Evolution (LTE) 5G networks assessment will help you easily deploy application and virtualized network functions with low-edge latency and the high bandwidth of Microsoft Azure Edge Zones and 5G networks.

HCL Infonomics.png

HCL Infonomics (BackupNxt, RecoverNxt) Briefing: To help enterprise customers manage data silos and keep data surge in check, HCL offers portfolio services around data backup, recovery, archiving, and migration to Microsoft Azure.

Kubernetes Service.png

Kubernetes Service: 4-Week Implementation: Xenit developed a standardized approach to container-based development and operations. The framework provides simplicity, security, and reliability for every workload in Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service and Azure-governed multi-cloud setups.

Managed Azure Sentinel Security.png

Managed Azure Sentinel Security: 1-Hour Briefing: In this briefing, MNP Technology Solutions will discuss its fully managed approach to onboarding and maximizing your ongoing investment in Microsoft Azure Sentinel security information event management (SIEM).

Managed service on Azure database.png

Managed Service on Azure Database: In this engagement, Rock Place Co. Ltd. will manage your Microsoft Azure SQL Database assets, providing monitoring, failure response, and performance checks. This service is available only in Korean.

Marketing Analytics Implementation.png

Marketing Analytics Implementation in 4 Weeks: Softcrylic can help automate your marketing campaign performance reporting. With Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics, you get a powerful built-in data workbench and pipeline processing, providing a single-source-of-truth marketing analytics platform. 

Microsoft Azure Sentinel 10 weeks.png

Microsoft Azure Sentinel: 10-Week Implementation: Protiviti offers comprehensive Microsoft Azure Sentinel implementation services for the enterprise. Microsoft Azure Sentinel is a cloud-native security information and event management system.

Modernize your Monolith.png

Modernize your Monolith - Audits and Workshops: MaibornWolff’s workshops and audits will assess your current IT environment and deliver business and technical architecture based on the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure and the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework.

NTT Windows Virtual Desktop.png

NTT Windows Virtual Desktop: 5-Day Workshop: NTT brings you end-to-end capabilities with Windows Virtual Desktop services, including consulting, technical, and managed services, and the world-class global cloud infrastructure of Microsoft Azure.

RapidDG-Data Governance.png

RapidDG-Data Governance Program Implementation: 6-8 Weeks: CCG can show you how to use data in Microsoft Azure as a strategic, competitive, and operational asset, streamlining processes, empowering workforce education, and strengthening the trust of data.

SAP on Azure 10 weeks.png

SAP on Azure: 10-Week Implementation: SoftareONE allows you to safeguard your existing investments in SAP, enabling you to access cloud economics and increase IT agility and innovation on Microsoft Azure.

SecWise Azure Security.png

SecWise Azure Security: 3-Day Assessment: SecWise will conduct an assessment of your current or future Microsoft Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or platform as a service (PaaS) infrastructures to make sure they meet cloud security standards and best practices.

Tokiota.png Tokiota Cloud Managed Service: Tokiota Cloud Managed Service is designed to solve the main challenges that customers face when operating Microsoft Azure environments. Tokiota's teams will adjust to the needs of your business and propose the optimal parameterization for your scenario.
Unified Analytics.png

Unified Analytics with Azure Databricks: 1-Hour Briefing: Databricks provides a consolidated analytics platform to speed up innovation and productivity. Solutions based on Microsoft Azure Databricks and delivered by Adatis will enable you to maximize your existing investment in Azure.

Windows Virtual Desktop 8 weeks.png

Windows Virtual Desktop: 8-Week Implementation: Gijima’s solution is a comprehensive desktop and application virtualization service hosted on Microsoft Azure and offering multi-session Windows 10, simplified management, and support.

Windows Virtual Desktop 10 days.png

Windows Virtual Desktop: 10-Day Proof of Concept: Risual’s deployment and knowledge transfer services for a Windows Virtual Desktop solution will allow your organization to evaluate the features of the service via a proof-of-concept engagement.

Windows Virtual Desktop QuickStart.png Windows Virtual Desktop QuickStart: 5-Day Implementation: Risual will deploy a proof of concept or pilot for Windows Virtual Desktop to enable the rapid implementation of a secure remote access solution and encrypted connection to your corporate network.
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