Azure Marketplace new offers - Volume 136
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 87 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


Abilis Data Rocket.png

Abilis Data Rocket: Abilis Data Rocket is an end-to-end data architecture solution that delivers scalable data ingestion, trusted stewardship, cloud-based warehousing, and on-demand visual analytics. Move quickly from data to insight to facilitate reaching your organizational goals.

Airtonomy for Wind.png

Airtonomy for Wind: Airtonomy offers a fully autonomous, drone-based solution to inspect wind turbines and other critical infrastructure. Leverage proactive, self-service damage detection to minimize maintenance costs and maximize business agility.

AML Compliance & Fraud Management.png

AML Compliance & Fraud Management: Alessa on Microsoft Azure provides the anti-money laundering (AML) capabilities that banks, money services businesses, fintechs, casinos, insurance, and other regulated industries need in one integrated platform.


ApiGo: Powered by Microsoft Azure, ApiGo enables you to quickly and securely share your financial services with fintechs while maintaining open banking regulations.

Azure Cognitive Search Japanese Enhancement Pack.png

Azure Cognitive Search Japanese Enhancement Pack: Acroquest Technology's Japanese Enhancement pack for Microsoft Azure Cognitive Search helps improve operational efficiency by addressing Japanese-specific issues that arise when using Azure Cognitive Search in Japanese documents. This application is available only in Japanese.

BizPay Central.png

BizPay Central: BizPay Central is a Microsoft Azure-based cloud payroll platform for organizations of any size operating in Jamaica or the Cayman Islands. List multiple companies under one account, share reference data across all payrolls under the same company, and more.


bSeated: bSeated is a search engine for meeting rooms for Microsoft Outlook. Empower your employees to quickly find the best available room with occupancy, tags, available devices, climate conditions, and other factors as searchable room properties.

CentOS Server 7.9.png

CentOS Server 7.9: Ntegral provides this preconfigured image of CentOS Server 7.9 optimized for production environments on Microsoft Azure. CentOS is a popular virtual machine platform for all workloads, including Node.js, web applications, and database platforms.

ClinicOne Vaccination Mangement.png

ClinicOne Vaccination Management: ClinicOne provides a one-stop healthcare and medical diagnostic platform on Microsoft Azure for precise patient treatment, seamless clinic operation, and secure electronic health record management.

Comprehensive Risk-Management System.png

Comprehensive Risk Management System: Available only in Spanish, bigDigit's comprehensive risk management system on Microsoft Azure extends your organization's ability to identify risks and facilitates cross-area collaboration for greater control.

Couchbase Cloud – Database-as-a-Service.png

Couchbase Cloud – Database as a Service: Couchbase Cloud is a fully managed NoSQL database as a service hosted on your Microsoft Azure virtual network. Benefit from the in-memory performance of popular key-value data stores, the flexibility of JSON-based document databases, the familiarity of SQL, and the scalability of Azure.

cytric Travel & Expense.png

cytric Travel & Expense: Hosted on Microsoft Azure, cytric Travel & Expense facilitates the management of your organization's complete travel program - from trip planning and booking to expense management and reimbursement.

Deployment and Operation for the OSDU Platform.png

Deployment and Operation for the OSDU Platform: Cegal's OSDU data platform as a service drives digital transformation by helping exploration and production industry players tear down information silos and centralize data from various applications, tools, and platforms in one centralized cloud solution.

Egnyte for Microsoft Teams.png

Egnyte for Microsoft Teams: Egnyte for Microsoft Teams enables you to access and share your Egnyte managed content directly in Teams. Take full advantage of Egnyte’s advanced content management capabilities without ever leaving the Teams interface.

FWI Connected Workplace.png

FWI Connected Workplace: FWI Connected Workplace helps offices create the future of the hybrid workplace with a data-driven space optimization, resource management, and IoT technology platform. Capabilities include space management, meeting room and desk booking, mobile wayfinding, contact tracing, and usage analytics.

Global IDs Solution for Glossary Management.png

Global IDs Solution for Glossary Management: Global IDs glossary management solution enables enterprises to catalog their data assets using a scalable, automated process. Document your data environment comprehensively and empower users to find business-critical data and metadata quickly.

Grytics for Communities.png

Grytics for Communities: Grytics for Communities is a Microsoft Azure-based platform for analyzing, understanding, and monitoring all your workplace communities, including Microsoft Teams and Yammer. Identify best practices, produce automated reports, and galvanize your retention strategy.

Home Agent.png

Home Agent: Genoa Performance's Home Agent captures and analyzes all information related to employees working remotely. Available only in Portuguese, Home Agent delivers processed information through a Microsoft Power BI portal.

Icertis Supplier Relationship Management App.png

Icertis Supplier Relationship Management App: Ensure compliance, minimize risk, and provide a more holistic view of supplier relationships with Supplier Relationship Management on Microsoft Azure. Optimize and consolidate workflows across the supplier management, sourcing, and contracting processes; increase visibility; and more.

IIOT Remote Monitoring Solution.png

IIOT Remote Monitoring Solution: Monitor the health of remote industrial assets, detect anomalies, and predict potential degradation with Microland’s Remote Industrial Monitoring Solution, based on Microsoft Azure IoT.

IN-D Aadhaar Number Masking.png

IN-D Aadhaar Number Masking: IN-D’s Masking Solution helps you identify Aadhaar images (both front and back) and mask them with the click of a button. IN-D’s technology in up to 99 percent accurate and can seamlessly integrate with client applications via a set of secure APIs.

LTI Device Data Management.png

LTI Device Data Management: LTI Device Data Management is an accelerator solution that enables you to quickly onboard devices and sensors, define KPI dashboards, and monitor device health and connectivity status.

Matrikon Data Broker.png

Matrikon Data Broker: Matrikon Data Broker enables data connectivity to third-party shopfloor and field control automation components via Microsoft Azure IoT Hub. Matrikon Data Broker provides a secure, centralized access point, and it can be used directly with Azure IoT Hub or as a standalone application.

MidVision RapidDeploy for VN Appliance 10.0.png

MidVision RapidDeploy for VN Appliance 10.0: MidVision offers this virtual machine image with RapidDeploy 5.0 and IBM DataPower Gateway 10.0 installed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Easily and quickly deploy, roll back, and redeploy application and configuration changes to your stack environment, OS, or other software or configurations on the VM.

MySQL on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.png

MySQL on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: Ntegral provides this preconfigured image of MySQL on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. MySQL is a popular open-source relational database management system targeted for enterprise-scale applications on Microsoft Azure.

Narecom AI.png

Narecom AI - Machine learning AI that starts without the need for expertise: Narecom AI is a SaaS solution that allows you to start AI intuitively and easily without requiring knowledge of specialized programming technology. Simply upload data to build machine learning predictive models automatically.

Nevis Authentication Cloud.png

Nevis Authentication Cloud: Do you want to give your customers secure, simple, and passwordless access to your digital offers? The Nevis Authentication Cloud is a FIDO-certified solution that expands your infrastructure with passwordless authentication and transaction signatures.

N-Genius Online.png

N-Genius Online: N-Genius Online facilitates digital payment acceptance across the Middle East and Africa with a flexible, powerful online payment gateway solution emphasizing mobile acceptance, ease of integration, and uncomplicated user experiences.

Olive Data Ingestion Framework.png

Olive Data Ingestion Framework: Olive Data Ingestion Framework connects to any source to speed up data ingestion and transfer. The cloud-agnostic platform can be deployed with a minimal resource footprint and features a user-friendly web interface.


PDCApp: Based on the plan–do–check–act (PDCA) cycle and available only in Brazilian Portuguese, PDCApp boosts your teams' connectivity and drives digital transformation across your organization. Organize, analyze, and monitor goals and KPIs; evaluate employee performance; and more with PDCApp.

PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.png

PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: This preconfigured image from Ntegral provides PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. PostgreSQL is a relational database management system targeted for enterprise-scale applications on Microsoft Azure.


PRISM: PRISM is a dynamic asset-management analytics service driven by Microsoft Power BI. It takes information from numerous data sources, including Snow Inventory, Snow License Manager, and in-house systems, and delivers detailed dashboards that are relevant to your organization’s needs.

RPS .NET Java App Data Protection in Dev Test.png

RPS .NET/Java App Data Protection in Dev/Test: Protect the confidential data sets of your .NET and Java applications in development/test environments with REGDATA's RPS integration components and RPS protection server. Transform confidential data into anonymized or pseudonymized values for application testers and developers.

RPS .NET Java App Data Protection in Production.png

RPS .NET/Java App Data Protection in Production: Protect the confidential data sets of your .NET and Java applications in production environments with REGDATA's RPS integration components and RPS protection server. Capture and transform confidential data into encrypted, tokenized, or pseudonymized values.

RPS for CRM Dynamics Application Data Protection.png

RPS for CRM Dynamics Application Data Protection: Protect the confidential data in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 production environment with REGDATA's RPS integration components and RPS protection server. Capture and transform confidential data into encrypted, tokenized, or pseudonymized values.

RPS for Databases Protection in Production.png

RPS for Databases Protection in Production: Protect confidential databases (SQL or NoSQL) in production environments with REGDATA's RPS integration components and RPS protection server. Capture and transform confidential data into encrypted, tokenized, or pseudonymized values.

Semantix Digital Onboarding.png

Semantix Digital Onboarding: Semantix Digital Onboarding provides AI-based identity validation throughout the customer journey. Leverage facial recognition to validate customer identity across digital channel interactions with a smart, consolidated, scalable platform.


Skeyetech: Skeyetech from Azur Drones is a drone-in-a-box solution designed to enhance security and support operations over sensitive sites. Skeyetech integrates easily with existing security solutions and offers mobility, higher responsiveness, outstanding visual capabilities, thermal imaging, and more.

Solver Corporate Performance Management.png

Solver Corporate Performance Management: Fast, data-driven decision-making is a key driver of your organization’s success. Solver is a cloud-based reporting and planning solution that enables better-informed business decisions with greater speed. Automate financial reporting, consolidation, analysis, budgeting, and forecasting processes.

totemomail Email Encryption Gateway.png

totemomail Email Encryption Gateway: totemomail offers user-friendly encryption for your email communication. It encrypts emails with internal and external recipients and protects email communications with business applications and devices, such as scanners.

Transact Payments.png

Transact Payments: As a one-stop shop payment provider, Transact Payments helps reduce the complexity of day-to-day operations for campus staff by delivering centralized payments, simplified reconciliation, and quick distribution of funds.

TransformPlus for Reverse Engineering Legacy Apps.png

TransformPlus for Reverse Engineering Legacy Apps: TCS MasterCraft TransformPlus enables the modernization of legacy applications by deciphering their functional and technical aspects to help organizations plan, strategize, and execute modernization.


Traydstream: The Traydstream platform leverages machine learning to check more than 250,000 rule permutations against an underlying transaction, dramatically reducing the time to complete checks on the dozens of documents every transaction generates.

Txture Cloud Tranformation Platform.png

Txture Cloud Transformation Platform: Txture Cloud Transformation helps cloud consulting professionals cut costs, reduce risk, and speed up cloud migrations by automating assessment and 6R decisions, comparing cloud target architectures, and automating migration wave planning.

Uptake PM Strategy Explorer.png

Uptake PM Strategy Explorer: Uptake PM Strategy Explorer delivers best-practice preventative maintenance strategies with recommended task frequency based on your organization's equipment operating context. Easily explore, purchase, and download strategies from a comprehensive library of industrial equipment failure data.


Waaila: Designed for seasoned analysts, marketing specialists, and anyone in between, Waaila on Microsoft Azure is an AI-powered solution that automates data quality monitoring for web analytics.

Windows Server 2019 Small.png

Windows Server 2019 Small: Belinda provides this preconfigured, lightweight image of Windows Server 2019. This version of Windows Server 2019 is ideal for small businesses, which can use it as an application server, a dev-test environment, and more.

Zylinc Novus.png

Zylinc Novus: Built on Microsoft Azure and developed for businesses that deal with a high volume of inbound calls, Novus is a cloud-based communication platform that integrates with Microsoft Teams, Exchange Server, Azure Active Directory, and more to ensure optimized availability and reliability.

Consulting services

AI Strategy Workshop 5-Day Workshop.png

AI Strategy Workshop: 5-Day Workshop: Transform your business's artificial intelligence ideas and concepts into an actionable roadmap and implementation plan with dataroots' AI Strategy Workshop. Learn how Microsoft Azure can leverage your AI solutions and how Azure services contribute to establishing an efficient AI solution environment.

App Modernization Design 4-Week Assessment.png

App Modernization Design: 4-Week Assessment: Get the information you need to determine which business applications are good candidates for migration to Microsoft Azure. Deliverables include an architecture document and a roadmap detailing Zure's suggested project plan and cost estimate.

Application Modernization 5-Day Assessment.png

Application Modernization: 5-Day Assessment: Codit's Application Modernization assessment will help your organization design, build, and run an enterprise-grade Microsoft Azure PaaS architecture for the legacy application of your choice.

Azure Active Directory Health Check 2-Week Assessment.png

Azure Active Directory Health Check: 2-Week Assessment: ADD will assess your Active Directory and Microsoft Azure Active Directory environment, then provide recommendations for utilizing the tools and resources already available in your organization to increase security and keep your data safe.

Azure Data Pipelines 10-Day Implementation.png

Azure Data Pipelines: 10-Day Implementation: Emumba will identify a single dataset that can be batch ingested, transformed, and stored in an enterprise-quality data analytics platform, enabling you to perform analytics, build predictive AI/ML algorithms, and facilitate better business decisions.

Azure Migration - 2-Week Assessment.png

Azure Migration - 2-Week Assessment: CTGlobal will help you define, assess, and document your cloud journey based on your organization's needs. This assessment includes bringing your Microsoft Azure environment to a governed state to ensure you can enforce or audit applicable laws, regulations, and internal policies.

Azure Sentinel Accelerate 10-Day Implementation.png

Azure Sentinel Accelerate: 10-Day Implementation: Akari Solutions' pilot deployment of Microsoft Azure Sentinel helps customers explore and evaluate Azure services and technologies with a focus on security. This offer includes scoping, planning, and executing a pilot or proof of concept for Azure Sentinel.

Azure Sentinel Proof of Concept.png

Azure Sentinel Proof of Concept: In this proof of concept, ProActive will review your infrastructure and datacenter platform before connecting your relevant data sources to Microsoft Azure Sentinel. Enable data monitoring, visualization, and analysis to drive informed decision-making across your organization.

Azure Synapse - 2-Hour Briefing.png

Azure Synapse - 2-Hour Briefing: Learn how Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics helps businesses transform data into actionable insights in Bridgeall's free briefing. Deliverables include an outline of a proposed implementation project and clearly defined next steps.

Azure Well-Architected Review 1-Week Assessment.png

Azure Well-Architected Review: 1-Week Assessment: Learn about the five pillars of Microsoft's Azure Well-Architected Framework in Knowits's one-week assessment. The Azure Well-Architected Framework features best practices to help customers build secure, high-performing, and resilient Microsoft Azure infrastructure for their applications.

BUI Managed Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure.png

BUI Managed Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure:

BUI provides proactive monitoring, incident management, and change and patch management for your Windows Virtual Desktop environment on Microsoft Azure. Leverage performance, security, cost, and compliance monitoring with regular feedback sessions and best-practice recommendations.

Build Teams-based Smart Workplaces.png

Build Teams-based Smart Workplaces: SJUSHIN provides consulting, environment configuration, hardware installation and monitoring, and ongoing management of a Microsoft Teams-based meeting room environment in your organization. This service is available only in Korean.


Cloud Cost Optimisation - 2-Week Assessment.png

Cloud Cost Optimization - 2-Week Assessment: Optimize Microsoft Azure costs and maximize ROI across your hybrid cloud environments with Communications Design & Management's Cloud Cost Optimization assessment. De-allocate virtual machines when they’re not in use, configure Azure Automation to automate repetitive tasks, and more.

Cloud Security Assessment 2-Week Assessment.png

Cloud Security Assessment: 2-Week Assessment: The Logicalis Production Ready Cloud Platform Cloud Security Assessment provides a rapid analysis of an existing Microsoft Azure environment compared against best practices for security, performance, agility, scale, and cost.

CMMC Compliance with Azure 4 Week Implementation.png

CMMC Compliance with Azure: 4 Week Implementation: Insight’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) services implementation helps clients use Microsoft Azure to meet the Department of Defense's security and compliance standards. Achieve a mature security environment as defined by the DoD with speed and simplicity.

Credit Scoring (CSaaS) 3-Week Proof of Concept.png

Credit Scoring (CSaaS): 3-Week Proof of Concept: E-Level Cloud Services offers this three-week credit scoring as a service proof of concept. Manage your default risk with a precise estimation on the default probability of each client via Microsoft Azure Machine Learning.

Data Discovery as a Service 1-Week Assessment.png

Data Discovery as a Service: 1-Week Assessment: Data Discovery as a Service from Apption Corporation empowers users to improve their data use by analyzing and understanding the personally identifiable information and data quality risk of Microsoft Azure data assets and other data assets.

Data Literacy 1-Day Workshop.png

Data Literacy: 1-Day Workshop: VIQTOR DAVIS's Data Literacy workshop explains how everyone in your organization can benefit from a good foundational understanding of what data is and why it’s important, its impacts on automation, and how to take advantage of Microsoft Azure data services.

Data Platform Modernization 10-Week Proof of Concept.png

Data Platform Modernization: 10-Week Proof of Concept: Applied Information Sciences' Data Platform Modernization engagement provides a path to enable safe and secure access to data sets, empowering business users to unlock the next big opportunities for their organization on Microsoft Azure.

DevOps Modernization 4-Week Assessment.png

DevOps Modernization: 4-Week Assessment: Over the course of four weeks, Zure's DevOps experts will gather information on your current and desired state of DevOps practices, processes, tooling, environment, and culture, then provide you with an actionable roadmap to boost DevOps across your organization.

Disaster Recovery as a Service - 2-Hour Workshop.png

Disaster Recovery as a Service - 2-Hour Workshop: Learn how to protect your applications and data from disasters and service disruptions by enabling a full recovery on Microsoft Azure in Brainscale's free Disaster Recovery as a Service workshop.

Half-Day Defensive Coding Workshop.png

Half-Day Defensive Coding Workshop: In this free workshop from Magenium Solutions, you will learn the basics of defensive coding to help avoid common security defects. Topics include defensive coding techniques, fundamentals of build validation, writing tests for your code, and designing to enhance security models.

Informatica on Azure - 1-Hour Assessment.png

Informatica on Azure - 1-Hour Assessment: Utilizing a predefined architecture, Agile Solutions' consultants will demonstrate how Informatica products can accelerate the migration of data into a strategic Microsoft Azure-based data hub using Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, and reporting via Microsoft Power BI.

Integrate RosettaNet Standards with Azure.png

Integrate RosettaNet Standards with Azure: TwoConnect's proof of concept covers how to take your supply chain logistics applications to the next level with Microsoft Azure. Learn how your business can benefit from consolidating RosettaNet messaging and standards with Azure services.

Kubl Kubernetes - 4-Week Implementation.png

Kublr Kubernetes - 4-Week Implementation: Eastbanc Technologies provides managed Kubernetes services ranging from consulting to microservices development and Kubernetes infrastructure management. Centrally deploy, run, and manage Kubernetes clusters across your environments with a comprehensive container orchestration platform.

Machine Learning Ideation - 1-Day Workshop.png

Machine Learning Ideation - 1-Day Workshop: Want to start developing your AI and Microsoft Azure Machine Learning strategy but don't know where to start? Verne Information Technology's one-day workshop will help you understand the potential of AI and what kinds of problems it can solve for your business.

Managed Azure Subscription.png

Managed Azure Subscription: This offering from Dionar provides your organization with seamless Microsoft Azure management access control via Azure Lighthouse. Take advantage of a fully automated Azure platform, enterprise security via Azure Sentinel, and 24/7 management and incident response.

Migration Service 4-Week Implementation.png

Migration Service: 4-Week Implementation: The Logicalis Cloud Migration Service provides a proven approach for migrating your datacenter environment to Microsoft Azure. Logicalis will migrate environments on an application, database, server, or workload basis depending on your business requirements.

Mission Critical Azure.png

Mission Critical Azure: Wortell offers managed services for Microsoft Azure, including managing, monitoring, and deploying IaaS and PaaS resources using infrastructure as code/templates. Ensure your Azure environment remains secure and compliant.

Power & Utilities Gap-Fit Model 10-Week Assessment.png

Power & Utilities Gap-Fit Model: 10-Week Assessment: ADD's 10-week gap-fit assessment for power and utilities companies helps facilitate digital transformation by implementing an integrated value chain powered by Microsoft Azure Analytics and tailored to customers' business needs.

Retail & Wholesale Gap-Fit Model 10-Week Assessment.png

Retail & Wholesale Gap-Fit Model: 10-Week Assessment: ADD's 10-week gap-fit assessment for retail and wholesale companies helps facilitate digital transformation by implementing an integrated value chain powered by Microsoft Azure Analytics and tailored to customers' business needs.

SAP on Azure 1-Hour Briefing.png

SAP on Azure: 1-Hour Briefing: Learn about the business benefits of moving your SAP environment to Microsoft Azure in this free briefing from Edenhouse. Take the risk out of your cloud journey and drive digital transformation across your organization with Edenhouse and Azure.

Space Azure Lighthouse.png

Space Azure Lighthouse: Space Hellas offers a fully managed service for your mission-critical Microsoft Azure environment, providing easy Azure access control via Azure Lighthouse for customers with EA or CSP subscriptions on Azure.

Space Managed Arc Services.png

Space Managed Arc Services: Space Hellas offers a fully managed service for your mission-critical Microsoft Azure environment, providing easy Azure access control via Azure Lighthouse and Azure Arc for customers with EA or CSP subscriptions on Azure.

The Assurance Cloud Service.png

The Assurance Cloud Service: The Assurance Cloud Service provides end-to-end performance, fault, and service quality management, supporting AI/ML-driven closed-loop assurance for hybrid, physical, and virtualized networks across all domains in a SaaS model.

Windows Virtual Desktop for CMMC 2-Week Implementation.png

Windows Virtual Desktop for CMMC: 2-Week Implementation: Companies supplying products or services to the Department of Defense must control sensitive data types, such as CUI/ITAR. Summit 7 will deploy a Windows Virtual Desktop solution on Microsoft Azure Government to meet CMMC Level 3 Standards in an isolated enclave.

Windows Virtual Desktop Jump-Start 5-Day Implementation.png

Windows Virtual Desktop Jump-Start: 5-Day Implementation: Conterra's Windows Virtual Desktop Jump-Start engagement is designed to help customers quickly respond to crisis or emergency situations in which enabling remote work to keep the business up and running is the top priority.

Windows Virtual Desktop 4-Week Implementation.png

Windows Virtual Desktop: 4-Week Implementation: Empower your employees to reach your workplace from anywhere while maintaining security with Svenska Coegi's four-week Windows Virtual Desktop implementation. This service is available only in Swedish.

Your State-of-the-Art Analytics Platform 8-Week Proof of Concept.png

Your State-of-the-Art Analytics Platform: 8-Week Proof of Concept: This eight-week engagement from pmOne facilitates the rapid development of AI solutions from prototype to business process integrated machine learning models. Integrate, prepare, and store data from disparate sources in Microsoft Azure Data Lake to boost AI development.

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